karen butler: Flying Ant vs Termite do you know the difference? - 01/13/17 07:58 AM
So I show up to the front door to speak to tenants of new home my client has just purchased, when I am greeted by this on the front door at the peep hole.... 
Say what you want, but instant panic set in.  OMG termites???!!  My clients just closed on this house yesterday.  I'm sick. 
So after staring at them for what seems like a year, and watching the "guy bugs" sitting around watching "2 queens battle it out like they are in a wet t shirt contest"  --- (tell me they don't look like they are taking bets? LOL) my brain finally … (1 comments)

karen butler: What Kind of Paint Should I Use for this Room? - 11/09/16 03:30 PM
Do You Know Your Finishes?
Well if you're anything like me, you don't have a clue.  I just know I don't like the one that wipes off the paint when you wipe down the wall or stain.  I stumbled on this info after going to Home Depot and talking to the paint Rep, and thought I would share:
 So you want to make sure you pick the right finish for the room. Here are the four major finishes (oh and they have a cheat sheet in the store for you also that you can take home)
Eggshell: Ideal for living rooms, bedrooms and dining … (0 comments)

karen butler: Who’s Pushing Up Rents-Landlords Or YOU? - 04/21/14 11:23 AM

 Rentals have increased for the 5th consecutive year and apartment demand continues to rise.  A rise in apartment construction isn’t likely to offer relief to tenants anytime soon either as rents will continue to rise.
 Many renters may want to buy a home, but are unable to purchase a home due to poor credit scores, excessive debt and tighter credit conditions banks are continuing to impose that are preventing them from obtaining financing.
Apartment rents continue to rise with the national average rent up 12 % to about $1,083  since  2009, however incomes among renters reportedly have fallen. … (1 comments)

karen butler: Top 4 Stars Continue to Push for Military Pay Caps - 04/21/14 07:53 AM
While this isn't new news for many, it will be for some. You normally won't hear about it until after they announce a military pay cut on the evening news. Budget cuts are required in every area across the nation.  But why is it that when the military is forced to reduce costs, it appears our military members are hurt the most.  TriCare costs keep going up, housing is becoming privatized and members are continually told to do more with less. Meanwhile behind the scenes what you have is the Joint Chiefs of Staff literally trying to persuade Senators that … (0 comments)

karen butler: HUD changes to FHA Short Sale requirements: UPDATED! - 09/28/13 04:20 AM
Well, it's pretty doubtful that HUD is reading my blog posts.  So I'm going to assume that I'm not the only one seeing the flaw in a portion of the changes that were announced.  Therefore I'm happy to ammend my previous blog statement regarding buyers and sellers. HUD has issued and update to it's most recent announcement.
The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) in 2013-34 Mortgagee Letter has announced they are delaying, until further notice, a portion of the preforeclosure participation requirement on Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Short Sales.
Key preforeclosure participation requirement that is now delayed:

karen butler: Florida is the 41st State to enact Texting while Driving Law - 09/27/13 12:45 PM
It took almost 5 years but on October 1st it will officially be illegal to text and drive in the State of Florida.  And after all that, ends up being one of the weakest enforcement of that law in the Nation.  If police catch you texting and driving, they can't stop you for just that... it's considered a secondary offense and you have to be caught committing another traffic infraction.  Also unless there is a fatality or injury, police aren't allowed to search your phone records, I guess as proof that you were on it.
Nonetheless, it's probably long overdue. So if … (0 comments)

karen butler: HUD has announced changes to their FHA Short Sale requirements: - 09/27/13 12:22 PM
It seems like everytime we turn around, there is a new change to mortgages or their requirements.  Here is the latest one.  Effective October 1, 2013 the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) has announced the following changes to their Federal Housing Administration (FHA) Short Sale requirements:
New or different documentation requirements for verifying assets, income, and expenses.  Although they haven't said what's going to be new and or different, just know that it is and it will be in effect in 4 days! Deficit Income Test (DIT) will be used to determine a homeowner's financial hardship.  Possible elimination of the … (1 comments)

karen butler: USDA announces new changes to Housing Program effective October 1 2012 - 08/13/12 11:14 PM
While many people are not quite familiar with the USDA loan programs, they are very useful for rural areas and financing. And thier locations are all across the US. They often have a lower interest rate, with 100% financing and are lifesavers for those families with decent credit, but are in lower paying jobs. Regular lenders are oftentimes unable to these folks because they typically charge a higher interest rate.  No this is not for the 1%ers out there, it's for the hard working folks that don't make over a certain amount, whose home purchase price isn't over a certain purchase price, located … (3 comments)

karen butler: 102 Ways To Thank a Veteran - 12/29/11 02:48 AM
I posted last year, and probably will every year.  I've enhanced and added, so if you can think of additional ways, please let me know, and I will add them.  Remember always
"All Gave Some But Some Gave All!"
1. Take a Veteran out to eat; whether it is a fast-food chain or a fine-dining establishment.
2. Are you a knitter or crocheter? Make a scarf for the cold-winters ahead. Donate them at a local-VFW for a veteran in need or contact Operation Gratitude to see how to donate.
3. Listen to their stories with interest. If they are a … (1 comments)

karen butler: Retired and Have Questions About Storage of Household Goods? - 11/09/11 11:33 AM

When you retire from the military, you have the option of making one final move free of charge (courtesy of the military) back to your home of record. Speak to TMO (Traffic Management Office) about your plans to move back to your home of record, so that arrangements can be made to pack up your belongings and move you and your family back to your home of record. You have one year in which to complete your “final” move.  You are entitled to keep your household goods in storage for 12 months from your original date of retirement if you … (1 comments)

karen butler: Veterans Virtual Career Fair: Nov 14-18th - 11/07/11 01:19 PM
Times are tough for many Veterans who have served our country proudly.  As many are separating after numerous deployments, these well skilled servicemembers will be seeking employment in the private sector.  Many job fairs are only offerered about every 6 months, and vets may have to travel some pretty good distances to reach them.  So here is some information that can save you some time and money in your career search.                      The Veterans Virtual Career Fair is a collaboration with Monster.com and will be held from November 14-18th and is free to our veteran community. Connect with over 22 … (0 comments)

karen butler: Will Military Play Shortage Affect Mortgages Late Fees? - 04/16/11 01:31 PM
The fol­low­ing is the lat­est update from DFAS on the April 15 pay­check "shortage".
Due to the near shut­down last week, most mil­i­tary should have received two deposits in their bank accounts on April 15.
Although active duty mem­bers and Reservists will receive two pay­ments to cover their full mid-month pay on April 15, the most cur­rent Net Pay Advice state­ments will still only show the par­tial pay­ments for the week of April 1-8.
In both cases a full account­ing of April pay will be avail­able on the nor­mal end of month LES, posted to myPay accounts on April 22.
Sim­ply … (2 comments)

karen butler: Martial Arts Wrestler -Realtor license REVOKED! - 04/16/11 10:39 AM
In a Federal courthouse, UFC middleweight Chael Sonnen a mixed martial arts fighter was sentenced to two years probation, issued a $10,000 fine and had his Realtor's license revoked after pleading guilty to money laundering on January 3rd.  I guess he was originally facing something like 20 years in prison and a $500,000 fine. 
While his suspension in the field of athletics will be lifted for him, NAR DON'T PLAY THAT!  His license is revoked!  Yeah, let me see that get lifted.
Karen Butler, REALTOR                  Karen@KarenButler.com           850-830-8780                                           Coldwell Banker United Realtors, FWB, Fl               20 Years - USAF … (5 comments)

The 2010 racing season has come to an end and the off-season is well underway and turning out to be both successful and busy for Dreyer & Reinbold Racing. Next on the schedule for DRR is the inaugural Partner Summit, which will take place on Tuesday, November 9th and Wednesday, November 10th at Eglin Air Force Baseand the Water Color Inn & Resort.
Day One will take place at the spectacular Five-Star WaterColor Inn & Resort in Panama City, Florida. The second half of the inaugural  Summit will take place at Eglin Air Force Base. DRR Partners will have a rare opportunity to … (0 comments)

karen butler: Florida's New Seat Belt Law - 06/29/09 11:22 AM
Starting Tuesday 30 June 2009, you may find that you won't have to be speeding or swerving for that matter  to be pulled over by a Law Enforsement Officer in Florida.  Thats right, drivers can now be stopped for failing to wear a seat belt and be receive a ticked for $93 as part of the new primary seatbelt law.    Before June 30, failing to buckle up wasn't reason enough for an officer to pull a car over, but now you can be pulled over for that if for no other reason.
Did you even know that there were two seatbelt … (0 comments)

karen butler: Latest $8000 1st Time Homebuyer Tax Credit Update - 06/25/09 05:42 AM


karen butler: Should It Really Be Called Swine Flu? - 05/02/09 07:31 AM
Is the term "swine flu" appropriate,  given that the new virus has not yet been isolated in samples taken from pigs in Mexico or elsewhere?  While the new virus seems to be most heavily composed of traits from swine influenza virus material, it also has human and avian influenza traits as well, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta.
Government officials in Thailand, one of the world’s largest meat exporters, have started referring to the disease as “Mexican flu.” An Israeli deputy health minister said his country would do the same, to keep Jews if only … (5 comments)

karen butler: Do You Know What the 2009 Housing Loan Limits Are? - 05/01/09 01:00 PM
While the housing market is going through a period of correction, the news media would have you believe the sky is falling.  While great for generating news bites, the fact is, if you follow the timeline of property values over the past few years, you will notice a modest increase in property values somewhere around 6 percent.  When the housing market spiked in 2005-2006, it wasn't possible for the market to sustain that type of spike at those prices. Basically people were buying their future equity in the home, and thereby leaving it unable to gain additional equity.  The result is … (0 comments)

karen butler: Eglin AFB Plans Town Hall Meetings on F-35 - 04/25/09 06:59 PM
What's going on? Eglin Air Force Base officials plan a series of town hall meetings to give members of surrounding communities an update on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program and other projects under way at the base.
The first meeting will be in the Crestview High School gymnasium Thursday April 30th at 6 p.m.
Col. Bruce McClintock, 96th Air Base Wing commander, will be discussing a supplemental environmental impact statement for the Joint Strike Fighter program, as well as the Army 7th Special Forces Group's move to Eglin.  Great information to stay abreast of what's going on in and … (0 comments)

karen butler: UWF Is Reaching Out to Military Students - 04/25/09 05:33 PM
University prepares for an influx thanks to GI Bill.   If you serve or served in the military, the University of West Florida wants to serve you.
UWF has ramped up its efforts to make education accessible to veterans and active-duty military in Northwest Florida.  UWF is preparing for a possible influx of veteran students related to changes extending the benefits of the Montgomery GI Bill and the return of soldiers from Iraq.
The school is preparing for a significant increase in active-military students in the next few years as a result of the relocation of the Army's 7th Special Forces Group from … (0 comments)

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