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Yesterday, I channeled Scott of the Antarctic. Familiar with his last words, "I am stepping outside and I will be back in a moment" ? Living on a hill is not conducive to a leisurely walk to work when a snow storm hits Seattle. Walking the 2 miles to work downhill is challenging, the uphill porti...
Our lovely community builder has gone green, and she is DRIVING US NUTS.  Kerrie purchased a backpack so she can fit in with the bus people in Seattle.  She carries a little umbrella in her backpack, her bus pass, lipstick, keys, her nanno, and her nook. She is one week in! She is transfixed by t...
I happen to be a Marmite devotee. I love Marmite. I give it to my american friends as a cultural peace offering and it is always recieved with a quizzical glance, a polite smile, and then they promptly search for the kitchen sink or a trash can to spit it out as quickley as they can. Marmite is E...
Maile's Kayaks on the Big Island was a hoot.  We took a short road trip from Kona on the Kealakeua Bay Road and we found Maile's Kayaks.  We rented two kayaks and paddled out into Captain Cook Bay.  It was 10 am and beautiful, all of a sudden we were surrounded by three pods of spinner dolphins, ...
Meet my Jack Russell, Lily, also known as Lily the Jack Russell Terrorist!  Lily has more energy than a nuclear power plant. She is perpetual motion personified. The picture of her reclining on the couch is as rare as sighting of a humming bird taking five.  Lily has tenacity, she is smart as a w...
  Hello everyone.  I joined the Active Rain team in July of this year. I am so excited to be part of this extraordinary community. It is heart warming to see how people in Active Rain, care, connect and communicate.  My background is in business to business sales. I have worked in commercial cred...

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