cannon afb: Promote yourself by doing your Job- Stop the Vicious Cycle. - 03/15/09 05:58 AM
As REALTORS(r) we constantly worry about how to get our name out into the public, if we are advertising enough, not enough, spending too much money or not enough.
I know that my business plan is cyclical in nature.
I get a big closing.... advertise a lot.... dont get many calls from print advertising.... get disgusted.... start just getting out there... talking to people....making contacts....answering calls....doing research...showing houses....listing houses....writing offers...making sure it all happens....closing deals...getting paid....advertise a bunch...get disgusted. And round and round it goes.
I am determined in this year not to advertise myself. I will still use print advertising … (3 comments)

cannon afb: Playing with the Big Frogs - 03/07/09 04:19 PM
Clovis, New Mexico is a little pond. I know we are short of water out here on the high plains but as far as ponds go I call Clovis a little one. We have 42,000 people in our town and we have 125 real estate agents. We actually have 19 brokerages in our MLS that serves Clovis and Portales, NM but only 9 of those companies have more than 3 people in them. So anyway, a little pond.After living here for 14 years and being a REALTOR here for 6 years you start to realize that there are a few big … (3 comments)

cannon afb: The 24 Hour House - 02/22/09 04:44 AM
The 24 Hour House
It has been a wild week.
Ive written 7 offers, had an unhappy customer for one of the first times in my 6 year career, been in 2 multiple offer situations (which caused the unhappy customer who didnt want competition) accepted two counters and almost sold a house in 24 hours.
The couple were a referral from an agent in Alaska who saw my active rain profile. They were planning on renting but came to Clovis and were unhappy with the wait for base housing and the lack of decent rentals in the area. … (5 comments)

cannon afb: New Faces in Clovis! - 10/19/08 02:14 PM
Busy month in Clovis. We have had 83 new listings, 83 Price changes, 72 listings sold and 66 residential listings in Clovis are under contract.
In the past week we have had 19 new listings, 20 price changes, and 14 listings sold. Of those sold 6 were bought with VA loans, 3 with conventional loans, 1 with an FHA and 2 with cash. Average sales price was $137,883.
We have had signs of all the new transferees coming into Cannon AFB. License plates in front of me in the Sonic Drive thru (gotta love a good Rt 44  vanilla coke with extra … (0 comments)

cannon afb: Foreclosure Fun - 10/08/08 06:03 PM
Forclosures are fun, or I thought they were when I watched all of the other Realtors in town listed them and I thought to myself. How nice, No anxious seller waiting everyday with baited breath for a buyer for their home. A nice detachment that left you to do your business, how nice. Not So!
Think anxious seller x 5 (asset manager, pre closer, title, attorney, bank)/previous owner of the property = 1 crazy Real Estate Agent.
Its not all bad, besides the Monthly Status reports, and BPO's every few months if it doesnt sell, and I did sell the forclosure … (0 comments)

cannon afb: 10 Reasons to be glad you live in Clovis, NM. - 08/31/08 07:54 AM
In the wake of a slow week in Real estate.... I think everyone took a breath after school got started and we are all in preparation for the next wave of transferees from parts unknown....I thought I would make a list of reasons to be glad you are in Clovis.
1. Clovis has never been evacuated for a hurricane.
2. People in Clovis do not live in fear of hurricanes, earthquakes, nuclear war, tidal waves, animal rights activists, and many other natural or man made disasters. (Dont get offended - my mom is a big animal rights person and I own 3 dogs … (0 comments)

cannon afb: Incredible Week - 08/07/08 02:36 AM
We have had an incredible week here in the Clovis Real Estate market.
People are moving into the area at a fast rate and while many opt for base housing many are choosing to use their housing allowance and buy.
Here are some statistics to compare:
A month ago from June 7th-July 7th 2008
43 homes sold at an average price of $128,101. 27 homes went under contract with an average price of $171,413 (people were buying bigger houses) Last month from July 7, 2008-Aug 7, 2008
53 Homes sold with an average sales price of $150,930 50 homes went under contract with … (0 comments)

cannon afb: Are we overpriced in Clovis? - 08/06/08 10:24 AM
I deal with many people being transferred to Clovis, New Mexico and the comment I hear most is "Wow- Clovis is overpriced. Dont the people in Clovis know that they are more expensive than the houses in Lubbock, Amarillo, or Dallas?"
So Id like to give you a few reasons to avoid the accusation that we have raised our prices  just because we can, or because there is a big Realtor conspiracy going on. - (There Isn't)
It costs more to build in Clovis. -
The New Mexico gross receipts tax that builders must pay in New Mexico is much higher … (1 comments)

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