vacant home staging: Even In A "Slow" Market, Staging and A Few Changes Get Offer on Day One! (Before & Afters) - 05/18/08 06:48 PM
In the slow sales market that we are experiencing now, it is more important than ever that a home be fresh, updated and in great condition. This home had been remodeled a while back, then turned into a rental. Needless to say, it had a few issues that needed to be addressed. Starting at the curb, we developed an action plan for our very handy home sellers. They were up for the challenges that we gave them and tirelessly worked to take care of the items on the list. One of the biggest challenges was curb appeal - this was a … (16 comments)

vacant home staging: Is the House You Are Selling Considered Average? Staging Takes it Up a Notch. Before & Afters - Vacant Former Rental in Vancouver WA - 12/01/07 02:10 AM
This is a home that we were contacted to stage by an out of town investor. As a rental property, it had never been given much attention and had never been upgraded from the day it was built. As a result, when it was first marketed it failed to make much of an impression with buyers. Their feedback consistantly ranked it as "average" and the backyard earned negative ratings as being uninviting and a maintenance problem. To make matters worse, the home right next door is also on the market and has had numerous upgrades. We assessed the home and made … (31 comments)

vacant home staging: UPDATED! Made a List, Checked it Twice - Result? SOLD in 2 Days! - 11/03/07 03:25 AM
In this tough selling environment, the importance of thoroughly preparing for the market cannot be stressed enough. Sellers need a professional stager on their team to help them evaluate their home's strong points and negatives, then develop an action plan that will give them great results.
This beautiful home was coming on the market. The sellers knew that the home had lots of bells and whistles that would appeal to many buyers, however, they also realized that to sell quickly they needed to do everything possible to make it sizzle. They also knew that selling a vacant home was not a good … (54 comments)

vacant home staging: Thanks to all of you California Stagers! - 09/11/07 10:39 AM
I just came home from my most awesome meeting with a client EVER! For the first time I didn't have to explain anything about the benefits of staging or walk them through the details of what would be involved.
                                                  You ask were they rich? NO!
Are they careless with their spending? NO!         
What would make them just dive in, write a check and say "Let's do it?" Because their last home in Southern California was staged and they saw how quickly it sold and the huge difference staging made in the marketing of their home. Now they are methodically preparing for … (11 comments)

vacant home staging: Single Unattached and Lonely, ISO Family to Love Me - 08/20/07 11:12 AM
Have I told you recently that I love my job? This is a home that we just put the finishing touches on. It has been on the market for months, empty for a long while and was sadly in need of some love and updating. The client felt that the neighborhood alone was enough to sell this house, but came to realize that in this market staging and updating are critical. Need I mention that this is also FSBO? New paint, wallpaper removal, new lighting, new doors and an updated kitchen with slab granite and Viking cooktop started the transformation. Staging … (14 comments)

vacant home staging: By Jove, I Think They Got It! - 06/17/07 03:24 PM
By Jove, I Think They Got It!
Well, here I go bravely into the world of blogging! I just wanted to share some insights I gained from my most recent staging.
Two weeks ago I was contacted by a young couple relocating to another state. Their primary concern was the empty living room and dining room. We made an appointment for a consultation since they thought they would go the DIY route.
As I pulled up to the house, I started to get a sinking feeling as the curb appeal was awful. Half of the front yard was torn up and the rest was … (9 comments)

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