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How to stage a child's room when you don't have a child may sound like it would take an extreme effort. However, it is not as monumental a task as you  might think. Presenting your home to your target market just makes good sense. Putting a little thought and effort into it may make the differenc...
I must sell this house But it is a complete mess Home stager please help
Oh, the dreaded closet...it might be a place you don't want to go. However if you are selling your home, you would be wise to stage your closets as well as the rest of the home. Closets are where we tend to hide things, and all too often it is where we loose things! staging a closet might seem li...
We all know a well staged home should be clean and clutter free. Here are three specific quick and easy tips that will likely apply to most any home going on the market. Put up a new mailbox. "Why is the mailbox so important?", you might ask. The mailbox is often one of the first things a potenti...
Is there a place for taxidermy in home staging? Yes, I know many many people are hunters and proud of it. Their trophies are on their walls as a sign of pride and accomplishment. They see it as a thing of beauty. In this case however, beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. When you are stagi...
Do you find yourself eager to move, yet you just can seem to get your act together? Are you ready to get on with your life yet you cannot seem to start packing? Maybe you don't know when to start packing. Well, let me tell you this. The time to start packing is before you put your home on the mar...
I just recently had an experience with the mother of all carpet stains......what a monster, that thing just kept growing and growing! It all started out so innocently......just a nervous dog......getting used to a new environment at his new home. This was at my daughter's first home and as you ca...
I like to "shop" online sometimes to get an idea of what is going on in my market. I came across what could have been a very nice listing (it certainly had the price tag).  This listing had photos that were confusing and not very helpful for a prospective buyer. Home staging and new photographs c...
I recently did a consultation with a couple that plans to put their house on the market. They purchased an older home and had remodeled the entire inside. They did a beautiful job with the interior, however the colors were very monochromatic. The wood floors were dark brown, the walls were a nice...
No, not my words....this was the delima  of a thirteen year old whose family's home I recently staged. I believe a thirteen year old should have a turquoise wall if that is truly what she wants and it is at all possible. This young lady got her wish and she loved it. I will share with you that as...

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