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By Syd Ulrich-Dogonniuck, Sustainability Content Writer for Realty Sage Millennials have changed nearly every aspect of life as we know it, so why wouldn’t the Real Estate market feel those changes too? Here’s a look at what Millennials want and how the housing market needs to change to meet thos...
By Syd Ulrich-Dogonniuck, Sustainability Content Writer for Realty Sage Millennials. Go ahead, groan, I know you want to. When I hear “Millennial” I even want to groan, and I am a Millennial!! I feel like the word just has so many layers to it at this point, and those layers run the whole spectru...
By Syd Ulrich-Dogonniuck, Sustainability Content Writer for Realty Sage Whether you are a homeowner looking to sell your house soon or live in it for years to come, sustainability is a proven method to increase the value of your home and have a positive environmental impact!  In a recent survey c...
By Kari Klaus, Founder of RealtySage.com If you’ve upgraded your home in the past 10 years then you’ve probably added smart technology like NEST thermostats, or why you chose Alexa powered lights and Ring doorbells and likely some energy efficient or water saving features. You may even have a hom...
When solar goes to the dogs. Literally.by Kari Klaus, Founder of RealtySage.com  Denver hosted the 2017 US Department of Energy Solar Decathlon which was described," as a life-changing competition for collegiate students and an intensive course in sustainability for consumers." However, a much mo...
By Syd Ulrich-Dogonniuck, Sustainability Content Writer for Realty Sage If you ever studied Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in an intro Psychology or Humanities course you may recall that the first level of need is about the basics: food and water. Maslow said that after the basics were accounted for...
Real estate agents are busy; the hustle and bustle of transactions, listings and getting the next client can easily lead to forgetting to tell the full story behind the homes we list.If agents want buyers to fall in love with their listing, then they should consider telling the home’s love story ...
By Syd Ulrich-Dogonniuck, Sustainability Content Writer for Realty Sage  Given we live in a digital age, it makes sense that many of us turn to apps and online resources for inspiration when it comes to home remodeling. That being said, I’d like to make the case to you that there’s a another reso...
A fixer-upper’s guide to find money for residential energy efficiency upgrades. By Lyra DeLora  Content Contributor for VivaGreenHomes.com  For first-time homebuyers who are willing to put in a little sweat equity, and make their new homes more energy efficient in the process, here are a few fina...
By Lyra DeLora Content Contributor for www.VivaGreenHomes.com Hosting an open house for a property with solar panels is an excellent opportunity to establish yourself as your community’s expert in green homes, sometimes also known as eco-friendly or energy efficient homes. Here are a few tips to ...

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