joomla: Managing Rentals: Low Cost, Simple and Web-Based - 04/29/09 11:15 PM
Dingo and Joomla, two open source products that are extremely low cost, would be an excellent start to help automate a property management operation.  While Dingo and Joomla would be a good start, it’s likely that eventually more ingredients would be needed to make this a fully effective system.  At first glance, you would need the following functions to build a low-cost, easy-entry, online property management system.
Broadcast/Publish News (Joomla)
Broadcasting/publishing of public information, both to renters and to property owers/managers.  A way to attract both renters and potentianlly building owners.  This is the basic function of the Joomla portion of … (0 comments)

joomla: Taskhopper Dingo: Better Than Sticky Notes - 12/29/08 01:21 PM
Today we released our fist version of our new task manager called Taskhopper Dingo. It's a product that runs within Joomla, a content management system, to keep track of three things: Clients (or leads), Projects (or properties) and whatever tasks are necessary to convert leads to clients and clients to sales.
Whenever I talk to agents, or anyone in a similar self-directed business, where many tasks must be juggled without hitting the ground, I am always amazed at how many different ways we go about trying to accomplish the same end. The image below to the left, you might recognize as … (0 comments)

joomla: Generate Leads With a Pinch of Fun - 08/13/08 12:44 AM
Every year about this time we let others know about some software we developed over at It's a pickem pool based on the NFL season. Pretty simple, you join, make a group, invite others, make your picks, then go watch the game.
What's different this year: We are distributing the software, renamed as jPickem so you can run your own football pool on your own domain (website).
Why do this?   Because you will attract new visitors with football.   You'll have something fresh to talk about at social gatherings, something new to Twitter about.  It may even generate a … (4 comments)

joomla: New Security Alert in Joomla - 08/13/08 12:19 AM
People often get all freaked out when they hear about security flaws in content management systems like Joomla. This is the nature of the beast. You shouldn't be worried if your CMS-based website has security holes as much as if the developers are fixing them quickly. In this case, it was fixed on the same day it was reported.
If you are running a Joomla site, I've posted the alert details here.
Likely you're not running a Joomla website, maybe you run Wordpress or something custom, this is still an opportunity for me to remind you that ALL database driven software … (0 comments)

joomla: How Do You Juggle Tasks? Use Taskhopper! - 10/02/07 01:10 AM
When's the best time to optimize your processes?  When the market is down because that's when you have time.   When the market is hot, it's all you can do to keep the balls in the air.   If you're reading this from any of the many areas in Michigan, here's something for you to consider:We have a product called Taskhopper, which is a simple online task manager.  It allows you and others to create lists of things that need to be completed by a certain date.   I've been in real estate offices of every size, they all have this same thing in … (3 comments)

joomla: Tracking Leads and Managing Tasks - 09/16/07 03:05 AM
Sticky notes are great, but there's a point where they just make you look a little crazy.  This image is intended to be funny, but this really is how some try to keep track of what's up next.If you are part of a team where tasks are shared, it makes sense to use an online tool to keep everyone on the same page.   e.g.,  When a lead comes in from your website, that lead should pop directly into a "task manager" so that the on-call person handles it.   Even if your team is made up of just two people, online task … (5 comments)

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