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Many who read the media reports over the year would probably see the industry in these perspectives:If you buy a house, you'll just end up losing money and never build equity.Mortgage loans are a scamRealtors are driving prices up because they just want big commissions.Houses will never sell.You ...
Palm Coast, FL currently has 81 houses listed for sale UNDER $160,000!  These are NOT listed as 'short sales'.  many of these properties were built within the last 5 years!  Many are 3 bedrooms!And 4 are 4 bedrooms!I'm not writing this because this is an advertising angle or a marketing scam.  I ...
Current Active Residential Properties for Sale: 8Average List Price: $823,350Lowest List Price: $385,000Highest List Price: $1,299,900Current Active Residential Vacant Homesites for Sale: 79Average List Price: $236,852Lowest List Price: $115,000Highest List Price: $499,900Year-to-Date Resdential ...
Current Active Residential Houses for Sale: 105Average List Price: $253,391Lowest List Price: $149,900Highest List Price: $542,000Current Active Residential Vacant Homesites for Sale: 92Average List Price: $81,667Lowest List Price: $37,000Highest List Price: $219,000Year-to-Date Resdential Home S...
My husband shared with me a wonderful site called You can view my bookshelf to the right.  This is wonderful site that allows you to share books with others.  Kind of like the MySpace for Book-lovers.Registration is free and you can even start your own group.  My husband just sta...
The yearly night of haunts is almost upon us.  Children all over will dress up in costumes and set out on their quest for . . . tricks or treats!  So where did this Halloween of ours come from?  The History Channel provides the story for us:"Halloween's origins date back to the ancient Celtic fes...
Tired of a filled up email box?  No problem.  Put listings right on your My Yahoo!, iGoogle home pages, or any other website that you can add RSS/XML content to.    Get updated Real Estate Listings right on your My Yahoo!, iGoogle personal home pages!Click here for URL Feed (or right-click on the...
  I love Halloween.  It's one of my favorite times of the year.  Yes, we have a "pimped pumpkin" this year (my husband's idea).  Anyway, I came across a great ghost story I thought I would share . . . The Minnesota Ghost   This is too good not to read, especially if you thought ghosts didn't exis...
We hear those phrases all the time.  To be honest it really doesn't matter.  Why would I say what seems to be such an unheard of thing?  Simple, you have to look at the facts for both sides to determine the best decisions for yourself and not what someone wants to "label" things.  Here's what I m...
There have been a lot of posts in regards to property photos.  Some even post photos are are considered "bad" whether they be crooked, dark, people sleeping, closeups of closed doors, and the list goes on.  But how important are photos when it somes to advertising a property?  VERY!!  Consumer su...


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