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Many people see Hawaii as an expensive place to live. It's true our fuel, food and some other costs are higher than much of the USA. But our property tax is FAR lower than many states. When I moved here from California our expenses went down because we save so much on property tax. A recent surve...
Princeville’s Makai Golf Club course has a total of 27 holes laid out along a pali (steep hillside) that overlooks the Pacific Ocean and beautiful Hanalei Bay. The entire course offers spectacular views of ocean or mountains that are frequently laced with waterfalls. The Club underwent a complet...
As agents we receive and store electronic files containing data that is important to our business and some information that must be kept private. I live on an island that has been hit by hurricanes and know that any storage here could be compromised in the event of a serious disaster. That's true...
Make that "Moving to a different state? Review your will!"  Roy Kelley posted this short blog yesterday about a few of the things that may need attention when you make that move. Buyers coming here to Hawaii or any other state should check their wills too. Thanks for this heads up, Roy! Moving to...
On Kauai we have many buyers who are retired or planning for their retirement. Living here has been their dream and it's a pleasure for me to help them make it a reality. Nina wrote a blog recently citing the main reasons people move during retirement. Although moving closer to family is not one ...
Homes for Sales in Princeville at Hanalei, Kauai HI   Why Do People Live here? The short answer is because it really is paradise! Princeville at Hanalei is a beautiful resort community  located on Kauai's spectacular North Shore. Perfect for people who enjoy an active lifestyle at any age, Princ...
Some consider the Shama's voice to be the most beautiful of all the world's songbirds. It's voice is both rich and melodious and they usually combine a serious of many notes in a short song, with some unusual variations. They'll often mimic other birds or make a 'Tck' call when they are foraging ...

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