selling: "What if I don't like it?" - 05/15/13 11:28 AM
This content was previously written [and featured] in 2008 but the topic came up in a FB group. I edited the content to reflect my new logo and it's come back up as "new" on the AR blogs...don't know how it happened but the content still holds true today, even 5 years later! Enjoy!
That question, referring to the furniture and decor proposed for use in a vacant property, was posed to me this week by a client who has never worked with a home stager before. Although I've never been asked this question directly before, I could relate. I'm … (62 comments)

selling: Selling Safely - Why Guns don't say "buyer friendly" - 02/06/09 12:36 PM
Being a Professional Home Stager in the Great State of Texas has its share of perks as well as challenges.  Texans are a proud people and guns are a way of life for many. From hunting, recreational shooting to security, guns are generally accepted here as "normal".
Now I bring up this point not to stir controversy or state a position on them rather, I bring it up as a Professional Home Stager who recommends that while in the process of selling a home, sellers should take serious the consideration to remove or at minimum, lock safely and securely any weapons … (20 comments)

selling: Top 5 Secrets your House is telling Buyers about You - 01/29/09 02:53 AM
As a Professional Home Stager who consults with many home sellers, I've been continually reminded that it's important to keep your house's mouth shut.
"Houses can't talk!" you say.
Oh yes they can. 
And you'd be surprised just how much they're revealing about you to potential buyers.
Top 5 Secrets to keep from buyers
How much money you make and what bills you owe Notoriously found in home offices on desks or kitchen counters when you run out in a hurry for a showing or just take for granted no one is snooping. The state of your physical health Any medical equipment you … (33 comments)

selling: Selling a Home in North Texas? Need Help? This class may be just for you! - 01/27/09 04:04 AM
Are you selling a home in North Texas in 2009 or thinking about it?
Are you a North Texas Real Estate Professional who wants to learn more about helping your sellers achieve maximum results?
Are you a Real Estate Investor who wants to know how to stage your investment properties?
Then North Texas Home Sellers, Realtors & Investors (or anyone interested in learning more about home staging) it's not too late to enroll in the fun and informative Home Staging CE Course offered by Collin College from February 2nd through February 11th, 2009.
Offered Monday and Wednesday nights from 6:30 PM - 8:30 PM … (5 comments)

selling: Home Staging Specials on Energized Seller - 01/18/09 03:49 AM
Energized Seller, the website connecting the dedicated home seller to the dedicated Real Estate Professional has gone live with their Home Staging Specials from some of our very own AR Pros.
There are still opportunities for some areas nationally that haven't been covered yet and if this is something you want to offer in your market by all means check it out and email to add your offer there too.

selling: Looking for a few Good Stagers around the country - 12/28/08 07:42 AM
As many of you may already know I'm a big fan of the website for the dedicated Home Seller and Real Estate Professional.
If you haven't checked out the site yet or joined, by all means, what are you waiting for? This is a FREE site connecting home sellers to RE Pros around the country with many great features being added daily and exposure nationally with supporters like the Dave Ramsey Show
I was recently contacted by energizedseller to see if I'd be interested in a cross promotional type offer where my company, Home Star Staging would offer a discount through their site to visitors to the site … (9 comments)

selling: Sellers, do you know why the first showing of your home may NOT be in your house? - 12/22/08 05:28 AM
When estimates in excess of 86% of buyers are shopping ONLINE on the internet for everything from CD's to furniture then consider that the first showing of your home will more than likely take place online, not in your actual house.
For more on this subject check out my blog at  
Where you'll find FREE ADVICE from Real Estate Professionals all over the country, from Realtors to home staging professionals, is leading the way to connect home sellers to the information they need in order to sell a home in today's real estate market.
Karen Otto is professional home stager and … (4 comments)

selling: Thank you BPW Richardson, TX! - Home Staging Featured at Monthly Meeting - 11/11/08 02:20 PM
Tonight I had the honor and pleasure of sharing the benefits of home staging with the Business and Professional Women's (BPW) Club of Richardson, TX.  It was a wonderful evening spent in the company of business women in my local community who graciously invited me to share with them what I do as a home staging professional.
I had been contacted over a month ago by a BPW member, Saundra Honea, who had read the home staging article from the September 2008 Dallas Morning News, How to Stage your Home to Sell Fast, in which I was interviewed, and thought it would be an interesting … (14 comments)

selling: Sellers connect to Real Estate Professionals around the country at EnergizedSeller - 11/03/08 01:18 AM
I've been an active member of EnergizedSeller since the beginning of this year and have had the pleasure and opportunity to assist sellers around the country with some questions they posed regarding how to prepare their homes to sell. 
EnergizedSeller is a website for dedicated Home Sellers and Real Estate Professionals to connect to one another. 
I invite you to check it out, join me and become a recognized expert in your area.
Home Sellers join us too!
There is a lot going on at EnergizedSeller these days to not only help sellers but Real Estate Professionals as well!
You too can … (16 comments)

selling: Home Staging Consultation January 26th 2008 - Home sold on day ONE 7 months later - 10/16/08 09:00 AM
Confused?  Let me explain.
This past January I provided a home staging consultation for a Plano, TX couple who knew they were going to be listing their home sometime this year.
Being very proactive sellers with a very savvy Realtor, they contacted Home Star Staging, to provide them with a home staging consultation to assist them in their preparations. I say they were "pro active sellers" because they knew it would take time to do what they needed in order to prepare their home for sale as well as find a home to purchase.
Home Sellers - TIME is your friend when … (17 comments)

selling: Don't be fooled - I may be a Home Stager but my business is Real Estate - 10/03/08 07:16 AM
This is something I've known for a long time and if you think that as a professional home stager that you are only in the "home staging business" then you are not in the business of real estate.
A good analogy for this is to think back when trains were the main form of transportation (before my day folks but I remember history lessons).
When airplanes came on the scene the big wigs at the Rail Road industries stated something to the effect of," They'll never fly! People and cargo travel by RAIL not air!"
Well as we all know, … (36 comments)

selling: Why you can't afford NOT to get your home in top condition if selling or leasing in today's market - 09/28/08 03:01 PM
With a national financial crisis and the tales of woe and doom in the housing market many wonder how are they are ever going to get through this time if selling a property at this most uncertain time of our nation's economy? 
After reading an article today on MSN.COM titled: Top 5 Things home buyers and sellers should do now, I am convinced the services of a home staging professional are even more necessary than ever.
Listed below are the top 5 tips for home sellers from the article:
Wait out the market if possible, especially if your house is located … (11 comments)

selling: Learning by example - A student, a teacher and a lesson learned - 08/29/08 05:23 AM
What a timely blog written by Connie Tebyani called "Got....Interns?"
I just finished teaching my 3rd Home Staging class at Collin College  in Plano, TX this week and it was the smallest class yet. It was actually really nice and intimate and I have been very busy these last two weeks with work and school starting for my kids, so the class size was a welcome respite from the hectic nature of this past month.
The last day of the class I talk about vacant properties and how important it is to stage them. I've written on this topic several times … (13 comments)

selling: Realtors, who's in your arsenol of influence? - 08/15/08 11:43 AM
I was inspired by a blog written by Collin County, TX's own, John Cannata with Reliant Mortgage, when he posted this blog to Realtors, "How to obtain more listings Part I". 
John went on to give some great tips and information on how to do just that. If you haven't read his blogs I would highly recommend them, they're really well thought out, informative and highly useful. Just the kind of information we like to read here on Active Rain.
This is not to say I didn't enjoy the blog or get something out of it because I did but I immediately noticed … (15 comments)

selling: Home Staging CE Course Collin College, Plano,TX - What students say - 08/03/08 01:35 PM
I recently received my evaluation reviews from the students I teach the Home Staging for Sellers and Realtors CE course for at Collin College in Plano, TX.  I was excited, honored and humbled by the comments and wanted to share some of them with you here.
1. What did you like about the course?
"Interesting content, enthusiastic instructor" "Instructor was pleasant and did not condescend as some instructors do. She showed us that though a professional, she is not the only one who can do this" "Great instructor!" "Went to great lengths to individualize her offerings according to the student's interests and objectives" … (4 comments)

selling: Open House 1:00 - 4:00 PM PM Sunday 7/20/08 740 Mustang Ridge Drive, Murphy, TX FREE Staging Tips - 07/14/08 09:14 AM

It's a "Neighborhood Open House"
Join Sarah Nguyen of Janus Real Estate Group and myself, Karen Otto of Home Star Staging at
740 Mustang Ridge Drive, Murphy, TX, 75094 When: Sunday, July 20, 2008 Time: 1:00 - 4:00 PM It's a neighborhood open house and our friends and neighbors here at Active Rain and Localism are invited. 
Please tell your clients, friends and family if they're looking for a gorgeus spacious home in beautiful Murphy, TX, this may be the one!
For all the great details visit the link for 740 Mustang Ridge Drive, Murphy, TX.
I'll … (5 comments)

selling: Curb appeal and blind dating = 2 of a kind - 04/27/08 02:04 PM
Analogies are great. They help us understand why something that may not seem important to us at first glance really is. Let's use an analogy for curb appeal when selling your home and why it is so important to buyers.
Let's compare it to blind dating. Bear with this and you're likely to understand why.
Think of yourself as going on a blind date and the anticipation you feel before meeting that mysterious someone.
They sound great on the phone, They looked attractive in a photo online They were readily giving you lots of information about themselves via emails.  

selling: New Website for Real Estate Experts & Professionals - Please join me FREE! - 04/13/08 01:40 AM

I have had the pleasure of working with the folks at energized (who by the way found me on Active Rain) over the past few months as the initial phase of their new website a "community for helping the motivated seller" took flight. 
I am happy to post this initial launch here as an INVITATION TO ALL THE REAL ESTATE PROFESSIONALS here on Active Rain to join in (FREE) and contribute to this amazing new site.
I have embraced this concept from the moment I spoke with them.
energized is a site for the "proactive seller" to come and … (38 comments)

selling: Got Pets? Selling a house? One sniff could snuff a sale - 04/09/08 09:27 AM
Pets. We love them if we own them, they're our babies and a part of the family. However when selling, they become a different story when others will be entering and previewing your property.
First and foremost, for the safety of your beloved pets, consideration must be given to how they will be kept safe while showing. Potential problems could arise if:
An exterior door is left open for possible escape A usually friendly animal is frightened by strangers entering his "territory" and aggressive behavior ensues (I learned this first hand when I acquired a small Quaker Parrot. Oatie cannot be left out when visitors come because he flies … (14 comments)

selling: Stage"ducational" Broker's Tour - 03/30/08 02:31 PM
Ever try to think of different ways to draw a crowd to your broker's tour on a new listing? Now I know food and drink are part of the usual suspects at these events, but how about in addtion to that, adding an informative "educational" portion of the tour?
For those Realtors who have a Professional Home Stager on their team, if you already haven't asked, why not suggest to your Stager to come (provided of course they staged the property you've listed) and give a Q & A time for your Realtor colleagues who drop by?
Believe it or not many Realtors still have questions … (15 comments)

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