daily bond: The daily Bond Report - 07/22/08 05:47 AM
Lock. Lock. Lock. Did I mention that you should have your clients lock today?  With Oil below $127, gold down more than $17 today and stocks only on a modest gain, it would sound like a great day for the bond market.  Unless of course more bad media came out today on the 2 big Mac's today. Which Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson did today when he told congress that they needed to pass funding for them before it's too late. You know I have been occasionally called a doom and gloom guy (talking to you Steve), but even would I know better … (0 comments)

daily bond: The Daily Bond Report - 07/21/08 06:02 AM
Monday, July 21, 2008
Someone find a pulse on the bond. After last weeks tumble, the bond is laying flat today hoping for some better news. With banks posting better than expected losses (that right a good loss), and Junes Leading Economic Indicators dropping only .1%, investors are having a hard time buying anything today. Ading wet wood to the fire Forty-five percent of economists believe the economy will either not grow or will come in at a small 1% pace in the last six months of this year, according the National Association for Business Economics just released.  With last month's … (0 comments)

daily bond: The Daily Bond Report - 07/16/08 06:19 AM
Wednesday, July 16, 2008
yea, it's been a lock day. Most of the market news making the DOW shooting up was based not on companies reporting record profit, but rather loosing less than expected. I am a big fan of finding the silver lining in mushroom cloud that has been the market lately, and it seems that the rest of the market is taking the same approach today. Big Ben is on the hill again today making sure that everyone knows Freddie and Fannie are not going to fail or be taken over by the government.  Also making the news today … (0 comments)

daily bond: Daily Bond report - 07/11/08 07:30 AM
Friday, July 11, 2008
And so it goes again.  The bond started off on a very good note today up almost 60Bp toucing the 100 & 200 day moving average. All signs pointed to yes today and then...  Treasury Secretary Henry Paulson came out this morning with a short and not too sweet speech about how they were going to do something about Freddie and Fannie's financial crises. The not too sweet part was not explaining the when and how of it.  This initially hurt the Dow bringing it down well over 200 points and putting it below 11,000 for … (0 comments)

daily bond: Pre-daily Bond - 07/11/08 04:05 AM
If you have a pulse odds are you have heard the Freddie fannie news. The bond has just turned negative. Although it may be short lived, if you have an accepted contract, i would have your clients lock to be safe. More to come in the bond report.
Karl Menzer

daily bond: The Daily Bond Report - 07/01/08 06:08 AM
Tuesday, July 01, 2008
For those of you who had the joy of living through the punk rock scene in the 80's you may remember a band called FEAR that had this lovely little ditty called "let's have a war". It seems like today the main market mover is the fear of just that. With Israel more comfortable pushing for war, while Bush is still in office, with Iran over the threat of nuclear weapons, like the ones that Israel has, oil is once again taking center stage. Add to this of a signed military budget that resembled more of WW … (1 comments)

daily bond: The Daily Bond - 06/20/08 08:15 AM
Friday, June 20, 2008
We started the day off well enough and even had the option of a re-price for the better. With Oil down from its high of the day, and all the major Indices also down, it would be safe to say today is a float day.... But it is not. The Bond is still having a hard time recapturing the momentum needed to push rates down.  Currently the bond is up only 3Bp for the day but down 250Bp from when pricing came out.  With companies like Citigroup and Washington mutual talking more write-down's and layoffs, and bond … (0 comments)

daily bond: The Daily Bond Report - 06/19/08 05:17 AM
Thursday, June 19, 2008
It's another mattress day today as the bond, oil, and the Dow are all struggling to be positive.  Making market news today are Mays Leading Economic Indicators, Jobless claims, and the Fed Philly Survey.  The LEI, which measures 10 different aspect of the economy and trying to predict how well (or bad) we will do over the next 6 months, came in up .1% in May. Although it is an improvement, it isn't enough to really boost confidence in the market. Initial Jobless claims beat expectations (bad) coming in at 381,000 for last week. Normally a bond … (0 comments)

daily bond: The Daily Bond Report - 06/18/08 08:37 AM
Wednesday, June 18, 2008
We are having a modest rally on the bond today. Currently we are up 64 Bp for the day, and 40 Bp since pricing came out at 10 am, giving us 2 re-prices for the better.  The main driving force today is more on worries from the earnings reports and the effect they are having on the DOW, causing investors to move to the safety of the bond. Today both Morgan Stanley and Fifth Third Bancorp came out with much lower than expected earnings, with Morgan Stanley reporting that profits fell more than 57% from a year … (0 comments)

daily bond: The Daily Bond Report - 06/13/08 07:24 AM
Friday, June 13, 2008
I true Friday the 13th form, what can go wrong will.  Although numbers came in as expected today, and the bond started off on a positive, it turned negative within the last hour. Bonds had been up as much as 40 Bp they have turned downward and as the normal lately, we are seeing re-pricing for the worse.  In housing news, foreclosures once again made record territory with a 48% increase over the same time last year, and a 7% increase from last month. It looks as like most investors are taking today's profits and running while … (1 comments)

daily bond: The Daily Bond Report - 06/11/08 06:53 AM
Wednesday, June 11, 2008
What a fun day yesterday. Since I was unable to e-mail and post this yesterday, here is a brief synopsis. 3 (count them) reprises for the worse, and a 118 Bp drop on the bond.  We are still in a lock mode for the time being.  That means that if you get a signed contract, please have your client ask their lender to lock the loan as soon as they can. With inflation on the Fed's mind and fear about the financial industry in investors' minds, oil has made a $6+ gain today as the safer investment. … (0 comments)

daily bond: The daily Bond Report - 06/04/08 05:53 AM
Wednesday, June 04, 2008
It's another ants in the pants day for bonds. A lot of jumping around but no real direction.  Making news today are worker productivity, the ADP employment report and the ISM (Institute for supply management) report. Worker productivity rose 2.8% last month, a good sign that with fewer employees on the payroll, employers are able to get more from the ones still there.  The ADP report came out today betting on an increase in jobs of 40,000 despite the fact that we have had job losses in the first 4 months of 08.  The ISM also came … (2 comments)

daily bond: The Daily Bond Report - 06/02/08 06:58 AM
Monday, June 02, 2008
YOU'RE FIRED!!!! And with that investors became worried about the market and have given us a small rally in the bond today.  Today the CEO's of both Wachovia and Washington Mutual were asked to step down as chairmen.  To add to bond, today's economic reports, although better than expected, both cam in lower.  With the ISM Manufacturing index once again below 50 (which means contraction in the economy), investors are looking at the six time in seven months as a sure sign that the worst isn't over.  Another good sign for the bond is that although construction … (0 comments)

daily bond: The Daily Bond Report - 05/30/08 05:24 AM
Friday, May 30, 2008
Consumer confidence fell to a 28 year low according to the University of Michigan. This is the lowest reading since June 1980.  To make everyone happy income rose .2%, but inflation is now expected to surge 5.2% (highest since 1982). Here I thought only bad hairdo's came from the 80's.  With fuel costs nearing $4.00 a gallon, words like stagflation and staycation are starting to show up more in the news. Speaking of oil, the federal government has been investigating... well... the federal government for possible price manipulation in the U.S. oil markets. The bond had been … (0 comments)

daily bond: The daily Bond Report for the Salt Lake and Tooele Markets - 05/28/08 05:00 AM
Wednesday, May 28, 2008
Durable Goods came in down .5% which was slightly less than the .7% drop than anticipated. What has killed the bond today is that if you exclude transportation, it came in up a whopping 2.5%. This may be a signal that businesses feel that it is time to stock up for better business.  Bonds have taken a beating and are bouncing off the trend line. If we drop past this, we can look for rates to go up more. Here is where what is expected ends... Stocks are down, and oil is hovering around $129 (remember it … (0 comments)

daily bond: The Daily Bond Report for the Tooele and Salt Lake City Realestate Markets - 05/23/08 04:55 AM
Friday, May 23, 2008
Existing home sales fell 1% with the largest portion coming from condos. This is a real strong indicator that 1st time homebuyers have been hardest hit by guideline changes or have been spooked by the media. Median home sales also dropped 8%. Although housing inventories are at the highest since 1985, the numbers today were expected.  The DOW is down well over 100 points today on the pre-holiday weekend, which is helping the Bond out. It seems that they are both completely intertwined today, as the DOW recovers, the bond drops, so any rally in stocks can … (0 comments)

daily bond: The Daily Blog for the Tooele and Salt Lake Real Estate Markets - 05/22/08 06:55 AM
The big fear of oil has calmed down for the moment. This morning investors woke up to $135 a Bbl in overnight trading. Oil has since retreated back to the $130. The 2 big market movers today are unemployment home prices. Unemployment beat estimated by a mere 5,000 last month, but it was enough to give investors the needed boost to start buying stocks again. Home prices also dropped a record 3.1% last quarter, the lowest since they started recording the numbers 17 years ago.  Both of these drops have caused havoc to the Bond market, which is down 48 Bp … (0 comments)

daily bond: The Daily Bond Report - 05/21/08 05:49 AM
Wednesday, May 21, 2008
Last week mortgage applications fell 7.8%, with purchases falling to a five year low of -6.9%.  Oil is fast approaching $132 a Bbl today, putting a hard hammer to both the Bond and Stock market. The minutes from the last Federal Open Market Committee are released this afternoon.  As soon as it is dissected and review by investors for comments on the economy and inflation, expect a move in one direction or another. With oil still climbing, inflation is becoming the concern in the trading pits. Currently the bond is down 28 Bp since trading opened and … (0 comments)

daily bond: Daily Blog for The Tooele and Salt Lake Real Estate Markets - 05/16/08 06:10 AM
Friday, May 16, 2008
 Big moves yesterday... for me that was. Moving can be a pain both physically and mentally. Today though, FHA Repealed their declining market rule they put into effect last December that required homebuyers to pay a larger down payment in "declining markets".  Housing starts jumped last month to 1.03 million. Good news for the market, but the big jump came from multi-family housing i.e. rental properties. We actually saw a drop in SFR construction. The University of Michigan's Consumer sentiment came in at a 28 year low with our big friend oil taking most of the blame … (0 comments)

daily bond: The Daily Bond Report For the Tooele and Salt Lake Real Estate Market - 05/13/08 05:02 AM
Tuesday, May 13, 2008
 Citing better customer service and internal cost savings, Wal-Mart reported that their profits rose 6.9% in the first quarter of 2008... better customer service??? Riiight.... More likely that many Americans hit by the latest squeeze have become box shoppers to stretch their dollar more. On a positive note (see Steve it can happen), although many of the mortgage based companies reported major losses yesterday, investors bought stock as a sign that the worst has passed for them and they have turned the corner. Retail sales have posted  a loss today and with investors still worried about a … (0 comments)


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