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Sup Dogs, the newest restaurant at a popular downtown Greenville location, the corner of Fifth and Reade streets, specializes in chili dogs, as its name suggests. The fast casual restaurant and bar with all ABC permits serves 100 percent beef hot dogs and burgers but also has some vegetarian opti...
I have blogged recently about my frustration with agents that work part time.  Something always slips through the cracks.  Last week I called two agents that I currently have sticky deals with.  It takes a while to get in touch with them.  They have full time jobs and real estate is part time.  U...
With a nursing shortage expected to intensify in the coming years, East Carolina University's College of Nursing enrollment has jumped nearly 40 percent since 2004. For this fall semester, the college has about 1,200 students enrolled in classes, making it the largest nursing program in North Car...
Arrrrrgggggg! So what if they have slipped one point in the AP poll.  Number 15 is AWESOME FOR a Conference USA Team.  Saturday's game marked the first time that they have been ranked since 1999.  (Hurricane Floyd sent the team to Raleigh and a huge upset to Miami).  Saturday's game was tough to ...
My husband picked up our oldest daughter, Caroline, last week at her after school program.  The teacher happened to also be her assistant in the four year old class year.  She told Deyton that Caroline refused to participate in a game of Musical Chairs.  Mrs. Stacie just could not understand it. ...
Hey Everyone! I recently went back this week and tweak some of my blogs.  We need to do that from time to time.  Maybe you have changed your website or worse YOU DID NOT SPELL CHECK! I have really noticed over the last few weeks that many of us do not take the time to use spell check.  That is th...
The town will be going nuts this September, and it would like area residents and their families to join in the fun. The Town of Fountain will hold its first Fountain Peanut Festival in the downtown area. A two-day event of music, food, fun and games will be held in honor of the peanut.  The festi...
This year a long term Parks and Recreation study was done for Farmville.  I have not read the study but had a conversationwith Farmville's town manager, Richard Hicks.  (Richard is my father.) There are some key points that I would like bring out of the study: 1.  Farmville is expected to experie...
I was fortunate enough to remember my Great Grandmother as a child.  At the age of seven and five, my brother and I thought that she was the epitomy of crazy.  She would give us a dollar and tell us to hold onto it.  We might need it someday.  Her favorite stories were about the Great Depression....
As you can tell, it is business as usual at these mortgage giants.  We will not know for months the true shakedown effect.  If you are planing on purchasing a house in the Greenville area, please call me.  I can get you to a reputable mortgage consultant.Federal officials announced today that Fan...

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