karen: Sellers, do you know why the first showing of your home may NOT be in your house? - 12/22/08 05:28 AM
When estimates in excess of 86% of buyers are shopping ONLINE on the internet for everything from CD's to furniture then consider that the first showing of your home will more than likely take place online, not in your actual house.
For more on this subject check out my blog at  
Where you'll find FREE ADVICE from Real Estate Professionals all over the country, from Realtors to home staging professionals, www.energizedseller.com is leading the way to connect home sellers to the information they need in order to sell a home in today's real estate market.
Karen Otto is professional home stager and … (4 comments)

karen: Dallas/Ft. Worth SIF Roundtable - Save the date! November 18, 2008 - 09/09/08 02:14 AM
I'm pleased to announce that the Dallas/Ft.Worth Texas SIF Roundtable co-sponsored by RESA is coming  November 2008.

This event is OPEN TO ANY AND ALL HOME STAGERS regardless of affiliation or accreditation. It is also not exclusive to DFW area home stagers, anyone from around the state or even surrounding states are welcome to join us as we Stage it Forward with each other and our industry.
As I get more details I will update the information. Doorprizes, giveaways and sponsors are being sought!
Please save the date on your calendars now and if you would like to RSVP … (7 comments)

karen: How a Home Stager choose the new color on her own front door - 07/17/08 02:32 AM
This summer we've been doing some improvements on our own house.  It had been about 6 years since we did the last major improvements and we were ready to tackle a few more. As a professional home stager I understand the value of improving ones home before even thinking about selling. Far too often I see sellers who wished they'd done for themselves what they've improved for others when in the process of selling. 
For the other home improvements we've done this summer you can read the blog: Sellers, I feel your pain.
Well we needed to paint our front door, desperately! It was … (24 comments)

karen: Collin College Offers Home Staging CE Course for Sellers & Realtors 8/18-27 - 07/06/08 12:42 PM
Real estate professional? Selling a home? Or just interested in learning more about Home Staging?
Check out the schedule of Continuing Education courses offerings at Collin College  
Home Staging is a course that is; 
 "Designed for the home owner or the professional real estate agent to prepare a home for resale. Learn the benefits of home staging and how staging a property for resale can help you achieve a faster sales time and top dollar".
Collin County Professional Home Stager, Karen Otto shares her expertise and knowledge of Home Staging bringing it to home sellers, Realtors and Investors who want to know how … (8 comments)

karen: Stage"ducational" Broker's Tour - 03/30/08 02:31 PM
Ever try to think of different ways to draw a crowd to your broker's tour on a new listing? Now I know food and drink are part of the usual suspects at these events, but how about in addtion to that, adding an informative "educational" portion of the tour?
For those Realtors who have a Professional Home Stager on their team, if you already haven't asked, why not suggest to your Stager to come (provided of course they staged the property you've listed) and give a Q & A time for your Realtor colleagues who drop by?
Believe it or not many Realtors still have questions … (15 comments)

karen: "Neighborhood" Open House Success Story - 03/29/08 01:56 AM
I've worked with a Real Estate Investor now on several of his properties for the better part of a year. We've developed a great working relationship and know working together often results in the successful sale of the property. I have to say he's one of my favorite clients. He gave me a chance before others did and he's just a good person and we have a good line of communication open. Occassionally, as most investors and Realtors know, the sale of a home, even if under contract, can be a dicey deal, especially in this market.
To make a long story not so … (76 comments)

karen: Free Home Staging Event February 16th, 2PM- Denton Public Library, South Branch - 02/07/08 04:54 AM
Mark you Calendars North Texas Home Sellers!
Staging Your Home for Sale - Presented by Professional Home Stager, Karen Otto
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Full Screen Map When: Saturday, Feb. 16, 2 p.m.
Where: Denton Public Library (South Branch), 3228 Teasley Lane, Denton
Cost: Free
Age limit: Not available
Are you in the process of selling your home? … (13 comments)

karen: Collin College, Plano, TX Offers Home Staging CE Course for Sellers & Realtors - 02/06/08 12:56 AM
t's not too "latte" to enroll according to the Collin College Schedule of Continuing Education course offerings for January - April 2008. 
Although the February class is now underway there is still time to enroll for the April/May Home Staging CE course.
Proudly announcing Home Staging a new CE Course offering at Collin College. 
Home Staging is a course that is; 
 "Designed for the home owner or the professional real estate agent to prepare a home for resale. Learn the benefits of home staging and how staging a property for resale can help you achieve a faster sales time and top dollar".
Collin County Professional Home Stager, Karen Otto shares … (11 comments)

karen: You want me to stage when? A day in the life of a North Texas Professional Home Stager - 01/14/08 12:40 PM
Dear Clients,
I would like to explain to you how I work.
This is not meant to offend, just to educate you on the steps I take when I start the home staging bid process and when you'd like me to stage your property in the next day or two from initial contact, I'd like you to understand the process I undergo before we can even begin and I hope you understand why I can't do it with a snap of my fingers. 
I only wish it were that simple. BELIEVE me I do!
Let's set the scenario:
Day 1: I get a phone call let's say on a Wednesday : … (46 comments)

karen: Selling a Home in Collin County in the New Year? Here's a Home Staging Coupon just for you! - 12/29/07 04:27 AM
 Before Listing Put Your Property in Good Hands!
If you're planning on selling a home in 2008 start thinking NOW about what you can do to prepare your home for sale. Whether you're a home seller or Realtor you could benefit from a Professional Home Staging Consultation to get you on your way to a successful sale this season It's simple. Just follow the links belowPrint out the coupon Give us a call at 469-964-0516 to schedule your appointmentHurry, offer expires January 31, 2008! 
Stay ahead of the Collin County competition and let Home Star Staging make YOUR HOME the STAR Attraction in the … (2 comments)

karen: Localism brings you back to life - 12/10/07 06:34 AM
Have you checked your Localism "feature"page lately?  I hadn't until my , "alerted" me today to that page for whatever reason.  I don't really know why I was "alerted" (I'm still figuring all of this out).
But as I checked my Localism page I noticed what I have here below "Articles by Karen Otto, Collin County, Plano, TX Home Stager".
It's a nice list, already done for me by the great folks that be at Active Rain, of links to previously written posts by none other than me of course that I had posted to Localism.
It targets my area, Collin County, Plano, TX, the … (15 comments)

karen: Ezine Articles #8 Selling a Home During the Holidays - Should you Decorate? - 12/01/07 01:17 PM
Selling a Home During the Holidays - Should you Decorate? is an article I wrote for Ezine Articles online magazine. Below is a summary and a link.
Selling a Home During the Holidays - Should You Decorate?
By Karen OttoShould you decorate your home for sale during the holidays? How will buyers react? Get the answer from Professional Home Staging Expert, Karen Otto before you decide to set the scene for your holiday home.
[View Karen Otto's Extended Author Bio][Display Categories] Sort By [Title] [Newest] [Oldest]
For Resources and Other Articles by Karen Otto:
Canned Soup Or Houses - Why Bother … (4 comments)

karen: North Texas Home Stagers I'm looking forward to January's Round Table - 11/05/07 10:25 PM
Greetings Fellow Texans!           
I am honored and pleased to have been asked to lead the North Texas Professional Home Stager's Round Table Discussion. 
Although the exact date, time and place have yet to be determined, I am fully confident that we'll be able to make this Round Table a rousing success!
Please keep the first two weeks in January 2008 in mind (most likely the week of January 7th) for the upcoming Stager's Round Table Discussion. I am going to be working to secure a location, most likely one of the National Furniture Rental companies we do business with as a partner … (20 comments)

karen: I'm 50 K Today! - 09/15/07 06:59 AM
Wow, just saw 50 K post today in points here on Active Rain sitting at my computer in Plano, TX and am doing a tired happy dance!
It has been and continues to be an exciting and informative forum full of wonderful, giving, talented and amazing people to say the least.  Those adjectives just start to describe it too.
For new members, keep at it! Active Rain is a powerful resource for your business, use it wisely and you will see great things happen. But keep active and show your self too, comment and blog when the mood strikes, who knows, maybe … (48 comments)

karen: The adventures of my little side table Part 1 - 09/15/07 06:13 AM
In my work as a Professional Home Stager, I had the pleasure of using my little side table steal yesterday in a vacant property I worked on.  I used it in 3 places for this one property.  Now that's useful!
The little side table is happily sitting in a home in Garland, TX awaiting further instructions on where to report to next.
I used both that I had purchased and ended up getting 3 more last night.  My Plano, TX Wal - Mart on Spring Creek & 75 must have every other Wal Mart's "convertible table" around because there were still about 20 left.  I … (35 comments)

karen: The swinging Real Estate scene - Is your house "Mr. Right or Mr. Right Now"? - 09/10/07 01:21 PM
We all know about the concept of Mr. Right and Mr. Right now as it applies to the dating scene.  What may appear great on the surface doesn't always ring true. 
I'd like to compare dating to home selling and see how they fare.  Want to take a peek?
Let's assign two houses and their sellers with the titles & a little background
Mr. Right House (MR.H) and Mr. Right Now House (MR.NH).
Both sellers are selling properties in the same market for about the same price. Both want them to move fast and sell for the highest profit. It is sort of … (8 comments)

karen: Ezine article #6 - Safety Tips For Sellers To Consider Before The First Showing - 08/15/07 07:48 AM
Safety Tips For Sellers To Consider Before The First Showing is an article I wrote for Ezine Articles online magazine. Below is a summary and a link.
Safety Tips For Sellers To Consider Before The First Showing
By Karen Otto
While the vast majority of buyers are in the market to actually purchase a home there are others whose purpose may be far more sinister. Many people will be walking through your property and certain precautions are in order regardless of where you live. Here are safety tips from a Professional Home Stager on simple things you can do to prepare and protect … (10 comments)

karen: Ezine articles #5 - Canned Soup Or Houses - Why Bother With Packaging? - 08/15/07 07:42 AM
Canned Soup or Houses - Why Bother with Packaging? is an article I wrote for Ezine Articles online magazine. Below is a summary and a link.
Canned Soup Or Houses - Why Bother With Packaging?
By Karen OttoWhether you're selling canned soup or a house, packaging counts. Just like any other product on the shelf, if selling your home, start treating it as a marketable product. Get ready with these tips on how to prepare your property from Professional Home Staging expert Karen Otto.

karen: Canned soup or houses? Why bother with packaging? - 08/07/07 11:22 AM
Think about the last time you purchased something, anything at all.  Let's say it was a can of soup. 
Imagine the canned food shelves at your local market are crammed and disheveled as you look for your brand.  You're getting annoyed. The first couple of cans you spy are dented and the labels torn.  In fact, is that a rodent's dropping on the top of that one? Disgusting! You search the back rows for a better looking, perfect can, I would, or at the very least, demand a discount on the only can that had one dent instead of six once … (61 comments)

karen: New AR Group! Plano Texas Real Estate Professionals - 07/31/07 02:01 PM
I would like to announce the formation of a new group I have just started on Active Rain - Plano Texas Real Estate Professionals.  I am a proud resident and business owner in this wonderful Texas City and would love to have anyone interested in the City of Plano, whether you live, work or play here to join this newly formed group. 
The format for this group is as follows:
This group is for anyone interested in the City of Plano, Texas. Whether living, working or playing, this is the place to discover the wonderful City of Plano! Posts should apply exclusively … (10 comments)

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