georgia: Buying your first Georgia Home - 11/17/13 09:33 AM

Buying your first Georgia Home?  This can be a very exciting time and also a stressful one.  So in an effort to reduce the stress level, here are  a number of factor that you need to consider:
Get yourself organized! Discuss your qualifications with a licensed Loan Officer Complete the requirements for a pre-approval Interview real estate agents to make the right selection Know your budget - before you write the offer! Make sure you have enough saved enough money for closing! If you are not asking the seller to pay closing costs, be sure you have enough money … (0 comments)

georgia: High Credit Score Doesn't Guarantee Mortgage Approval - 11/05/12 10:40 AM
A high credit score doesn't guarantee mortgage approval, but having a good score will at least get you past the first hurdle.  Lately, that is how I have been viewing the mortgage process, a series of hurdles on the way to finish line (closing table).  
Depending on the financing program, a high credit score may be more closely scrutinized if there aren't many trade lines.  A trade line is the number of open and active accounts that are shown on the credit report.  It may be necessary to supplement the credit report by showing other types of accounts being … (10 comments)

georgia: Constitution Day Festival of Georgia - Sept 16, 2012 - 09/01/12 09:44 AM
The 3rd Annual Constitution Day Festival of Georgia is set to celebrate the 225th Anniversary of the U.S. Constitution on Sunday, September 16. The event features live music, a Walk Thru The Constitution Challenge, kids area, community performances, food and much more. Local schools and community centers are working in conjunction with the festival to teach the Constitution to students during Constitution Week.Read more: History of Festival
The public and media are invited to attend this free event.What: 3rd Annual Constitution Day Festival of Georgia – Celebrate America’s 225th Anniversary!Where: Glover Park, Marietta Square, Cobb County GAWhen: Sunday, … (2 comments)

georgia: Buying a Georgia Home in 2012? Let’s Talk About the Do’s and Don’ts - 01/09/12 12:47 AM
Without question, the mortgage industry has changed over the last few years.  Not necessarily for the worse, but it has become more stressful for home buyers, especially first time home buyers that have not been through the process. 
Regardless of the financing program, here is my list of do’s and don’ts to help eliminate hurdles as you go through the process.
1.       DO NOT apply for any new credit
2.       DO NOT change jobs
3.       DO NOT make cash deposits into your checking account
4.       DO NOT transfer funds from one account to another
5.       DO NOT make any large … (11 comments)

georgia: Buying a Georgia Home in 2012? Ratios - 01/06/12 11:26 AM

This is your year.  This is the year you are going to buy that home.  Here is additional information that will help you prepare for your purchase.
There are two terms that you will hear frequently during the process.  The first is the housing ratio.  Your housing expense should account for approximately 30% of your gross monthly income. Now, let’s  put that into a specific example.  If your monthly income is $3000 a month, your housing payment should not exceed more than $1000.
In the mortgage qualifying process, the housing payment will include the principal and interest payments, 1/12 … (0 comments)

georgia: Buying a Georgia Home in 2012? Let's Talk Employment and Income - 01/04/12 11:48 AM
You're buying your first Georgia home, congratulations you are on your way to achieving the American dream. Now there are two ways to purchase the property one is to pay cash, two is to apply for a mortgage.
If you are going to finance your purchase, the lender is going to verify that you have the income necessary to repay the debt. 
So, let's talk about your employment history for a salaried or hourly paid employees, ideally we are looking for at least two years with the same employer. In each case we will calculate your gross monthly income. This … (6 comments)

georgia: Buying a Georgia home in 2012? - 12/27/11 01:56 PM
Buying a home in 2012? If it is your goal to purchase a new home in 2012, now is the time to start your preparations. Some things to consider would be your current living situation, your current tax situation and your ability to meet all qualifying factors for a new mortgage.

Now let's break these down step-by-step and see if you're going to qualify. The first thing you should look at is your family budget. When making a home purchase in the new year, you will want to make sure that you stay on budget and do not make any … (0 comments)