home stager: Why look and not pursue? - 01/24/13 11:29 PM
That was the one sentence from an anonymous note I received from someone (I never found out who) my first year in college.
While I found the note intriguing it was also very frustrating because I had no idea who it came from and if it meant I was looking at "them" or they were looking at and interested in me. I have to admit it was also a tad bit creepy...

The same sentence can be applied to "looking" in the 'Rain and any other social network sites you're on whether it be Facebook, twitter, Linkedin, Google+ or the host of others you may enjoy surfing.

home stager: "I have a $500 budget and only need a few pieces of furniture can you stage for this amount?" - 09/04/09 10:31 AM
This question was recently asked of me by a prospective client who requested "key room staging" with furniture. These were the areas requested:
Living room Dining room Master bedroom For what was needed in the price point of home in question and from my company's perspective the answer was No.
Let me explain why.
My company does not carry large furniture pieces as part of our accessory prop inventory. 
Home Star Staging  utilizes the services of reputable, national furniture rental companies to supply the large furniture inventory for our home staging projects that require this service.
I define "large furniture" as any that I cannot personally lift or move … (26 comments)

home stager: 10 Easy Changes to Improve the Marketablity of your Home - 02/26/09 02:38 AM
Home Sellers if you already haven't, prepare to change.
Especially in the current state of the housing market (& limited numbers actually buying & those that are -are being extremely picky with what they are purchasing) seriously ask yourself this question; 
"Is it really going to hurt too much to make a few changes that can expedite the sale of my house?"
As a North Texas Home Staging Professional I am sometimes faced with clients who feel that;
 their homes  their choices [whether cosmetic or structural] and the way they are living is perfect for them so why change?  Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!
It's time … (18 comments)

home stager: Top 5 Secrets your House is telling Buyers about You - 01/29/09 02:53 AM
As a Professional Home Stager who consults with many home sellers, I've been continually reminded that it's important to keep your house's mouth shut.
"Houses can't talk!" you say.
Oh yes they can. 
And you'd be surprised just how much they're revealing about you to potential buyers.
Top 5 Secrets to keep from buyers
How much money you make and what bills you owe Notoriously found in home offices on desks or kitchen counters when you run out in a hurry for a showing or just take for granted no one is snooping. The state of your physical health Any medical equipment you … (33 comments)

home stager: Ezine Articles #8 Selling a Home During the Holidays - Should you Decorate? - 12/01/07 01:17 PM
Selling a Home During the Holidays - Should you Decorate? is an article I wrote for Ezine Articles online magazine. Below is a summary and a link.
Selling a Home During the Holidays - Should You Decorate?
By Karen OttoShould you decorate your home for sale during the holidays? How will buyers react? Get the answer from Professional Home Staging Expert, Karen Otto before you decide to set the scene for your holiday home.
[View Karen Otto's Extended Author Bio][Display Categories] Sort By [Title] [Newest] [Oldest]
For Resources and Other Articles by Karen Otto:
Canned Soup Or Houses - Why Bother … (4 comments)

home stager: North Texas Home Stagers I'm looking forward to January's Round Table - 11/05/07 10:25 PM
Greetings Fellow Texans!           
I am honored and pleased to have been asked to lead the North Texas Professional Home Stager's Round Table Discussion. 
Although the exact date, time and place have yet to be determined, I am fully confident that we'll be able to make this Round Table a rousing success!
Please keep the first two weeks in January 2008 in mind (most likely the week of January 7th) for the upcoming Stager's Round Table Discussion. I am going to be working to secure a location, most likely one of the National Furniture Rental companies we do business with as a partner … (20 comments)

home stager: Services Sellers Should Expect From a Good Agent - 07/27/07 04:43 AM
 Click the logo for more info
I have loads of reading material, much on real estate.  I pick them up at random and re-read occasionally.
Just this morning I picked up the book The Everything Homeselling Book by Shahri Masters an easy guide for sellers to use from the open house to closing and what they need to do to get the most profit from the sale of their home.  I linked the Everything.com page here but I couldn't find the book at the site - there is a toll free number to call and possibly because it's a 2006 updated version, it may not be currently listed … (16 comments)

home stager: Critics Wanted - Have you read a Home Staging Book? - 06/27/07 02:54 PM

Just wanted to ask my fellow Active Rainers who may have read books on home staging if you wouldn't mind sharing your critiques on the books you may have read.  I'm doing some research on the best of the best out there for home staging resources.  I value your opinions and want only your honest answers.  I have a few I'd like to ask here and if you could answer them by a yes or no that would be great too.  Any comments appreciated as long as you're nice puhleez! Thank you!
What book did you read? Title and Author (if you … (34 comments)

home stager: Staged OPEN HOUSE 6/29 3 -5:00 PM - 1916 Deerfield Drive Plano, TX - 06/25/07 05:16 AM
Below is an invitation that was sent to course attendees at the www.StagedHomes.com February 2007, Plano,TX ASP course.  The house looked fabulous!  Many more changes were made in the months after the initial staging was complete.  Painting, carpet replacement, new outdoor patio and much more! 
I would like to extend an open invitation on behalf of Don Vander Werf, ReMax Dallas Suburbs to anyone in the area who would like to also attend the open house.   A few of your fellow Active Rainers are also ASP's who took this course and I would love to meet you myself.   
For some photos that were taken back in … (12 comments)

home stager: Homeowners - Can you Stage? - 06/09/07 03:46 AM
Some questions were swirling in my head as I awoke this morning and I wanted to put them out here for thought.  This is geared towards homeowners but of course I'd love to hear from anyone who may want to share or add a comment.  I was thinking about Homeowners and how they feel about staging. 
There's lots of news articles and information out there that tell them the benefits of Staging and even how to do it.  They can buy many books on the subject and even find free resources on the web.  But are they actually doing it? So here … (8 comments)

home stager: Tomboy Tools - Made for Women - 05/27/07 02:03 PM
I just wanted to share a website with everyone of a company that makes tools specially designed for women and our size hands.  As stagers, we know that we all need a variety of tools for our daily job and this company has great products that you may benefit from. 
At our last month's Dallas Chapter meeting of IAHSP, we had a representative from the DFW TomBoy Tools, Sondra Cluck, come and show us the variety of tools her company makes for women.  Not only are they stylish, but also well made.  I just received my Tomboy Traveler Tool Kit on … (20 comments)

home stager: The Virtual Buyer - 05/26/07 07:35 AM
I often tell people that today's buyer is in a different league.  With the Internet, virtual tours, digital photos and access to many types of "on-line tours" that are becoming available a buyer, with access to the Internet,  truly does not need to leave the comfort of their home in order to decide whether or not to see a home.  
They often make their decision right there at the computer screen whether the house is worth getting in the car (or plane - as I did) to see.  And often, with relocations, it becomes necessary to view properties cross country or globally and … (7 comments)

home stager: "About: Home Buying / Selling" - Great Free E-Newsletter - 05/22/07 12:29 AM

home stager: The "Eyes of the Buyer" - 05/12/07 02:35 AM
 I like the term the "eyes of the buyer" that really says a lot about what HOME STAGERS can do for a property.  Yes, staging is preparing a home for sale to sell quickly and for top dollar, but how do we "prepare"?
The first step is a simple.  A direct, understandable sentence to say to a Realtor or a Seller is this; "We will look at your home through the eyes of the buyer."  
It's that easy.
I think they understand that quite quickly.  It makes sense.  We then have the opportunity to further explain how we do what is it we do but we've got their attention. 

home stager: VACANTS - A Growing Market - 03/07/07 10:01 AM

There have been lots of calls lately on vacant properties.  It is a growing problem for agents and sellers, but not for stagers who are prepared and able to handle the vacant housing market.  In case you've been asked by an agent or seller about vacants, I've come up with a list problems I see with vacant homes based on things I've read and personal observations and have listed them here below.  Maybe there are additional things to add to this list, feel free to share.  A vacant property is often a much harder one … (60 comments)

home stager: THANKS FOR CHECKING THIS OUT! - 02/25/07 02:13 PM
Thank you for taking the time to read this first ever "blog".  I was invited to join the Active Rain Network by Loreena Yeo, a realtor in Frisco, TX who I met at the www.stagedhomes.com course in Plano, TX on February 13 - 15th.  She "payed it forward" and invited me and I'm so happy she did!
I'm really excited about the Active Rain Network and look forward to getting lots of good information, advice, tips and other great things from the wealth of knowledge, expertise and talent that appears to be using this site.  I'm also happy to answer any questions or comments anyone may have regarding … (7 comments)

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