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As a North Texas Professional Home Stager this blog is a collection of information, thoughts, and ideas on the staging profession as currently experienced. I welcome comments and suggestions and hope I may help the home staging and real estate community in some way by my contributions on my blog. I am passionate about educating the public and real estate community on the benefits of home staging.



At a recent Tom Boy Tool event I was at the consultant gave out a sheet called 40 Guests in 4 minutes.  So whether you're hosting a party, sales event, or even an open house by inviting 40 guests according to the flyer you'll ensure a successful event because usually less than half will be able t...
  Well, thank you Ms. Terry Haugen for inspiring this blog.  We were joking in another blog about sending head shots for the book I'm NOT writing but would love you to comment on the blog anyway - and it dawned on me that yeah, I hate getting my photo taken and I didn't particularly enjoy getting...
Just wanted to ask my fellow Active Rainers who may have read books on home staging if you wouldn't mind sharing your critiques on the books you may have read.  I'm doing some research on the best of the best out there for home staging resources.  I value your opinions and want only your honest a...
Below is an invitation that was sent to course attendees at the February 2007, Plano,TX ASP course.  The house looked fabulous!  Many more changes were made in the months after the initial staging was complete.  Painting, carpet replacement, new outdoor patio and much more!  I...
Imagine a day where company will be showing up on your doorstep  - everyday! I don't know about you but I wouldn't be too happy in that knowledge if I wasn't aware of my guest's arrival.  If you're like me, when I host my company I want it to be an experience, relaxing, fun, entertaining and most...
Some questions were swirling in my head as I awoke this morning and I wanted to put them out here for thought.  This is geared towards homeowners but of course I'd love to hear from anyone who may want to share or add a comment.  I was thinking about Homeowners and how they feel about staging.  T...

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