flagler beach: Flagler County December Sales Slide, But Year Finishes Up - 01/27/19 07:40 AM
I started tracking the area’s real estate performance monthly since 2009, and this is the first time in the past nine years that December had a lower number of sales compared to November. December came in about 17% below December 2017. Interestingly enough this year had the highest performing November with 196 residential home sales which was about 28% above November 2017. November is typically one of the lowest months of each year for sales. Essentially the activity shifted which has occurred before based upon various economic or legislation factors.
All in all 2018 was another up year for the area. The … (1 comments)

flagler beach: 2017 Was A Positive Year For Flagler County Real Estate - 01/20/18 10:05 AM
2017 started off on the lighter side for local housing sales, but jumped back to life in March.  Other than four months every month say decent positive gain over the same period last year.  Median home price continues to rise rise as well.  Let’s take a look at some key areas.
Number of SalesWith inventory levels remaining low and median sales prices continuing on an upward trend, demand remained strong for the year.  The area closed out with 2,328 residential house sales which was about a 4% increase over 2016.  Inventory continues to remain low and currently is slightly under 900 residential … (0 comments)

flagler beach: Palm Coast & Flagler Home Sales Strong In March & April, But Dip In May - 06/07/17 04:15 AM
Home sales in Flagler County saw decent gains in regards to the number of sales over 2016 in both March & April coming in at about +16% & +14% respectively.  This was good news especially since home sales during those months were down in 2016 vs 2015.  May of this year however is a slightly different story.  The area had roughly a 10% drop in the number of sales vs last year according to preliminary numbers.  Median price remained strong coming in around $212,750 for May and was roughly 3% above the year before for the same period.
What’s the outlook for … (2 comments)

flagler beach: Market Watch: Palm Coast/Flagler County Market Soaring In 2015 - 07/12/15 10:13 AM
There should be no doubt at this point that the Palm Coast & Flagler County is not only recovering, but is more in the recovered phase.  Although this year started off a little light compared to the first two month of 2014, the area is up 10% with 1,144 residential house sales through June compared to the same period for 2014.  June was another strong month with 221 residential house closings which was up 18% compared to June 2014.  Median sales price in June was also up slightly compared to June of last year.  Buyers who are serious about finding a home … (1 comments)

flagler beach: Flagler County & Palm Coast Market Update Through May 2014 - 06/16/14 10:39 PM
After a somewhat weaker March this year, residential home sales picked up in April and May coming in almost “flat” compared to last year’s sales.  Visit my “Market reports” section for more stats.  Let’s take a look at some highlights:
Sales There were about 199 residential houses sold in May 2014 which is about 2% higher compared to the 196 for May 2013.
The total number of sales still remain down about 4% with 843 residential houses sold January through May in 2014 compared to the same period in 2013.

Values Most news has been speaking to values recovering and that is very true.  Sellers … (1 comments)

flagler beach: Flagler County March Home Sales Dip Compared to 2013 - 04/06/14 08:52 AM
After a strong start for existing home sales in January and February, activity in March did not continue on the same trend in comparison to 2013 with the number of sales dropping about 22% and coming in at  157 compared to 199 in 2013.  But sales were slightly above February which had 152 residential house closings.  This brings the number of residential house sales through March down about 7% compared to the same period last year.  On a more positive note new home builds are up about 29% for the area in the 1st quarter.  With existing home sales and new builds … (0 comments)

flagler beach: Short Sold Your Home: When Can You Buy Again? - 02/14/13 06:52 AM
Owners who have short sold their home know that it can be a daunting ordeal, and there are some negative ramifications on credit .  The question for most at the end of it all is, “When can I buy a house again?” especially with so many great deals available today.  Blair Lamphier, owner of Community Mortgage Solutions, gives the following as a guide:
Short sale- 4 years from the date of the sale, and removing the owner from the deed. 10 % down
Short sale- 2 years from the date of the sale, and removing the owner from the deed, 20 % down
Foreclosure- … (3 comments)

flagler beach: Moving On Up: Flagler County/Palm Coast Market Update - 11/19/12 07:28 AM
In Flagler County and Palm Coast we have seen a lot of positives this year in regards to local real estate with residential houses.  Just some highlights are:
A 25% increase in the total number of houses sold from January 1st through October 31st of this year compared to 2011.  1,704 homes sold in 2012 during that period compared to 1,362 in 2011. A significant decrease in the number of houses for sale which is at 846 as of 11/19/2012.  In the last few years this number was typically around or over 2,000. A significant drop in the number of short … (0 comments)

flagler beach: Why Interest Rate Can Be The Better Benefit Than a Tax Credit - 09/17/10 06:03 AM
The national average interest rate on a 30-year fixed mortgage is an astonshing 4.29%.  Many buyers were obviously motivated by the tax credits last year and unfortunately the record-low interest rates get overshadowed.  Are these rates a better benefit to make the decision to buy now if you are considering purchasing a home?  Well let's do the math and you'll see that the truth is that these rates are the better benefit.
Let's take a $100,000 loan at 30 years fixed today at 4.50%.
Payment would be $506.69 (principal and interest) Total interest over the life of the loan would be … (3 comments)

flagler beach: Flagler County Sees Soft July But Still Up For The Year - 08/27/10 03:46 AM
Like the rest of the country, Flagler County and Palm Coast saw a dip in the number of home sale closing in July to the tune of about 28%.  103 homes closed in July of this year compared to 142 in July of 2009.  Year to date, the area still remains 7% above last year through August 25th in terms of the number of home sales.  August through 8/25/10 has seen 82 closings and is slightly below the same period in August last year when 94 homes closed.  
The dip in the number of closings in July this year was … (0 comments)

flagler beach: How Much Is Poor Presentation Costing You? - 04/15/10 03:41 AM
One of the difficult things to do in terms of listing homes for sale is putting a dollar value on upgrades and/or worn elements in a house that may need replacing.  Sellers obviously want to know the bottom line with all things optimal and their home would sell at the suggested list price.  We all want to get the most we can out of our homes and needing to improve the presentation can often be something that sellers do not want to do (i.e. replacing worn/stained carpeting, painting walls, etc.).  But these minors fixes to the overall presentation can actually cost … (1 comments)

flagler beach: Last Month For the Home Buyer Tax Credit - 04/04/10 02:49 AM
For buyers searching for their next home, we are in the final stretch to take advantage of the Home Buyer Tax Credit.  To qualify for this credit, the contract must be signed by April 30th and close by June 30th or this year.  It’s important to understand that an offer made by April 30th does not qualify.  The offer must be accepted and signed off on (creating an binding sales contract) by April 30th.
What is the Tax Credit?  There are two types:
1.  First Time Home Buyers – This credit applies to buyers of a principal residence and have not … (0 comments)

flagler beach: Understanding Market Performance - 03/13/10 02:58 AM
The other morning I looked at the front page of an area newspaper, The Daytona Beach News Journal, and saw the top headline “Home-Sales Pace Cools Off”.  Just below the headline and to the left were the number of sales of homes in Volusia and Flagler Counties  for December 2009 & January 2010 with January being lower.  So I’m thinking . . . so?  January is always a lower month in terms of the number of sales with December often peaking up just before the end of the tax year.  Even more interesting is that the article goes on to state how January … (0 comments)

flagler beach: Flagler County/Palm Coast Market Update 10-14-09 - 10/14/09 09:25 AM
I had said at the beginning of the year, that it would be interesting.  And it has been just that.  Moreso, it's been a year for some real positives in the area. 
Palm Coast closed September 7% above the Residential Home Sales compared to the same time last year (961 vs. 894). The number of listings remains dramatically lower than previous years. Short Sales have been consistent at about 35% of all Residential Home listings in the area.  The number of Residential Home Foreclosures remains very low at about 21 for sale with 167 sold for the year at only 57 Days-On-The-Market … (0 comments)

flagler beach: Tweetdeck - 05/17/09 07:09 AM
Again, been playing around with Twitter since it's "all the craze", and I gotta say I am having some fun with it.  Even got up to almost 300 followers in less than a week.  I don't use Twitter and am not real happy with the interface online.  A friend told me about Tweeterdeck.  This is a great standalone application that provides 3 columns of views for updates, replies, and direct messages.  It's still in beat format and the latest version is sais to correct some issues with ealrier versions.  All-in-all it's a great little application if you are a Twitter user.  By the way, just wondering if … (5 comments)

flagler beach: Custom Twitter Background - 05/14/09 11:28 AM

I am newer to Twitter I will admit.  Just playing around with it and found that I really don't like the background options, and I really didn't like the online background creators either.  Since the background is simply an image, I realized you can simply use Photoshop to create my own custom background.  Here's how:
Set an image size of 1200x768 pixels.  This can be a picture or colored background. On the left hand side put your branding and keep it within 70 pixels from the left.  Save it as a JPG file under 800kb and upload to your twitter … (3 comments)

flagler beach: Does 'Lis Pendens' Mean Foreclosure? - 03/04/09 01:24 AM
The legal term 'Lis Pendens' is latin of "a suit pending" (click here to see the legal definition).  In terms of Real Estate, when there is a legal action being taken against a property a notice is filed with the county clerk called a "lis pendens".  Is this strictly for foreclosure or unpaid mortgages?  The answer is no.  This can also result in terms of hiring a contractor and not paying them.  In those cases the contractor can file a "lis pendens" with the county clerk for the amount of what is owed them. 
So why do I bring this up?  Some foreclosure classifieds websites have … (0 comments)

flagler beach: Florida Housing Market Trend & Prices Going Forward - 02/19/09 09:46 AM
 One of the biggest concerns on past and present buyers minds in Florida (as well as other parts of the country) is prices.  Where are they headed?  Should I wait?  Should I buy now?  Will they shoot back up again?  So forth and so on.  First of all, "timing" a Real Estate market is NOT possible.  If you wait for the "bottom" or "top", you'll miss it every time.  One reason is that "bottoms" and "tops" of markets can never be realized until a consistent trun has happened for a period of time.  In addition, there are many many various factors … (1 comments)

flagler beach: Successful Home Selling in 2009 & Beyond: Advertising Presentation & Understanding the Buyer - 01/28/09 04:47 AM
So what have we learned over the last few years in terms of advertising properties for sale?  Well, we know that we must advertise on the Internet.  We even know what websites to be on.  But it takes a lot more than just Being anywhere.  It takes great presentation that is both strategic and has all the components prospective buyers are looking for when shopping. 
Consumers have been telling us a lot about HOW, WHY, and WHAT they are looking for when they use the Internet to shop.  In some industries people are pretty comfortable making a selection on-line, adding the item to the … (0 comments)

flagler beach: Local Business Spotlight: Bob's Vids "Where Your Memories Last Forever" - 01/27/09 05:34 AM
Like most people, you may have a lot memories on formats which make them difficult to look back on such as home movies on reels, slides, etc.  Or maybe you want to insure you have those current memorable moments such as weddings filmed and stored on DVD.  Bob offers a variety of great services to truly make your memories last forever.  Some of the services include (from his website):
Photogrpahy & Video:Video Conversion- From VHS, to DVC, just about any type of film.                                                              Photo Shoot-       Have a photo shoot a your specified location (We COME TO YOU)                               Family photos or … (0 comments)

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