oahu real estate: Same Ohana Different Hale - Oahu Hawaii Real Estate Online! - 04/11/14 04:53 AM

It's not often in our life we are given the opportunity to create positive change.  Our same great team of Realtors and some new associates have joined our new company, Oahu Real Estate Online, LLC- a local brokerage for and by experienced Realtors- and we have our new informational website http://oahuhawaiirealestateonline.com where you can find out about Oahu and Honolulu's neighborhoods, about Hawaii, hints for buyers and sellers and more; as well as our great site for full property searches, mobile app, and text abilities with a 24/7 live help now called ilovehawaiihomes.com - and we do!   Give me a call or zap … (0 comments)

oahu real estate: More of the Facts You Need to Know About Hawaii Real Estate - 04/08/13 09:51 AM
See Part One here:
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Our Sunday newspaper has articles and excerpts from the Wall Street Journal. One of those is an article on the 10 things a “blank” won’t tell you; fill in financial planner, resort, Disney, bank, etc. So I thought I’d let you in the ten things your Hawaii Realtor® or Real Estate Agent won’t tell you. Follow us this week as we look at them in depth at http://hawaii-happenings.com.
Part Four:
7. Technology is key in getting an accepted offer (one third of the process) and in getting the transaction through to closing with … (0 comments)

oahu real estate: Did You Know The Recession Ended In 2009? - 01/25/13 03:15 AM
According to Hawaii economist, Paul Brewbaker, the recession ended in 2009. And even better, the Real Estate upward cycle began October 26, 2012.
We all can feel the effects of low inventory (especially since most of it is not the best housing), no new building, and pressure on prices.  It means that prices are inching up.  In fact, appreciation of a median single family home increased 10% last year and Mr. Brewbaker expects the median price of single family homes on Oahu to rise from $650,000 to $750,000 or higher; at minimum 15% this year.
But here's the caveat; the Feds … (2 comments)

oahu real estate: Kailua Town Is My Favorite Neighborhood - 10/10/12 11:18 AM
Neighborhoods, continued. We were talking about neighborhoods on Oahu.  The town of Kailua is on the Windward side of Oahu and has all the criteria you'd ever want if you live or visit Hawaii - except the prices of homes and the wee wetter weather in winter (but that's what makes it so green).
The natural features of Kailua make it a place of much natural beauty. The most significant features of Kailua are the bay, the mountains, and the wetlands. Kailua Bay is a magnificent place symbolizing the regional quality of the community. Kailua Beach and nearby Lanikai have been … (0 comments)

oahu real estate: We Search for Homes in Hawaii By Neighborhood Not City-Here's Why - 09/28/12 01:08 PM
Hawaii, the State, is a small chain of islands in the middle of the Pacific (more on Hawaii).  Hawaii is also the island of Hawaii and the county of Hawaii, which includes the island of Hawaii (better known as the Big Island).  Maui is an island and a county, but the county of Maui also includes Lanai island - confused yet?  Oahu is an island, but it is in the county of Honolulu, which is also a city and is the capital of Hawaii (the state) and is located on the island of Oahu. Now I bet I've got your head … (1 comments)

oahu real estate: Wherever You Are - Low Inventory Equals Risiing Prices - 05/08/12 07:45 AM
It was in the newspaper today, Trulia's blog yesterday, and noted in the Honolulu Board of Realtors posted statistics on market conditions.  If you are anywhere on the mainland or on the islands - prices are going up.
With today's low interest rates and the shortage of inventory (yes. sellers are waiting as long as they can to come to market hoping for higher prices) the competition is fierce for properly priced homes.  In Kailua, Kaneohe, Hawaii Kai, Kahala and Waialae areas there are few short sales so the prices have remained steady through the latest recovery and are now rising  due to that shortage of … (0 comments)

oahu real estate: What Do You Mean You’re Not Negotiating for Me? - 02/17/12 06:19 AM
What Do You Mean You’re Not Negotiating for Me?
With newly clarified rules, some larger brokerages may find their buyers in dual agency situations more often than not.  What’s dual agency, you ask?  Remember that paper you signed or the discussion we had about agency when we first started working together?  Of course you don’t, as the language Realtors® deal in can be very “legal-eze” and we all tend to “skip” hearing things we don’t want to hear and get on with what we want to do – get a good deal on buying or selling property.
In a nutshell, when … (3 comments)

oahu real estate: Final BIG First Time Homebuyer Mistake - 02/06/12 01:16 PM
#5 Not understanding more than P&I of a mortgage so you buy too much house.
In number four you can kill the deal, but there are several ways while buying a house, you can kill your credit.  Maybe not right away, but soon enough.  Those little mortgage calculaters on all those sites calculate what your monthly payment would be for a loan amount at a certain rate of interest.  Just the P&I - the principal (the amount you borrowed) and the interest you owe (on the amount you borrowed)
So the calculater tells you you can afford a $500,000 loan at … (1 comments)

oahu real estate: The Fourth BIG First-time Homebuyer Mistake - 02/06/12 11:26 AM
#4.  Messing with your credit, killing the deal.
You've gone to all the trouble to get a good mortgage quote and get preapproved, you've found the house and had your offer accepted, and you are in escrow.  Your mortgage officer and Realtor told you not to spend anything on anything until the deal closes.  But you are just so happy and that living room set would be so perfect with the new big screen TV.  You've possibly just cancelled the deal on your house.  Loan officers have to pull your credit again as part of the final loan letter due right … (1 comments)

oahu real estate: Third Big First Time Homebuyer Mistake - 02/02/12 05:11 AM
#3 Not getting a local loan approval. You should shop for your mortgage of course.  But one of your estimates should be a local loan officer's pre-approval.  Yes, it's a pain to get all those docs together, but you are going to need to do it anyway.  And why local?  Hawaii has very unique land laws and condominium laws that even USAA doesn't understand.
Do you know which condominium's apartments are too small to get conventional loans on?  Do you know how that fence on the property affects the title and whether the loan officer can get a VA loan on … (0 comments)

oahu real estate: Number One of Five BIG First Time Buyer Mistakes - 02/01/12 07:38 AM
#1.  Picking the home/area/whatever before you get pre-qualified.  Actually, to be safe you want to get pre-approved. 
Don't you just love watching those real estate shows on TV?  Well, me too, especially the international ones!  The firsttime buyer show doesn't quite match the way we do things in Honolulu and Hawaii in general, but that's real estate; local,local,local.  One of the things that they do correctly, that you may feel is cruel, is to show a house that meets all the desires of the buyer and then let's them know the price - usually way out of their budget. 
Many first … (0 comments)

oahu real estate: Active Military Relocating to Hawaii - 01/30/12 06:16 AM
Are you getting transeferred to Hawaii? If so you are in for a treat!  Honolulu and all the areas on Oahu are surrounded by military bases.  There is one literally at every single side of this island.  The great part about it is that you have access to all of them if you are active military.  There are so many benefits and special things to do on each and every base.
One thing that my BIC's  husband and  she like to do is go to Marine Corps Base Kaneohe and rent pontoon boats.  It's really cheap and you can take the boats out for … (0 comments)

oahu real estate: New Farmers Markets in Honolulu and Ewa Beach Oahu Hawaii - 01/26/12 10:40 AM

I have previously blogged about the sorry state of the Kapiolani Community College Farmer's Market, primarily due to the busloads of tourists to whom the market now caters.  Tons of prepared food booths, homemade jams, lemonade, etc. but very little left in produce.  And the stuff is vastly overpriced compared to Chinatown in Honolulu.  I mean even the prepared food - you'd do better, much better on one of our many great food trucks.  I mean, really, $1.50 per slice for a single small slice of fried green tomato?
A few of the other markets have kept to the plan of … (0 comments)

oahu real estate: The Tax Man Cometh - PREPARE to Conquer - 01/19/12 03:57 PM
You can complain all you like about the 1% but the tax man will soon be knocking at your door.  It's a little too late to get organized for this year but here are some hints for next year.
As you write your check make a copy of the invoice or item your paying along with a copy of the check, put in an accordian file for the month - one accordian file for non-tax items, one for tax deductible items.  Inexpensive copier-scanner-printer-fax machines are available everywhere.
Do the same for electronic invoices and digital payments, set up a file folder … (2 comments)

oahu real estate: Why Does the Broker Get Half of Your Commission - 01/16/12 09:29 AM
Why Does the Broker Get Half of your Commission? Because you're lazy.  And don't want to make the effort to build your own brand and business. And don't want to learn and do the work. I have worked with hundreds of agents as opposites in a transaction, within different brokerage models, and as agents under my broker's license.  We offer an 80/20 split, tested and tried technology, E&O insurance and other services payable only when you use it - actually the best deal in town.  Straying a bit from time to time and allowing inexperienced either with technology or local real … (3 comments)

oahu real estate: VA Loan Limits Change in Honolulu - 12/05/11 12:34 PM
A important notice from our Loan Officer Alan Fentriss regarding dropping VA loan limits in Honolulu county (Oahu), all other islands/counties remain the same as previously:
Important news…. 
The VA loan limit for 100% financing is dropping from $741,250 to $695,750 for Honolulu County effective Jan 1, 2012.
 The VA jumbo will still work the same way …  If the purchase price exceeds $695,750 the buyer only needs to make a down payment of 25% of the amount over the loan limit. For example, on a $1million purchase the down payment would be $76,062. ($1,000,000 less $695,750, times 25%)
 The limit for all other Hawaii … (0 comments)

oahu real estate: October Fairs, Crafts, and Celebrations on Oahu Hawaii - 09/26/11 03:11 PM
Some more October Happenings on Oahu - here to visit or live?  Check out the fun holiday happenings on or about Honolulu, Nuuanu, Kailua, Kaneohe, and Waialae Kahala in the month of October!

oahu real estate: Part 2 Home Buying in Hawaii - 09/01/11 02:05 PM
Finding and Securing the Right Property
Once a buyer knows how much house they can afford, and what kind of mortgage best suits their needs, the buyer is now ready to find the property that not only fits their  practical needs, but emotional needs as well. When searching for a house, it is recommended that the buyer consult a professional real estate agent, specifically a Realtor® or Realtor® Associate that is a member of the local and National Board of Realtors® and subject to their Code of Ethics.  Other designations certified by the Board of Realtors to look for might include “ABR” (Accredited … (0 comments)

oahu real estate: Social Media "Business" Etiquette - IMHO - 08/29/11 09:23 AM
I did my first "unfriend" yesterday. I only did it as a response to a competitor that obviously doesn't get social media "business" etiquette. I have social media pages that are for friends or family (including other real estate company agents who arefriends or family) for purely social interaction. I love keeping up with everyone and seeing the latest pictures of the kids and grandkids (in my case granddogs) and knowing day-to-day what is happening from New York - to Montana - to Sacramento and everywhere in between. I post personal observations about areas in and about Oahu areas such as Kailua, Kaneohe, Pearl City, Ewa … (2 comments)

SEARCH SITES THAT UNDERSTAND HOW TO SEARCH FOR A HOME IN HAWAII Those Mainland Web Sites just don’t get Hawaii or how to find your Home here.  What’s the difference from looking on websites for properties for sale in California or New York and looking for a home in Hawaii?  Number one – we have vastly different islands instead of counties or divisions within the state.  Number two – even though the Island of Oahu has several cities, our big search areas are neighborhoods.
Areas for searches here can vary greatly within neighborhoods…for example there is Kailua, oneneighborhood would be Coconut Grove and one … (0 comments)

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