sales: Should I increase my advertising budget during a recession? - 03/10/08 06:28 AM
Recession talk....I guess it's not "if" anymore, but how bad is this one going to be?  Recessions are scary words, but in reality many actually thrive.  The current credit crunch is hurting everyone in the mortgage and real estate industries, but like any market in the past, it will rebound eventually.  The damage however will be felt by everyone, and naturally people spend less during recessions.  So how do you get more loans or real estate deals during these times, the reality is you may need to spend more to acquire more deals.
Interesting quote I found while researching business to business … (11 comments)

sales: Are we just order takers or sales people? - 02/28/08 04:02 PM
Recently I've been forced to face a number of realities, and some of them have been eye opening.  Often in any industry complacency can take hold after years of doing the same thing over and over again.  I've witnessed this myself in my own practice.  For months my partner and I have watched our pipeline dwindle and though I know why it's happening, you still find other factors or reasons not to change.  The past seven years have been fantastic, and heck why change?  Perhaps it's human nature, or perhaps it's just poor planning, but often I witness this in other … (3 comments)

sales: Don't let your past performance determine your future.... - 11/02/07 08:34 AM
Why do some people always succeed, while others are continually talking about succeeding?  It's always baffled me how often that in our day to day conversations that we hear the same banal repetitive comments about dieting, making money, or how we're going to do better in relationships.  But water-cooler discussion after discussion tends to be about the same thing.
I've wondered myself at certain times in my life, why my life was like a record that keeps skipping and playing the same line over and over again.  In wasn't until about 1992 that I was introduced to the concept of "What you … (0 comments)

sales: The industry sales seminar....Revival or Value? - 09/24/07 09:17 AM
This post should relate to most of us who are in sales and have attended a sales related seminar.  Earlier today I was involved in a conference call with several of my colleagues.  We all had one thing in common, we all attended a mortgage planning conference in Las Vegas this last June.  The gentlemen who produces and directs this seminar is a great guy.  Has fantastic idea's, and I've become one of his fans.  But if I have one complaint about these "industry seminars", is the constant pressure to "SELL ME", "SELL ME", "SELL ME".
I know...I know...reality baby, you can't … (0 comments)

sales: Golden Rules of Influence - 06/14/07 06:44 AM
I mentioned yesterday that I attended the Strategic Equity Summit 2007 in Las Vegas.  I love to attend these conferences.  After the daily grind of meetings, consultations, and day to day issues, it's just nice to enjoy opening my mind to different idea's and concepts from super producers within my industry.
Mostly for my benefit, I'm going to write several articles relating to the conference.  Some of these maybe beneficial to others, but this is mostly an activity to keep these idea's and concepts fresh in my mind.  I find writing the notes, then following up with some type of written summary … (2 comments)

sales: Confucius was one smart cookie!! - 02/05/07 03:03 AM
Preparing my seminar I remembered a concept that I heard from another seminar that I attended.  Basically they set the stage by drawing two circles.  The first circle represented all the information that we "Know" and what "We don't know".  Then he drew a circle that represented what "we don't know that we don't know".  It almost seemed comical at the time and during those tender years I don't think I completely got what they were trying to say.  But times have changed and I'm planning on starting the seminar with the following quotes.
Confucius said, "You know what you know and … (0 comments)

sales: Ping....Ping....Ping..... - 01/23/07 07:48 AM
No I'm not talking about a golf club!  Actually you can relate this subject to those old submarine movies.  You know the ones where our hero's in the submarine are braving a destroyer search by some enemy.  Every man looks towards the ceiling of the submarine as the destroyer begins to search with it's radar.  You hear a constant the destroyer searches earnestly for the sub.  Then PING..PING..PING shrills the radar, and every man looks at each other in terror!  
But the subject I'm going to speak about is not scary, but it's important if you want to foster long term … (1 comments)

sales: Has this ever happened to you? - 01/17/07 10:00 AM
Has this ever happened to you?  Your at a neighborhood block party.  You arrive late to the party, everyone has already arrived before you.  As you mingle through the crowd you notice many are engaged already in conversations with each other.  You start to feel unnoticed and soon find a quiet corner where you can survey the rest of the party.  Not seeing anyone that you know and feeling uncomfortable soon you leave the party and go home.  Later when speaking to a friend you related that the people in your neighborhood are cold and distant.
I'm sure some of you have … (30 comments)

sales: 212 degree' interesting motivational clip - 01/11/07 01:02 PM
Didn't know this until I watched this short clip from Simple Truths, but it made some excellent points about top performance in life and in sports.  My favorite quote was from Emerson - Perseverence is not one long race: it is a series of short ones.  Anyone who is curious should check out this companies main site for all their movies.
212 Degree's
I'm thinking that some of your clients and referral partners would appreciate these as thank you gifts from time to time.  I know I'm buying a case soon!

sales: Are you building your retail and wholesale network? - 01/11/07 09:15 AM
 "Like most salespeople, I've spent a lifetime trying to build a network of customers and friends... . There are two ways to do it: retail and wholesale. Retail means the one-at-a-time kind of contacts that are built up through participation in community and social activities. Wholesale means the recognition, and acceptance, extended by people who don't know you personally but who have heard about you as a speaker, read your articles, or read about your civic activities in the paper." Swim with the sharks, Harvey Mackay
Inspiring words from Harvey Mackay.  Another fine book I recommend, I think we should have … (0 comments)

sales: How do you trigger Enthusiasm in your clients.. - 01/08/07 03:12 AM
In an earlier blog I referenced a book that I've been reading.  It mentioned that in networking situations that you should not be insincere or disengenous in your approach to a new relationship.  However you do need to bring passion, enthusiasm or life to the relationship!  As sales agents we have a tremendous repsonsiblity to be "ON" or "ENGAGED" every time we're in the office, with a customer or in a meeting where your providing input.  Your clients especially know when your "On" or when your just going through the motions.
So how do you turn "On" when your feeling in the … (0 comments)

sales: They have to like you before they'll do business with you!! - 01/05/07 05:30 PM
This is a marketing piece that I send my clients once a year, and the inspiration of this piece was the master of networking and relationship building himself, Dale Carnegie.  As we get ready to go forth and create new relationships in our industries, let's remember that they first have to like you before they'll trust you!
Karl Christen 2007 
Six Ways to Make People Like You Start by Liking Them!
The book, How to Win Friends & Influence People*, consistently makes the top five whenever there is a survey of most influential or inspiring books, and is often second only to the Bible. Dale Carnegie outlines … (7 comments)

sales: Why you should be a gatekeeper - 12/06/06 05:20 AM
The Law of The Gate Keeper states: The business professional that refers out the most business will create the most reciprocal referral relationships in return. Translation: The business professional who controls the lead or relationship wins the golden prize...the DEAL!!
Regardless of what you do, you should always look for relationships with other professionals because they can help you increase your own business and represent future referrals . The easiest way for you to develop relationships with the people you want to work with is to start off the relationship by referring new business to them. That is the secret of getting … (1 comments)

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