leads: Rapid Response: Do Early Birds Get More Worms? - 12/01/09 12:28 AM
I'm always trying to learn about what works in my own industry. Because I have connections to this industry, I try to combine my research so I have something to write about here.
Response time.  How quickly do you get back to potential customers/clients?  Do you have a published target? e.g,. When someone calls/emails someone will respond in x minutes.
Some think quick follow-up is pestering. I don't agree. My feeling is that there are few things more important.
Quick follow-up is a sincere form of "what you want matters to me"
How all of this came to me...  I'm currently … (5 comments)

leads: Generating Leads: Why Wouldn't This Work? - 03/31/09 04:02 AM
A was brainstorming with a friend recently about lead generation and she was contemplating on which search terms to put more money. She had tried up'ing her daily spend, but all she was getting was more clicks, not more business.
Google and Yahoo are now the Yellow Pages. (I still can't believe they print and deliver those big books) If today Google and the rest dropped you from their database it would not be unreasonable to freak-out until that problem was fixed.
It certainly does make sense to pay for leads, but paying for the wrong clicks will drain the ad … (3 comments)

leads: Generate Leads With a Pinch of Fun - 08/13/08 12:44 AM
Every year about this time we let others know about some software we developed over at League.com. It's a pickem pool based on the NFL season. Pretty simple, you join, make a group, invite others, make your picks, then go watch the game.
What's different this year: We are distributing the software, renamed as jPickem so you can run your own football pool on your own domain (website).
Why do this?   Because you will attract new visitors with football.   You'll have something fresh to talk about at social gatherings, something new to Twitter about.  It may even generate a … (4 comments)

leads: Optimize your ad dollars: Know your web traffic - 11/11/07 01:27 AM
Recently we were asked to help a real estate firm with multiple domain names improve the performance of their traffic.   They were spending plenty on PPC (pay-per-click) ads, and people were clicking because Google continued to max-out their ad budget daily, but lead quantity was flat or even falling.Step 1 is always asking this: "How do you analyze your traffic now?"The three most common answers:1.  Anaylze traffic?  What's that?2.  We look at our web logs 3.  We use a service It's amazing how many companies have large ad budgets but then never implement any kind of tracking program to keep an … (5 comments)

leads: Want feedback from web visitors? Of course! Deef Box Reviewed - 11/01/07 06:33 AM
How many visitors came to your website yesterday, looked around, then left without telling you about it? The answer:  Most of themWhy did they do that?   Most of them likely didn't care enough to tell you why.   You may have been an errant click from some other site or heck, you could have been visited by your competitor just to deplete your Google ad budget for the day.  (No, people don't really do that! :)But there is *some* percentage that left your site because there was no simple way to contact you.Ever been to those sites where they want you to … (2 comments)

leads: Simple and powerful method to generate leads - 10/23/07 04:52 AM
A few days after one my posts I made about using a "directory tree" to generate traffic, someone emailed me and asked for a real example, something we had done.  (A directory tree is just at database that stores things by categories)
I asked them to give me a few weeks to demonstrate a fresh version of this.Here's my fresh version:I found a topic that interested me.   It had to do with family heritage, in particular how someone in my family had died at Iwo Jima.  I contacted the owner of a website that had created some inertia, but had a … (4 comments)

leads: Getting Buff and Grabbing Some High Quality Free Traffic - 10/03/07 03:20 AM
Here's my idea for the day... it came to me yesterday visiting a new gym here in town.   They have a new business and they're going to be eager to market their "under new management" campaign.  I asked the owner what domain name they had and it wasn't yet decided.  That's opportunity.Here's what a clever agent could EASILY do with an opportunity like this:Strike up a relationship with the owner and offer to collaborte on a website that promotes businesses within the radius of influence they desire to reach.  Your pitch:Let's build a business directory that promotes your fitness facility AND … (3 comments)

leads: FSBO Knucklehead ... Making Big Bucks - 09/20/07 09:59 AM
I promised myself I wouldn't write anything here today because, how much do I really have to say??   Then my sister sent me an email asking for my advice.   About ten minutes later I was saying, damn, I gotta post this on AR ...My sister is a business owner (DanceArtFx) that prints custom t-shirts for dance studios.   Their business isn't the about the internet, but like everyone else, they too can't ignore the need to keep current.She signed up for a $60 class offered via their chamber of commerce.When class was over, she wanted my advice.   The course leader said this … (1 comments)

leads: Generating More Leads With A Simple Business Directory - 09/15/07 02:30 AM
What do most coffee shops have in common?   Other than expensive coffee, fancy muffins and free wifi, they often have a wall of business cards stuck to a bulletin board.    Sure, you could put your card up there, but that will most likely generate zero leads.    The image to the left was taken from a local business that shares their customers' cards with others.   Unless you think of this as some sort of business art, it’s pretty much an ineffective mess.  How to turn this into a lead generator?   Go talk to the business owner that has a messy bulletin board … (9 comments)

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