flagler county: Flagler County December Sales Slide, But Year Finishes Up - 01/27/19 07:40 AM
I started tracking the area’s real estate performance monthly since 2009, and this is the first time in the past nine years that December had a lower number of sales compared to November. December came in about 17% below December 2017. Interestingly enough this year had the highest performing November with 196 residential home sales which was about 28% above November 2017. November is typically one of the lowest months of each year for sales. Essentially the activity shifted which has occurred before based upon various economic or legislation factors.
All in all 2018 was another up year for the area. The … (1 comments)

flagler county: 2017 Was A Positive Year For Flagler County Real Estate - 01/20/18 10:05 AM
2017 started off on the lighter side for local housing sales, but jumped back to life in March.  Other than four months every month say decent positive gain over the same period last year.  Median home price continues to rise rise as well.  Let’s take a look at some key areas.
Number of SalesWith inventory levels remaining low and median sales prices continuing on an upward trend, demand remained strong for the year.  The area closed out with 2,328 residential house sales which was about a 4% increase over 2016.  Inventory continues to remain low and currently is slightly under 900 residential … (0 comments)

flagler county: Palm Coast & Flagler Home Sales Strong In March & April, But Dip In May - 06/07/17 04:15 AM
Home sales in Flagler County saw decent gains in regards to the number of sales over 2016 in both March & April coming in at about +16% & +14% respectively.  This was good news especially since home sales during those months were down in 2016 vs 2015.  May of this year however is a slightly different story.  The area had roughly a 10% drop in the number of sales vs last year according to preliminary numbers.  Median price remained strong coming in around $212,750 for May and was roughly 3% above the year before for the same period.
What’s the outlook for … (2 comments)

flagler county: Flagler County Market: Sales Down, Median Price Up - 09/04/16 10:55 AM
I know, it’s always kind of unnerving to hear “sales are down”.  The truth is that it is not anything very alarming when taking the other factors into account.  The truth is that the housing market in Flagler County remains very healthy and on the right track.  Let ‘s look at the key areas.
Number of Home Sales
For the most part, the number of sales in 2016 compared to 2015 have lagged slightly behind except for May when sales surged and came in about 15% above May 2015.  So far, about 1,313 homes have sold through July of this year which is … (0 comments)

flagler county: Matanzas Woods Market Update - 07/12/15 10:45 AM
As a homeowner for 11 years now inMatanzas Woods, I get asked what is going on in the market quite often.  Since the closure of the Matanzas Golf Course around 2008, we have all seen an impact on values coupled with the drop in the market since that time.  There is a lot of speculation surrounding the neighborhood real estate market and the real effects of the closed golf course property on values.  The area has been getting more attention since late 2013 when Jim Cullis of Grand Haven Realty was contemplating the purchase of  the property with intentions to work … (2 comments)

flagler county: Market Watch: Palm Coast/Flagler County Market Soaring In 2015 - 07/12/15 10:13 AM
There should be no doubt at this point that the Palm Coast & Flagler County is not only recovering, but is more in the recovered phase.  Although this year started off a little light compared to the first two month of 2014, the area is up 10% with 1,144 residential house sales through June compared to the same period for 2014.  June was another strong month with 221 residential house closings which was up 18% compared to June 2014.  Median sales price in June was also up slightly compared to June of last year.  Buyers who are serious about finding a home … (1 comments)

flagler county: Flagler County/Palm Coast Market Takes Off In March - 04/19/15 07:59 AM
2015 started off slightly down with January and February both 4% under the number of sales compared to 2014, but the area rallied last month and took off.  March had 202 residential houses close which was around a 27% gain compared to March 2014, and bringing the total number of sales at around +9% compared to the same period last year.  It’s always difficult to put a finger on just one contributor to these types of fluctuations, but I personally think the travel barriers caused by weather in many other part of the country this winter was a significant contributor.
Interestingly enough … (0 comments)

flagler county: Flagler County & Palm Coast Market Update Through May 2014 - 06/16/14 10:39 PM
After a somewhat weaker March this year, residential home sales picked up in April and May coming in almost “flat” compared to last year’s sales.  Visit my “Market reports” section for more stats.  Let’s take a look at some highlights:
Sales There were about 199 residential houses sold in May 2014 which is about 2% higher compared to the 196 for May 2013.
The total number of sales still remain down about 4% with 843 residential houses sold January through May in 2014 compared to the same period in 2013.

Values Most news has been speaking to values recovering and that is very true.  Sellers … (1 comments)

flagler county: Mid-April Flagler County Market Update - 04/12/14 11:01 PM
As I said last week, March residential house sales in Flagler County saw a dip in performance compared to March of 2013, when the number of sales this year came in at -22%.  April thus far this year has had 62 closings for residential houses in Flagler County bringing the total to 498 year-to-date.
April 2014 Residential House Sales (as of April 13, 2014)
Number:   62 Lowest:  $46,700 Highest: $900,000 Average: $193,367 Median: $144,600 The top 3 house closings for this month as April 13, 2014 are:
3349 Oceanshore Blvd at $900,000 19 Waterview Drive S. at $619,000 262 Yacht Harbor Dr at $530,000 The … (2 comments)

flagler county: Palm Coast & Flagler County Market 2013 Year in Review - 12/28/13 06:57 AM
As we wind down 2013, Flagler County & Palm Coast once again saw another positive year.  With just a few days left in 2013, the area is already finishing the year at least 2% above 2012 in terms of the number of residential house sales with 2,066.  Some other highlights for the year are:
November came in very strong this year with 176 residential house sale closed which was 22% above November last year July was the highest month in terms of the number of sales with 223 and was 17% above July 2012 57% of transactions were cash in the … (1 comments)

flagler county: Kathleen’s Tip of the Week: Understanding Property Value - 11/23/13 12:52 AM
If you’ve ever attended a public meeting regarding something occurring in your town or neighborhood, you’ve probably heard at least one person make the claim of how the change or situation will effect their “property value”.  Property value is also one of the most misunderstood items of homeowners.  It’s rightfully so one of the most important things about owning a home, but it’s also very misunderstood.
What most people are referring to when it comes to “my property value” is how much they could sell it for at any given point in time.  What that number is actually entirely unknown because … (0 comments)

flagler county: Matanzas Woods: Golf Course Talk, & Multi-use Path Coming - 11/22/13 10:36 AM
Matanzas Woods, originally a golf community, located on the north end of Palm Coast has seen it’s own share of unique challenges over the last few years.  The community is home to the Matanzas Golf Course that closed a few years ago after a failed venture to remodel the course.  Recently the course was purchased as a part of a package which included the Cypress and Pine Courses, but the Matanzas Course has not been slated to re-open at this time with the group who made the purchase.
Examples of possibilities brought by Jim Cullis
Recently buzz started to surface about … (3 comments)

flagler county: Palm Coast & Flagler County Market Update: Life After Short Sales - 10/19/13 11:49 PM
Over the past 2 years we have seen a very dramatic, and very positive, change in local market conditions.  The average number of days on the market is down below 100 days in Palm Coast and slightly over 100 in all of Flagler County year-to-date.  We continue to see the number of residential home sales exceeding the previous year's number, and are currently 3% above 2012 through September.  And the number of homes for sale is way down with 839 in Flagler County and 599 in Palm Coast.  And cash sales continue to dominate the market at about 54% of all residential home sales in … (0 comments)

flagler county: Short Sold Your Home: When Can You Buy Again? - 02/14/13 06:52 AM
Owners who have short sold their home know that it can be a daunting ordeal, and there are some negative ramifications on credit .  The question for most at the end of it all is, “When can I buy a house again?” especially with so many great deals available today.  Blair Lamphier, owner of Community Mortgage Solutions, gives the following as a guide:
Short sale- 4 years from the date of the sale, and removing the owner from the deed. 10 % down
Short sale- 2 years from the date of the sale, and removing the owner from the deed, 20 % down
Foreclosure- … (3 comments)

flagler county: Moving On Up: Flagler County/Palm Coast Market Update - 11/19/12 07:28 AM
In Flagler County and Palm Coast we have seen a lot of positives this year in regards to local real estate with residential houses.  Just some highlights are:
A 25% increase in the total number of houses sold from January 1st through October 31st of this year compared to 2011.  1,704 homes sold in 2012 during that period compared to 1,362 in 2011. A significant decrease in the number of houses for sale which is at 846 as of 11/19/2012.  In the last few years this number was typically around or over 2,000. A significant drop in the number of short … (0 comments)

flagler county: Monday Morning Flagler County Market Recap: 6/10/2012 thru 6/16/2012 - 06/17/12 01:38 PM
Residential Houses
We’re now into the third week of typically the busiest month for real estate in the area.  It’s been another pretty active week.  43 houses were newly listed for sale.  The lowest at $75,000, the highest at $968,000, for an average price of $263,554, and a median price of $170,000 for this group.  The county now has just 739 houses active for sale.
Sales is this past week came in at 28 closings.  The lowest being $50,000, the highest at $$535,000, for an average price of $145,229, and a median price of $108,750.  That raises the total for the … (1 comments)

flagler county: Matanzas Woods Market Report Card - 06/12/12 07:53 AM
Since we live in the Matanzas Woods subdivision, we get the common question of how is the market doing in our neighborhood.  Truth be told, Matanzas Woods has seen it’s challenges over the past few years especially with the golf course’s temporary closure which the neighborhood is built up around.  It was positive to hear that a local investment group had purchased the course and hopefully we will see it open again in the future.   Despite any challenges over the past few years, Matanzas Woods has remained a desirable area.  The housing market in our neighborhood is doing pretty well, … (0 comments)

flagler county: Monday Morning Flagler County Housing Report 6/3/12 to 6/9/12 - 06/11/12 07:01 AM
This past week was another great week in the area as buyers are taking advantage of the great prices and interest rates.  One of the biggest surprises many are finding right now is the reduced selection as the area has about 742 homes presently for sale.  That number is far lower than it’s been in the past and sellers are seeing some favor from that.   Flagler County Listings   Active . . . . . . . . . . . .  742 Lowest . . . . . . . . . . . .  $35,000 Highest . . … (0 comments)

flagler county: Trulia Adds “Trulia Estimates”: Novelty or Not? - 03/21/12 04:25 AM
Let me start by saying, Trulia.com and Zillow.com are great companies that I think bring great additional resources for home shopping to consumers.  I love their websites and resources they offer.  Zillow.com became a hit with it’s “Zestimate”.  Just recently Trulia.com launched, what I am guessing is a competitive response to Zillow’s “Zestimates”, called “Trulia Estimates”.  These are these companies attempts to provide real-time property valuation using proprietary algorithms.  Sounds simple enough right?  Think again.
One of the things any Real Estate Professional will tell you they wish was automated is . . . property pricing.  This is one of the … (0 comments)

flagler county: Seller Advice: Things To Be Aware Of With “Flat Fee” Selling - 03/03/12 02:43 AM
If you’ve been thinking about selling your house you may have come across the advice to to a “For Sale By Owner”.  Whether selling yourself or through an agent, advertising online and in an MLS  (notice that I didn’t say “the MLS”, and I’ll explain this more in a moment) is extremely important nowadays.  Some real estate companies have begun offering what is called “flat-fee selling” as a “for sale by owner” option.  This might sound like a great option, but you really have to be careful here as a seller.
First, what is a “flat fee” option?  Simply put; instead … (0 comments)

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