realtors: Agents; Return Calls or Put A Lockbox On Your Listings/s! - 05/09/14 01:11 AM
I'm mad as a wet hen! Yep, that's right, as a wet hen.  Can you imagine how mad a hen gets when she's wet?  That's me.
My complaint, which I've written about before, is about REALTORS/Agents who do NOT answer their phones, or call back other fellow REALTORS/Agent. I don't get it!!!
When you take a listing, you are promising your seller/s that you will do everything you can, legally and ethically, to get their home shown and SOLD.  Well, if it doesn't get shown, the likely-hood of it being SOLD is … (0 comments)

Recently I posted a VENT (read it here) about listing agents DEMANDING a buyer pre-qual with a specific LENDER. I even called CALIFORNIA ASSOCATION OF REALTORS (  C.A.R) and the attorney did say it is LEGAL, IF the Realtor has a SIGNED AGREEMENT with the repo bank, though he (the attorney) could see problems arising from it and did bring up the word RESPA.  "Hummm. Good point, I told him."
So, yesterday, I get a call from a client wanting to see a particular property.  I pull up the listing off the MLS to get the "Showing Instructions." Right after those remarks, I read (and … (24 comments)

realtors: BUYERS/SELLERS: ARE YOU TURNED "OFF or ON" by BOASTING & BRAGGING Realtors/Brokers? ~ Let US Know! - 04/10/09 11:27 AM
I've often wondered what exactly makes a buyer or seller choose a particular person or company when they're searching for someone to represent them in the sell or purchase of a home.  I'm hoping, with this post, to get responses from consumers, as well as Realtors/Brokers. INQUIRY MINDS WANT TO KNOW. (This will NOT be a Member's Only post).
ALL Consumers: How do you feel when you read an ADVERTISEMENT (be it on-line, magazine or newspaper) from a Realtor/Broker who is rattling on and on about HOW WONDERFUL THEY ARE? HOW THEY ARE THE BEST COMPANY AROUND? HOW THEY LIST AND SELL MORE THAN ANY … (52 comments)

realtors: Buyers/Sellers: HOW TO FIND A REALTOR YOU LIKE - 04/07/08 08:04 AM
Let's face it, finding a Realtor is not an easy task. At least finding one you're comfortable with, TRUST and LIKE. Consumers, it's vital to have a REALTOR in your corner who is knowledgeable about the AREA you want to live.You want a Realtor who KNOWS HOW TO NEGOTIATE. For buyers;  to get YOU the best bang for your buck. Sellers; to get you the best price for your property.  Buyers and sellers: You want a Realtor who is HONEST, ETHICAL and one YOU can TRUST--and DO trust. Anyone less, you need to say NEXT.
We (Realtors) still have a stigma to overcome. Many consumers still … (1 comments)

realtors: DOING the OTHER Agent's JOB! - 06/27/07 01:59 AM
I know, you've all probably experienced this type of an event. But I don't think it hurts to bring it up, AGAIN.  Maybe...just maybe, the few Realtors that behave in this way, will finally recgonize themselves and CHANGE their ways.   YEAH, WE'RE TALKIN' ABOUT YOU!
Yesterday I had a call from a Realtor who represents the buyer of a listing of mine--We're in escrow.  "Hey," she says, "My buyer wants to meet her carpet guy at the house at 5PM, so he can measure the place. I'm going to drop her off, let her in, then have her LOCK up after they're done."   (the home … (8 comments)

realtors: 20/20 piece on TO USE OR NOT USE A REALTOR - 06/23/07 01:53 AM
Okay, so who watched 20/20 last night? 20/20 June 22 2007    I did, only because I was playing ABC's new National Bingo Game--trying to win $50,000. During a commercial they alerted ME that 20/20 was next...and it was about how sellers could SALE without a REALTOR.  Great, was my first thought!  Another 60 Minutes type Realtor Bashing. 
But, it wasn't quite as bad. John Stossel did point out the other  side of the coin as well. It was, however, more slanted against US. 
  What say you all?

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