kailua: Aquaponics in Hawaii Part Two - BUGS!!! - 11/06/14 09:28 AM
 Water, water all around you’d think the likely invasion of bugs bothering your plants would be reduced.  But, no – I have an invasion of aphids and ants on my leafy plants.  Here in Maunawili,  Kailua on Oahu, I have had, for the last year or so, an above average amount of ants in and about my yard.  The bug guy (thanks, Troy of Terminix) comes by once a quarter and keeps all buggy pests under control. 
But when I planted my Lilikoi vine, I started having problems with the ants invading the flowers and breaking them off before any fruit was made.  So I started to … (0 comments)

kailua: Fun Things To Do On OAhu - Botanical Parks (Part One) - 10/28/14 10:15 AM
Oahu Hawaii’s Botanical Gardens, part One  (There’s five you know!)
Ho`omaluhia Botanical Garden
45-680 Luluku Rd.
Kaneohe, HI  96744
Right down the street (ok, well really – down the highway from #Kailua to #Kaneohe on the #Windward side of #Oahu) Is one of Oahu’s fantastic and varied botanical gardens, a lovely mixture of local and other tropical area plants and trees.  
We walk from the Visitor Center to the end of the road and then back down around the fishpond and dam for an hour and a half.
You’ll see more if you walk and can check out the … (1 comments)

kailua: Last of the 10 Things Your Hawaii Agent Won't Tell You - 04/10/13 04:49 AM
Our Sunday newspaper has articles and excerpts from the Wall Street Journal.  One of those is an article on the 10 things a “blank” won’t tell you; fill in financial planner, resort, Disney, bank, etc.  So I thought I’d let you in the ten things your Hawaii Realtor® or Real Estate Agent won’t tell you.  Follow us this week as we look at them in depth at http://oahuhawaiirealestateonline.com.
See One and Two Here:
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Part Five:
9.  I can’t tell you that this agent is a poor agent, even … (0 comments)

kailua: More of the Facts You Need to Know About Hawaii Real Estate - 04/08/13 09:51 AM
See Part One here:
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Our Sunday newspaper has articles and excerpts from the Wall Street Journal. One of those is an article on the 10 things a “blank” won’t tell you; fill in financial planner, resort, Disney, bank, etc. So I thought I’d let you in the ten things your Hawaii Realtor® or Real Estate Agent won’t tell you. Follow us this week as we look at them in depth at http://hawaii-happenings.com.
Part Four:
7. Technology is key in getting an accepted offer (one third of the process) and in getting the transaction through to closing with … (0 comments)

kailua: Mayor Carlisle Vetoes Kailua Ban on Commercial Activity - 07/25/12 11:01 AM
The Star Bulletin announced the following:
Mayor vetoes bill for commercial activity ban at Kailua beacheshttp://www.staradvertiser.com/news/breaking/163777456.html?id=163777456
May the screaming begin.  The original fight for Camp Kailua was settled by banning all but one vendor of windsurfing and parasailing which is technically outside the park.  Over the past years more and more kayak and other ocean activity rentals have either rented to tourists from across the street and had the tourist walk the kayak on a roller cart or nearby businesses would rent the kayaks or other equipment for use and then park a truck with trailer and deliver the equipment in … (2 comments)

kailua: Hot Events in Kailua This Weekend - 04/19/12 11:05 AM
Food Trucks Arise!!  After the lawmakers finally adjusted the law the food trucks are back without fear of fines that would put them out of business, the  Eat Out Kailua is back.  It will be held in Enchanted Lake Elementary's parking lot this Saturday from 4 to 8pm.  Foodies can enjoy street eats from Soul Patrol, Chicago Eatz, Cooking Fresh for You, and Shogunai Tacos.  Eat Out Kailua happens on the third Saturday each month.
It's time again for the 'I Love Kailua' town party sponsored by the Lanikai Outdoor Circle, starts at 11am on Sunday and ends around 4pm.  It's … (0 comments)

kailua: New Farmers Markets in Honolulu and Ewa Beach Oahu Hawaii - 01/26/12 10:40 AM

I have previously blogged about the sorry state of the Kapiolani Community College Farmer's Market, primarily due to the busloads of tourists to whom the market now caters.  Tons of prepared food booths, homemade jams, lemonade, etc. but very little left in produce.  And the stuff is vastly overpriced compared to Chinatown in Honolulu.  I mean even the prepared food - you'd do better, much better on one of our many great food trucks.  I mean, really, $1.50 per slice for a single small slice of fried green tomato?
A few of the other markets have kept to the plan of … (0 comments)

kailua: Nosy Neighbors in Kailua Hawaii - 01/25/12 10:59 AM
Nosy Neighbors in Hawaii
I live in Kailua Oahu Hawaii, the most beautiful place on earth. Homes in Hawaii are smaller and closer together than most mainlanders are used to (there's that limited land issue).  So you get used to being "close" to your neighbors.
A few years ago there was an older, retired couple living across the street from my house.  They had lived in their house ten years before we moved into ours as a second owner.  She sat by the window and noticed all the comings and goings.  The way our houses lined up, anything we did in … (0 comments)

kailua: New Restaurant in Kailua "The Grove" to Replace Lucy's - 12/05/11 01:21 PM
We were all disappointed to see Lucy's disappear from our Kailua, Hawaii Dining scene, but today it was announced (thanks Ericka Engle in the Honolulu Star-Advertiser) that a new restaurant "The Grove" will be opening soon at the old Lucy's location at 33 Aulike Street. The menu is to have a "global" mix and be a nice neighborhood restaurant. The DeAngelos and Antonelis plan to open for dinner service 5-10pm possibly mid-December and bar service from 3pm early in the new year and lunch in the spring 2012. We will keep our eyes peeled for a detailed menu and reviews after … (0 comments)

kailua: Better Farmers Markets on Oahu - 10/02/11 11:49 AM
Are there any solutions to finding local markets for Hwaii grown produce?  Everyone I know has about given up with the Farmers Market at Kapiolani Community College, as the tourist filled busses have made both the lines and the offerings unpleasant.  If I want a food court I'll go to Ala Moana!  And the booths are blocked by so many tourists standing in lines or eating overpriced plate lunches or a $1.50 a slice fried tomatoe.  The former fresh, local produce stands are down to perhaps three or four, accessing the bread stand is next to impossible, and the prices compared … (1 comments)

kailua: October Fairs, Crafts, and Celebrations on Oahu Hawaii - 09/26/11 03:11 PM
Some more October Happenings on Oahu - here to visit or live?  Check out the fun holiday happenings on or about Honolulu, Nuuanu, Kailua, Kaneohe, and Waialae Kahala in the month of October!

kailua: Sweating It In Kailua Hawaii And Loving It! - 09/02/11 10:16 AM
Well, I don't like exercise, any exercise. And they say that you should find something you like to do so you won't think it's exercise.  I don't think lollying on a floatie in the ocean or the pool counts.  I can't run, hate to workout at the gym, love yoga but most of the classes are too advanced for me; so what to do?   I have found that my morning worship - walking the one mile circle around Maunawili or the  circle around Lanikai in Kailua- marveling at the wonderful works of God in the sunrise, mountains, ocean, and the … (0 comments)

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