sustainability: What Millennials Expect of the New Real Estate Market - 10/01/19 08:35 AM
By Syd Ulrich-Dogonniuck, Sustainability Content Writer for Realty Sage
Millennials have changed nearly every aspect of life as we know it, so why wouldn’t the Real Estate market feel those changes too? Here’s a look at what Millennials want and how the housing market needs to change to meet those demands.
Online Accessibility:
Millennials are constantly online. It doesn’t matter if they’re on a laptop, on their phones, using Bluetooth headphones, or doing something with the intention of putting it on some social media platform later. No matter how you look at it, online is the only place to be.
While I understand you can’t compress a whole house into … (0 comments)

sustainability: Busting the Millennial Real Estate Myth - 09/09/19 10:18 AM
By Syd Ulrich-Dogonniuck, Sustainability Content Writer for Realty Sage
Millennials. Go ahead, groan, I know you want to. When I hear “Millennial” I even want to groan, and I am a Millennial!!
I feel like the word just has so many layers to it at this point, and those layers run the whole spectrum from good to bad to ugly. That being said, one thing that Millennials have undeniably brought to the table is change. And change can be good, bad and ugly depending on how you look at it. But on the other side of change is a bright future!
Real Estate: The Millennial Wave
So many areas of life … (0 comments)

sustainability: Unlocking Your Home’s Value With Sustainability - 08/18/19 02:36 PM
By Syd Ulrich-Dogonniuck, Sustainability Content Writer for Realty Sage
Whether you are a homeowner looking to sell your house soon or live in it for years to come, sustainability is a proven method to increase the value of your home and have a positive environmental impact!
In a recent survey conducted by the National Association of Realtors, over 61% of home-buyers said they were interested in homes that had sustainable features—such as smart features, lighting efficiency, and lowered utility costs—and energy efficiency and “low-maintenance” features are within the top 5 selling points for most first-time home buyers.
While there are hundreds of factors that go into … (2 comments)

sustainability: The Real Estate Forecast Looks Sunny! - 08/05/19 02:40 PM
By Syd Ulrich-Dogonniuck, Sustainability Content Writer for Realty Sage
If you ever studied Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs in an intro Psychology or Humanities course you may recall that the first level of need is about the basics: food and water. Maslow said that after the basics were accounted for, then a person could move on to the next levels of personal betterment. But…in today’s day and age, as silly as it may sound, I’d honestly add electricity in to that first level of need.
People really do start to do crazy things when their lives aren’t powered up! I know people who will go to the ends of the … (2 comments)

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