southern oregon interests: Apparently, it's official. Medford is FINALLY getting a Trader Joe's! - 11/10/11 06:40 AM
Southern Oregon has been yearning for a Trader Joe's for years now.  Rumors have circulated in the past as to when and where one would be located, but it sounds like, it's official; Southern Oregon will now be home to a new Trader Joe's!
Ground work has started where the new Northgate Shopping Center is going in.  Personally, I wish they weren't building yet another strip mall.  I'd much prefer they revitalize one of our already existing malls, but nonetheless, I'm thrilled that Trader Joe's is finally going to have a home here in Medford.  
Preliminary announcements suggest it will … (10 comments)

southern oregon interests: Buttercloud Bakery is open in Medford, Oregon - 11/02/11 06:24 AM
Buttercloud Bakery is open in Medford, Oregon!  

I drive by Buttercloud Bakery on Genessee street here in Medford everyday on my way to and from work.   The building itself has been undergoing some remodeling over the past few months as it's being transformed from the previous occupying bakery, Great Harvest Bread (which relocated down the street) to the new Buttercloud Bakery establishment.
Their menu looks very interesting and it will be nice to have a new little lunch spot to be able to frequent!
Their Official Grand Opening is scheduled for Friday, but on my way to the … (6 comments)

southern oregon interests: It's true...Extreme Makeover Home Edition has "stunt doubles" - 09/14/11 03:58 PM
The crew of Extreme Makeover Home Edition has been here in Medford for the past week.  Lot's of frenzy for sure!  Today it was announced that at 3:00 pm the reveal to the McPhail family of their new home would take place.  I wasn't able to head up to the site but dear hubby did.  He was there from about 1:30 - 3:00.  He sent me a few pics on my cell phone of the site and finished house.  (I'll attempt to get downloaded later).  BUT, what I found extremely amusing is that the 3:00 "reveal" wasn't with the actual FAMILY … (8 comments)

southern oregon interests: Extreme Makeover Home Edition -Southern Oregon winners announced! - 09/07/11 07:50 AM
Extreme Makeover Home Edition has announced the Southern Oregon family winner.  Congratulations go out to the McPhail family of Medford.  While I don't know the McPhail family personally, I am familiar with an organization they are very involved in.
CJ and Lindsay McPhail started the Southern Oregon Chapter of Sparrow Clubs.  If you aren't familiar with Sparrow Clubs, it's an organization that helps children with medical issues by getting them involved with a school that  adopts them as their school's "Sparrow".
After years of devoting themselves to the Sparrow Program, they found themselves needing help from the organization itself.  Both of … (5 comments)

southern oregon interests: The Extreme Home Makeover Van has rolled into town! - 09/06/11 10:51 AM
The Extreme Home Makeover Van has rolled into town! 
Tomorrow, one lucky family here in Southern Oregon will get a knock on their door to let them know that they are the recipients of a new home built by the Extreme Home Makeover team.
It's been known for a few weeks now that a Jackson County, Oregon family would be receiving the new home, but it's still a big secret as to which family (there were five contenders), will be receiving the new home.
The Makeover Van was spotted at the Rogue Regency Inn here in town last night.  How exciting!!!!!

southern oregon interests: a GREAT place to eat! The Old Farm House Restaurant - 08/18/11 11:47 AM
A GREAT place to eat!  The Old Farm House Restaurant

This place has got to have some of the healthiest portions of food I've ever seen.  When I say "healthy", I'm referring to the size.  Here at the Old Farm House it's all about great food for great appetites and it's all served up with great value too!
Hubby and I just went over to their North Medford location for lunch.  Hubby ordered one of his favorites, a BLT with fries.  He requested the fries extra crispy and boy, was he NOT disappointed.  His BLT was PILED with nice thick cut … (11 comments)

southern oregon interests: Great Pizza at Wild River Brewing and Pizza! - 07/29/11 10:05 AM
Great Pizza at Wild River Brewing and Pizza!
I decided to work from home today...both mortgage work related as well as doing some chores around the house.
Dear hubby surprised me when he came home about an hour ago and said "Let me take you to lunch!"  I'm certainly not going to turn down a mid afternoon date with my best guy!  We decided to head into town to Wild River Brewing.   It's funny, my parents actually frequent this place for lunch A LOT!  (Let's just say that the entire staff knows them by name and are pretty confident on … (10 comments)

southern oregon interests: They're bringing the fireworks back!!!!! - 06/27/11 09:29 AM
They're bringing the fireworks back!!!!!
One of the things I remember being so excited about when we bought our current home, was the great view we'd have to watch the Fourth of July fireworks that were an annual event at the Jackson County Fairground.  Little did we know, that the year we bought, 2002 would the last year there would be a fireworks display at the fairgrounds.
The area display was since moved to the Medford Armory, south of us, and not within the range of our beautiful view of the Rogue Valley. 
Well, I'm excited for this year as … (5 comments)

southern oregon interests: Remembering the fallen - Memorial Day activities throughout Oregon - 05/26/11 08:11 AM
Remembering the fallen - Memorial Day activities throughout Oregon 
I'll admit, I've gotten extremely frustrated with so much "advertising" that takes place prior to the Memorial Day weekend.  Discount sales at various department stores, talks of family bar-b-ques or other "festivities".
We need to take a moment and reflect on what Memorial Day is REALLY about.  A celebration?  I guess I find using the word "celebration" difficult when it's a day to reflect and remember those who gave the greatest sacrifice.  
Here is a link to a web-site that gives information on various things taking place through the State … (0 comments)

southern oregon interests: Concerts under the Stars 2011 - Britt Festival Tickets now on sale! - 05/19/11 06:21 AM
Concert under the Stars 2011 - Britt Festival Tickets now on sale!
Historic Jacksonville, Oregon is home to the annual Britt Festival.  This is the 49th year of Britt which premiers big name artists from all sorts of genres.
This year, Britt will be showcasing the talents of America, The Charlie Daniel's Band, Ted Nugent, Willie Nelson, Smokey Robinson, Michael McDonald and Boz Scaggs, among many others!  Britt also premiers the talents of many classical artists, generally starting in the month of August.
You can enjoy the festivities at Britt by either purchasing reserved seating tickets, or, for a more casual evening, … (7 comments)

southern oregon interests: The Medford Railroad Park Opens next weekend! - 03/31/11 09:39 AM
The Medford Railroad Park Opens next weekend.
The Medford Railroad Park is a great place to visit for kids, or kids at heart, is the Medford Railroad Park.  Admission is free, however donations are accepted.  The park houses some amazing equipment.  Here you will see some great displays of historical equipment, what's known as a "garden railway" (G scale) layout, an operating HO scale model railway layout and 11/2" scale live steam train rides.  Kids of all ages will love this!
Operating hours of the park are 11:00 am to 3:00 pm on the second and fourth Sundays, from Apri through October.  … (4 comments)

southern oregon interests: Looking for something to do this weekend in Southern Oregon? How about hiking the Table Rocks!? - 03/24/11 05:48 AM
Upper and Lower Table Rock is a plateau formation located just on the outskirts of Medford, Oregon.  Hiking to the top offers incredible views of our beautiful Rogue Valley.  In the distance, you will be rewarded with a beautiful views of Mt. McLaughlin, the rim of Crater Lake, and the Rogue River.

Table Rocks; Photo originally uploaded by In all Your Glory - Sarah Jessica Eve
There are separate trails to the Lower and Upper Rock formations.  Lower Table Rock is actually a slightly more difficult hike, but not unmanageable.  When our children were young, they easilly made the … (2 comments)

southern oregon interests: Say "Cheese!" Cheese making in Southern Oregon - 03/01/11 05:48 AM
Believe it or not, some of the greatest cheeses in the world come here from our own Rogue Valley.  Rogue Creamery has won numerous awards for their cheeses.   Have you ever wondered how cheeses are made and developed?  Well ask no more.
The Oregon State University Extension Program, here at the Southern Oregon campus, is offering an upcoming class for all you cheese lovers.   On Saturday, March 12, 2011 from 10:00 am to 1:00 pm you can get answers to all those cheesy questions!  For a very nominal fee of $10.00 this three hour class and demonstration is sure to … (6 comments)

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