sage score: Unlocking Your Home’s Value With Sustainability - 08/18/19 02:36 PM
By Syd Ulrich-Dogonniuck, Sustainability Content Writer for Realty Sage
Whether you are a homeowner looking to sell your house soon or live in it for years to come, sustainability is a proven method to increase the value of your home and have a positive environmental impact!
In a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, over 61% of home-buyers said they were interested in homes that had sustainable features—such as smart features, lighting efficiency, and lowered utility costs—and energy efficiency and “low-maintenance” features are within the top 5 selling points for most first-time home buyers.
While there are hundreds of factors that go into … (2 comments)

sage score: Selling a Smart Home in a Dumb Market - 08/08/19 11:24 AM
By Kari Klaus, Founder of
If you’ve upgraded your home in the past 10 years then you’ve probably added smart technology like NEST thermostats, or why you chose Alexa powered lights and Ring doorbells and likely some energy efficient or water saving features. You may even have a home with solar, geothermal or high-efficiency HVAC systems.
And if your home has any of these things, it’s likely the result of one of two reasons; either you wanted to improve the home’s livability —making it more comfortable, easier to maintain, money saving and maybe to improve its environmental-friendliness. And/or you thought you’d get … (0 comments)

sage score: The Story of the Passive, Solar, Off-Grid Home Listing - 07/28/19 02:00 PM
Real estate agents are busy; the hustle and bustle of transactions, listings and getting the next client can easily lead to forgetting to tell the full story behind the homes we list.
If agents want buyers to fall in love with their listing, then they should consider telling the home’s love story --- the care and attention which went into the home’s creation; its materials, design, and homeowner benefits. In Taos County, New Mexico one of those extra special homes, carefully designed and built by an architect, has a unique story about why it's superior to most other home listings.  
A Home’s Story Told by its … (0 comments)

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