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Every town has a history.  A recet article in our town's newsletter, The PalmCoaster, and the book Images of America: Palm Coast by Arthur Dycke do a wonderful job detailing the rapid growth and the richness that is Palm Coast over the short time of just about 38 years.  Palm Coast began as a vis...
                                                                         "Staging" is obviously very important.  In terms of a vacant homesite I have learned that it is very important to market the surrounding community's features and benefits as well.  So I thought I did a good job with that.  I...
Real Estate has changed a bit with blogging and the exposure of information.  I think we can all agree on that.  We find ourselves in the dilemna of what to report on and how to present the information without really being "reporters" by trade.  We know consumers are demanding more and more info...
I just wanted to take a moment to say how pleased and how great a service I think Point2Agent provides.  When I got into thise business a few years ago, a friend told me the importance of a website and gave some insight into what content needs to be present and why.  It seemed like alot and I was...
I read an aritcle yesterday about how an agent felt uncomfortable about her appearance out at a local store.  With the rise of networking sites such as this and MySapce, we tend to forget about our appearance online.  It's an area that many young people tend to not understand, and deal with later...
One of the easiest ways to get feedback from a customer is through what they say and throught their actions.  Voices rasied tell us they agitated or angry.  Smiles show us they are glad.  So forth and so on.  But how do customers speak to us when we can't see them?  Consumer behavior can actually...
When I entered into Real Estate as a career and asked others why they chose this business I often heard, "To make money."  I have to tell you, money was an attraction of mine to, but not the sole purpose.  So I spoke with an ex-manager of mine about this and he made some great points which have d...
Lately, all we seem to hear in regards to houses is the price.  So is your house simply an investment?  Yes and no.  Your house is what you see it as.  For most homeowners (including myself), it is my home.  Where I am living and enjoying life with my family.  So what about the investment piece? ...
This year's Parade of Homes (April 21st through May 6th) will feature Palm Coast Plantation and Eagle Lakes.  The Showcase home, The Villa Della Dolce Vita by Olsen Custom Homes, is also featured in Palm Coast Plantation.  If you have never experienced a Parade of Homes, I highly suggest planning...
Although Palm Coast and Matanzas Woods remains significantly low for crime statistics, it is always a good idea to keep safety and security in mind.  A few months ago we began talking to neighbors about our Neighborhood Watch Program, and would like to continue to develop and grow both the organi...


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