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I say sort of because winning took me 10 hours.  10 hours at even $20 per hour doesn't add, I could have bought another one.  But it just feels wrong to throw away something that works fine.  The printer and copier functions worked.  I had just fooled around and had wiped out the scanning functio...
So, after reading several columns of bad real estate financial news yesterday, I turn on the TV news this am and listen to the President and learn about WaMu failing.  I am way not impressed.  The nations big banks and financial companies are run by the best and the brighest - the best educations...
Today Remax Tri-Cities will take itself to lunch.  We'll go down the street to Dolphies Pizza, which is actually a buffet similar to Shakey's.  We have learned the hard way not to EVER say anything heavy when we are having a lunch or breakfast out.  Today is for saying congrats to Joanne, saying ...
I am an avid Inman News reader.  Reading it gives me the confidence to answer the real estate industry questions I get asked constantly.  Part of our job is to keep ourselves informed and 10 minutes a day on Inman News really helps.  One of their columnists is Lou Barnes.  Lou is never happy, his...
 Just entered a wonderful ranch listing in the Mann's Creek area NE of Weiser Idaho.  It has around 1500 acres with a great variety of features.  There's beautful views in every direction, there are year round springs, there's quite a bit of good hay ground, all the corrals and sheds and feeding ...
Joanne Grasmick an agent in our office Remax Tri-Cities just closed  a BIG DEAL!  It was a farm that had NEVER been on the market!  The family that homesteaded it still owned it.!  I did the war dance complete with me doing war whoops like I usually do when something big happens in our office!  I...
I am a Democrat as I've mentioned before.  I watched the Repubs convention last night and while I honor Senator McCain and realize he was speaking to the converted, I was aghast at the militarism in his speech and the whole slant of the evening.  BUT  I am WAY impressed by his mom!!   Wouldn't we...

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