matanzas woods: Matanzas Woods Market Update - 07/12/15 10:45 AM
As a homeowner for 11 years now inMatanzas Woods, I get asked what is going on in the market quite often.  Since the closure of the Matanzas Golf Course around 2008, we have all seen an impact on values coupled with the drop in the market since that time.  There is a lot of speculation surrounding the neighborhood real estate market and the real effects of the closed golf course property on values.  The area has been getting more attention since late 2013 when Jim Cullis of Grand Haven Realty was contemplating the purchase of  the property with intentions to work … (2 comments)

matanzas woods: Matanzas Woods Residents Split On Course, & Why A Park Is A Great Idea - 11/30/13 10:24 AM
Guest author, Brad West, is my husband and assists me with my real estate business.  He is the designer of, is licensed in real estate (inactive at this time due to another career), and works in online marketing and communications.  He writes about his thoughts on the current meetings and discussions taking place about the Matanzas Woods golf course and the neighborhood’s future.
Matanzas Woods recently had “exploratory” meetings with Jim Cullis of Grand Haven Properties for him to gain a feel for the community’s feelings towards an alternative use (a regional park) for the closed Matanzas Golf Course.  The plan, as Mr. Cullis … (2 comments)

matanzas woods: Matanzas Woods: Golf Course Talk, & Multi-use Path Coming - 11/22/13 10:36 AM
Matanzas Woods, originally a golf community, located on the north end of Palm Coast has seen it’s own share of unique challenges over the last few years.  The community is home to the Matanzas Golf Course that closed a few years ago after a failed venture to remodel the course.  Recently the course was purchased as a part of a package which included the Cypress and Pine Courses, but the Matanzas Course has not been slated to re-open at this time with the group who made the purchase.
Examples of possibilities brought by Jim Cullis
Recently buzz started to surface about … (3 comments)

matanzas woods: Matanzas Woods Market Report Card - 06/12/12 07:53 AM
Since we live in the Matanzas Woods subdivision, we get the common question of how is the market doing in our neighborhood.  Truth be told, Matanzas Woods has seen it’s challenges over the past few years especially with the golf course’s temporary closure which the neighborhood is built up around.  It was positive to hear that a local investment group had purchased the course and hopefully we will see it open again in the future.   Despite any challenges over the past few years, Matanzas Woods has remained a desirable area.  The housing market in our neighborhood is doing pretty well, … (0 comments)

matanzas woods: Beautiful 4 Bedroom Loaded With Comfort & Charm - 09/28/09 06:23 AM

matanzas woods: Matanzas Woods Market Report - June 2008 - 07/08/08 02:46 PM
Matanzas Woods Market Report - June 2008
Active Residential Houses for Sale: 78Average List Price: $239,940Lowest List Price: $119,999Highest List Price: $499,000
Current Pending: 6Sold (June 2008):  4Average Sale Price:  $193,000Average Days On Market:  214
Year-to-Date Residential Home Sales: 23Average Number of Days on the Market: 162Average Sales Price: $193,561Lowest Sales Price: $118,500Highest Sales Price: $310,000
Overall Flagler County and Palm Coast Market Updates can be found on our website at
Disclaimer: All information is based upon the Flagler County Assoication of Realtors MLS as of 7/8/2008. All information may be deemed reliable, but is not guaranteed.
PS: It is a Buyer's Dream in … (1 comments)

matanzas woods: Media Review of the Year . . . But Here's The Truth - 11/14/07 08:42 AM
Many who read the media reports over the year would probably see the industry in these perspectives:
If you buy a house, you'll just end up losing money and never build equity.Mortgage loans are a scamRealtors are driving prices up because they just want big commissions.Houses will never sell.You can just do it on your own.If you do some upgrades, you can add tens of thousands to the value of your property.Then there's the truth about Real Estate:
Houses are one of the best investments you will ever make in your life time.  Equity and value increases over time.  Buying today and trying to … (3 comments)

matanzas woods: Matanzas Woods Market Report - November 9, 2007 - 11/09/07 01:32 AM
Current Active Residential Houses for Sale: 105Average List Price: $253,391Lowest List Price: $149,900Highest List Price: $542,000
Current Active Residential Vacant Homesites for Sale: 92Average List Price: $81,667Lowest List Price: $37,000Highest List Price: $219,000
Year-to-Date Resdential Home Sales: 37Average Number of Days on the Market: 120Average Sales Price: $220,589Lowest Sales Price: $150,000Highest Sales Price: $364,000
August 2007 Residential Home Sales: 1Average Number of Days on the Market: 7Average Sales Price: $150,000Lowest Sales Price: $150,000Highest Sales Price: $150,000
For a complete list of homes available for sale in Matanzas Woods, contact me today.
An overall Palm Coast Market Report can be found on my website at
Disclaimer: All information provided is … (0 comments)

matanzas woods: The History of Halloween - 10/28/07 01:44 PM

The yearly night of haunts is almost upon us.  Children all over will dress up in costumes and set out on their quest for . . . tricks or treats!  So where did this Halloween of ours come from?  The History Channel provides the story for us:
"Halloween's origins date back to the ancient Celtic festival of Samhain (pronounced sow-in).
The Celts, who lived 2,000 years ago in the area that is now Ireland, the United Kingdom, and northern France, celebrated their new year on November 1. This day marked the end of summer and the harvest and the beginning of the dark, … (2 comments)

matanzas woods: Palm Coast & Flagler County, FL Listings Right On Your Desktop! - 10/25/07 03:40 AM
Tired of a filled up email box?  No problem.  Put listings right on your My Yahoo!, iGoogle home pages, or any other website that you can add RSS/XML content to. 
  Get updated Real Estate Listings right on your My Yahoo!, iGoogle personal home pages!Click here for URL Feed (or right-click on the link, select 'copy shortcut', and paste this into the RSS link field)Click here for instructions for adding RSS content to a My Yahoo! pageClick here for instructions for adding RSS content to an iGoogle page 
Just another way to make shopping for Real Estate easier for you. 

matanzas woods: Halloween Story For You - 10/24/07 07:48 AM
  I love Halloween.  It's one of my favorite times of the year.  Yes, we have a "pimped pumpkin" this year (my husband's idea).  Anyway, I came across a great ghost story I thought I would share . . .
The Minnesota Ghost  
This is too good not to read, especially if you thought ghosts didn't exist! This happened about a month ago just outside of Willmar, a little town in the back country of Minnesota, and while it sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock tale, it's real. This out of state traveler was on the side of the road, hitchhiking … (2 comments)

matanzas woods: "Buyers Market", "Sellers Market": Does it Matter? - 10/24/07 07:21 AM
We hear those phrases all the time.  To be honest it really doesn't matter.  Why would I say what seems to be such an unheard of thing?  Simple, you have to look at the facts for both sides to determine the best decisions for yourself and not what someone wants to "label" things.  Here's what I mean from both sides with the facts:
Sellers - Higher than normal inventories.  This means you have a lot of competition to sell to a limited amount of buyers.  Pricing, advertising, marketing, and openness to offers is extremely important if you truly want to sell.  In … (3 comments)

matanzas woods: Pricing "Right" - 09/30/07 02:56 AM
I have been reading in blogs, news reports, and professional circles about the problem "pricing right" (no, not the direction).  Pricing is the first stage in all of putting a property up for sale.  You obviously can not even proceed without a listing price, and it will "set the stage" for what will take place over the future of that house on the market.  So, just tell me the price!  The problem is that it is not an exact science and there are many factors impacting the pricing of properties today which make this a very challenging and tedious process that … (9 comments)

matanzas woods: Google: Great Tools to Enhance Your Website - 09/25/07 06:34 AM
Everyone knows Google for it's search capabilities.  In fact, most people don't "search" anymore they . . . "Google it".  Google also has added several incredible tools over the last few years which are great tie-in's for your website. 
Google Maps - This is one of the greatest internet technologies in my opinion.  You caneasily create a custom map for your area highlighting not only the location of key destinations (i.e. schools, government buildings, atrractions, YOUR OFFICE, etc.), you can provide all of the information for that place.Google's Picasa Web Albums - This allows you to upload a photo album for … (1 comments)

matanzas woods: Buyer Advice: Make An Offer - 09/24/07 02:15 AM
In working with buyers, there is often times a hesitation when it comes to price.  We hear things like, "I like it, but I'm not sure about the price."  My response is always the same, "Well, what would you like to offer?"  This is the part that can become uncomfortable for some, because negotiation for many is "uncharted territory" and there is a natural "fear" that can creep up on the person.  Here's some tips to keep in mind:
Offers are a good thing and "open the door" door to discussion.  Discussion is what negotiation is all about.  Remember, it is the … (7 comments)

matanzas woods: Palm Trees, the Ocean, Golf, and . . . Elvis Too!!!!! - 09/22/07 02:08 AM
  Friends and family that talk to us since we moved here always ask the same thing, "So what's so great about living in Palm Coast, FL."  It's an easy answer . . . it's filled treasures galore for everyone!  Nearby beaches, palm trees, parks, activities galore, friendly people, and even . . . Elvis!  Randy Elvis ( is a local entertainer that has grown famous in the area.  Not only does he show up at weddings, family events, and business events . . . you can find him at local clubs and hotpsots such as the European Village.  A bowling … (1 comments)

matanzas woods: Palm Coast YTD Residential Overview - 09/21/07 03:17 AM
The residential house market in Palm Coast through August of 2007:
# Current Active Lisitings: Approximately 1,960
Listing Activity: 293 properties were listed in August (14 "2 or less bedrooms", 178 "3 bedrooms", & 101 "4+bedrooms").  The total # listed for the year is 2,811 which 20% lower than last year at this time.  The "3 Bedroom" category is the leads Residential House sale listings at 63% followed by "4+ bedrooms" making up 33%. 
Sales Activity:  83 Residential properties sold in August bring the monthly average of "solds" to 103/month with a yearly avaerage of 126 days on the market.  "3 bedrooms" continues … (0 comments)

matanzas woods: Real Estate Through Your Eyes . . . the Customer - 09/20/07 03:30 AM
Real Estate can be very confusing these days with negative press, professionals publicly communicating what they "won't do", and confused and misinterpreted information being sent out.  Here's some helpful hints to "muddle" through it all:
The Media - Unfortunately (as many in the media indutry will tell you), "negative sells papers".  Take the media with "a grain of salt".  The latest in reagrds to this is the mortgage industry and lending.  The bottom-line is that when it comes to borrowing, we have to be careful and know all the terms.  Secondly, it is easy to think we can cut here and there … (0 comments)

matanzas woods: What Do You Get When You Hire Me? - 09/19/07 03:46 AM
Home owners often think that they are simply calling me to "sell their home".  In all honesty you are really calling to HIRE me to provide full-service for your Real Estate needs.  That means a couple of things:
To be your guide within what can appear to be the "wacky world" of Real EstateTo provide an analysis of the market and provide you with the most effective listing priceTo provide the most effective marketing strategies and execute them, and be open to your suggestions as well.To provide you with updates and feedback from prospective buyersTo present offers with you and discuss them with … (0 comments)

matanzas woods: The Good Ol' Days? - 09/16/07 10:39 AM
Along with constant "bad press", a local newspaper today published an article comparing Real Estate to 50 years ago.  Click Here for the article.  Many would think wouldn't it be nice to go back to then when housing prices were so much cheaper?  Well, the question is . . . were they really all that much cheaperr?  Let's take a look back just 20 years . . .
Interest Rates over the last 20 years
So let's compare 20 years ago to today with affordability . . .
20 years ago a loan at $150,000 at an interest rate of 12% would cost $1543/month … (0 comments)

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