clovis nm: Finding my Style - 02/21/10 05:50 PM
You open up magazines and look at other people's houses - or maybe at what other people's houses are supposed to look like - but they never look like mine.  I love, love looking at houses. I love meeting new people and meeting new houses, which I guess is why I love my job as a real estate broker.  So after seeing hundreds of homes every year you start to see the styles emerge. 
You have the "hand me down house" which is where most of us start out. We get Moms old kitchen table, Grandma's tv trays and Uncle Billy's … (2 comments)

clovis nm: Eastern New Mexico is slowly turning a deeper shade of green. - 08/07/09 04:54 PM
Green is slowly marching Eastward over our state.  Green building practices have been boasted about for years in Albuquerque, Santa Fe and Las Cruces. But in the East, where dairy cattle outnumber  prairie dog lovers and talk of "Green" practices still brings to mind hippies, Californians, and tree huggers, consumers and builders are finally seeing the value in researching and implementing green building practices.
It isn't just about smearing mud on the walls and saving trees any longer - those may be great ideas but today's Green standards are based on energy conservation. The practical people of Eastern New Mexico realize … (2 comments)

clovis nm: Quicksand - Don't let being overwhelmed paralyze you. - 05/15/09 03:24 AM
I don't know about you, but when work starts piling end up I tend to retreat into my happy place . Ok, it's not so happy. I turn grumpy and tired and start pointing out everyone else's flaws rather than dealing with my own.
Nothing significant gets done. Only the bare minimum of maintenance makes life bearable and prevents EPA action.  Inboxes become fuller, things stagnate and growth and improvement simply does not happen.
The only way to float out of the mess I create is to pick one spot, whether it is on my desk or in my mind and … (10 comments)

clovis nm: Summer on the High Plains - 05/07/09 05:39 PM
The 97 degree day we had today made me think of Summer and I thought I would make a list of the things I enjoy most about Summertimes in Eastern New Mexico.
15 Things I love about Clovis in the Summertime:
•1.       Even if the daytime temp reaches 100 degrees, every evening it will be back in the low 70's just in time to sit on the porch and sip some iced tea.
•2.       Kids can play outside for hours and you don't have to wonder where they are or who they're with.
•3.       Eating shaved ice from a vendor that … (0 comments)

clovis nm: Bouncing in a Clovis Bubble - 04/29/09 08:00 AM
Well, while the rest of the world sits and waits for housing to recover, for the swine to recover, for the banks to recover, Clovis, New Mexico is bouncing along like several other small pockets of life in this big world.
We are in a unique situation because of growth at Cannon AFB and  in several surrounding industries. We actually have help wanted signs around town, people are moving in, buying their first homes, fixing up existing homes, and business is booming. We are down to 275 homes on the market in Clovis - a town of 45,000 people, and we have … (1 comments)

clovis nm: Promote yourself by doing your Job- Stop the Vicious Cycle. - 03/15/09 05:58 AM
As REALTORS(r) we constantly worry about how to get our name out into the public, if we are advertising enough, not enough, spending too much money or not enough.
I know that my business plan is cyclical in nature.
I get a big closing.... advertise a lot.... dont get many calls from print advertising.... get disgusted.... start just getting out there... talking to people....making contacts....answering calls....doing research...showing houses....listing houses....writing offers...making sure it all happens....closing deals...getting paid....advertise a bunch...get disgusted. And round and round it goes.
I am determined in this year not to advertise myself. I will still use print advertising … (3 comments)

clovis nm: Real Estate Trends in Clovis, NM - 01/28/09 05:24 PM
After reading the top 6 fads that are "out" according to consumer surveys at the international home builders show in Las Vegas I thought I would give some insight on what buyers want in their newest Clovis Home.
1. Color - Nothing crazy but white walls are "out" in Clovis. Most builders are going with an eggshell sheen tan for the entire house. Flat finishes were in for a while but homeowners have found them hard to keep clean. Home sellers are painting neutral earthtones and adding splashes of color with curtains and furnishings.
2. Green Building - Eco-friendly building practices win applause from local … (5 comments)

clovis nm: Volunteer in Clovis - 10/22/08 05:37 PM
This is from an article on the Cannon AFB Website. Very great info for those looking for somewhere to help out in CLovis. -
I Would like to Add Matt 25 to this list. It is a great charity that is focused on rebuilding lives. For more info please call 763-4400 or visit www.matt25clovis.comRanchvale Carnival The Ranchvale Elementary School Fall Carnival is 5-8 p.m. on Oct. 24 and volunteers are needed to run the games and booths. Interested individuals should contact Staff Sgt. Ricky Frye by e-mail or call 784-2171 for more information. Code Blue - Citizens on Patrol Volunteers are … (0 comments)

clovis nm: New Faces in Clovis! - 10/19/08 02:14 PM
Busy month in Clovis. We have had 83 new listings, 83 Price changes, 72 listings sold and 66 residential listings in Clovis are under contract.
In the past week we have had 19 new listings, 20 price changes, and 14 listings sold. Of those sold 6 were bought with VA loans, 3 with conventional loans, 1 with an FHA and 2 with cash. Average sales price was $137,883.
We have had signs of all the new transferees coming into Cannon AFB. License plates in front of me in the Sonic Drive thru (gotta love a good Rt 44  vanilla coke with extra … (0 comments)

clovis nm: 10 Reasons to be glad you live in Clovis, NM. - 08/31/08 07:54 AM
In the wake of a slow week in Real estate.... I think everyone took a breath after school got started and we are all in preparation for the next wave of transferees from parts unknown....I thought I would make a list of reasons to be glad you are in Clovis.
1. Clovis has never been evacuated for a hurricane.
2. People in Clovis do not live in fear of hurricanes, earthquakes, nuclear war, tidal waves, animal rights activists, and many other natural or man made disasters. (Dont get offended - my mom is a big animal rights person and I own 3 dogs … (0 comments)

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