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My expertise is two-fold. Practicing real estate in the Houston area for more than 20 years is a demonstration of my survival, if not expertise. I am passionate for the survival of the individual real estate agent and will be discussing how to succeed with the internet enabled clients.



Well - my friends - I am going to end this series of posts with this lesson I learned from IKE. All we need ever do to get people to wait in line for our services is to provide exceptional value. (This photo was taken on 9/15, 2 full days after the storm had passed.  This line was at least an hou...
Uncle Ike - I am suffering - Yeah right! (This was written on September 15th, a few days after the storm on an old notebook computer powered by a noisy generator.) Ordinarily, I would be suffering right now.  I have no internet fact, I do not have electricity other than what is provid...
David knocked on my door about 10 minutes ago (This was Tuesday, September 16th) and asked if he could work cleaning all the small bits and pieces of tree scattered throughout my yard.  It is certainly going to be a minimum of 3 hours of hard, hot work.  He said he would do it for $22.50 - the ba...
The Morning After  This copy was written on Tuesday 9/16, when I was too physically tired to continue the cleanup.  It is the first of a series of "IKE Lessons." We all know that within every tragic experience we can find lessons that can literally change the course of our lives.  I'm not sure th...
As the Greater Houston area begins our journey to recovery from Hurricane Ike, things are happening to speed that healing. I know that Active Rain is more than 100,000 concerned real estate professionals.  And eventhough I was ready to close my computer for the night, I thought I would share this...
When a change as drastic as the last week happens - it shifts our thinking!  It helps us to become aware of what is important and how many lessons slip by us every day. Earlier this week, when I was thinking more clearly, I wrote some blog posts on my semi-retired laptop computer.  I did not have...
We have the power to influence the power of Ike!  For those of you that are familiar with the Houston-Galveston area, you know that the storm threat is an ominous occurence.  It would be easy for us to all sink into fear as we watch the highways fill with evacuees and hear the timeline of what we...
  This was me last year preparing to JUMP OFF A CLIFF! For some of you under the age of 50, this might not have been a big deal.  For me, it was an incredible experience of a lifetime.  I wish I had become more daring in my earlier years.  Although the pilot for this tandem flight was tolerant an...
"Life is brief and very fragile, do that which makes you happy" Flavia Weedn Enjoying spectacular sunrises is part of the lifestyle here.  Quite moments of deep appreciation for nature's bounty and the convenience to the Houston metroplex is a wonderful combination. Located only 32 miles from Bu...

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