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We just finished a two hour owners meeting - preparing for our big general meeting this afternoon.  We have put everything out for our agents to help decide what direction we go.  How we pay for things, whether we stay with our franchise or go independant. How many owners do we have? Everyone has...
That's the attitude I'm taking!  I came to this conclusion this morning when I was gassing up my rig at $4.15 a gallon!  If we can sell anything while the American people are being taken to the cleaners this way we are GOOD.  Seriously it makes me appreciate the clients I have that much more.    
We are back from the wedding of our daughter.  It was held on the Oregon coast 350 miles from where we live.  We went there and back on US 20 - a beautiful way to see Oregon. HOWEVER it's back to work and reality.  Which SUCKS!  I am tired up to here of being in a bad market and it IS a BAD  mark...
It's been a tough week - a long time agent of ours left to go to an agency that doesn;t have any franchise fees.  I think she has made a mistake - we'll see.  I am entreprenurial - and I really believe in the title of this blog post.  Once something is done and over you go on to the next big fun ...
I have been in the habit of playing computer solitaire in the morning to start my day (along the same lines as the reasons why bathrooms have reading material).  I decided to use that time better (but not of course by doing pushups or anything like that) and check into activerain and read a few b...

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