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Hurricane Gustav.  TV exec's and the rediculous assignments. I don't know about the rest of you here on AR, however, I am having a hard time going to bed tonight worrying about any people who didn't evacuate New Orleans and the surrounding area's as Gustav head's in to the LA coastal areas. Even ...
It's not the O'Reilly factor, but it is the McCain/Palin factor as of today! How compatible will John McCain and Sarah Palin be? According to my research into the astrological charts of John McCain and Sarah Palin...this interpersonal relationship can be quite tense and rebellious...not that that...
The Kennedy legacy...like them or not...Democrat or not, they have impacted the US of A. Love them or leave them...The Kennedy clan...The Kennedy clan has affected our future for so many years. I remember being sent home from elementary school when John F. Kennedy was assassinated.  While I was t...
Need some advice on how to handle couple's with pre-nups and purchasing homes. I currently have a customer who has a pre-nup with their current spouse (will call him Desi and her Lucy). This person is afraid to make an offer b/c of this document. Their funds are totally separate. It's a strange s...
Well today again, we had a delluge of feeder bands coming through south Florida.  There was so much rain, I couldn't get to my car for over an hour. Aventura is under over a foot of water.  The rain in Fort Lauderdale amounted to over 2.5 inches. This is worse than when hurricane Fay was a threat...
Just curious here...Do you write the content of your blogs...or do you commission a secretary or another agent/assistant to do the deed for you? As a Realtor(r), do you care what is posted under your name? Do you trust who posts for you? Why do you trust someone else, and why don't you take the t...
Happy to say, my market has been going crazy...I'm working 16 hour days.... Not complaining, however, it seems to me that the bottom is gone and we're moving forward!  GOOD NEWS! I have not slept much in the last two weeks...My customer's are seeing the end of good lending...the end of the good F...
While most of my life (actually 25 years) has been spent working in the Nuclear Medicine arena, I have come to realize that most of my friends do not understand the benefit of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy, when managed appropriately can save the US ton's of money.  It would reduce so many bills...
I was just wondering if other people in other states who have customer's that are trying to do repairs and/or who have advised their customers (not short-sales or foreclosure issues) that some minor repairs would help them sell. I have found that hiring a licensed contractor (who is going to do r...
Geeze, Can you only imagine if you got paid to blog?  Even if it was 25 cent's per comment...meaning a real comment, not a "yes, I agree." type...Can you imagine how many of us who love to learn and meet new friends on AR would be stuck to our lap top's worse than we are now??? Sometime's I think...

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