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We have finally seen some  much needed rain. you see new growth and green trees and grass everywhere.  There is a bird building a nest in out Weeping Cherry, and her music is joy to my heart, she sounds so happy! Our lives need new spitural growth to makes us with stand all the preasure from the ...
Greenville SC Real Estate is totally different than other parts of the country.  Our economy is better and the job market is doing good.  There are new job lisitngs and advancment in the job market every day.  Real Estate has continued to move forward, Greenville is a large town that has many sma...
I usually hate even watching the news but my husband was watching it and  I caught ABC telling everyone that the housing market was at a all time low, and that it was like dead winter!!!!  Then they told about rice, wheat, corn and gas up to $5 is really getting bad and food was going to go sky h...
I heard so many great ideas from everyone yesterday about how to save money and what is going on with them with the high fuel cost.  It seems that no one is having it easy right now.  The number one thing everyone  said was they have just about quit eating out.  Here are the top things I heard.  ...
With gas over $3.40 a gallon here we have had to cut back on everything. So this is what we have done to save, and my kids will tell you it can be rough, but we have stuck with it.1.  If we can't pay cash for it , we don't buy it. Good bye credit cards, we paid them off and have 1 ER card, and I ...
Looking for a house on the East Side that is close to everything?  I just listed a neat house on Roper Mtn Ext that is just across from the East Side Locations for St Frances and Greenville Hospitals.  It is close to everything, and only minutes to the Haywood Mall.  This home would be a perfect ...
So I guess the mood for the day is a total feeling of blankness, nothing is there.  I just can't seem to feel anything, or even care on a reasonable conversation.  I am so tired , and  just washed out.  I have fought this business for the last 6 months.  I know God is there and I have prayed for ...
I feel like I am going to scream.  Everyone is yelling for me in 10 different directions. My dad who is 84 decided to drive his car , he is almost blind and can't see much at all.  So he decided to must drive across town to Food Lion .  Bilo 1 mile down the road is not good enough.  So he pulls o...
My daughter brought home a assignment that wanted write how much money would make her find true happiness.  The writer of the article she was to revive said that people in general had money then lost it could never find happiness.  I was trilled when her response to the article was this  I guess ...
I have some property near Furman University.  A young couple called me about the property and ask me to show them more properties.  I had them call  a mortgage consultant to find out what they qualified for and to see just what they could afford.  Turned out they had a massive load of student loa...

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