hawaii: Ilikai Condos in Waikiki - 06/27/12 06:17 AM
The Ilikai Hotel (also known as Ilikai Apartment Building in MLS) is a mixed use building in Waikiki that has commercial and residential condos. It was made famous in the original intro of Hawaii Five-O.

Original Hawaii Five-O Intro featuring Jack Lord at the Ilikai in Waikiki
With a storied history, the condo market at the Ilikai in Waikiki has seen its ups and downs over the years. When it first went to market, it was an iconic building, far larger than anything in its immediate vicinity. In hindsight, anything bought back then was a bargain to today's standards.
During … (0 comments)

hawaii: Trump Tower Waikiki Luxury Condos - 06/26/12 03:05 PM
It's been a few years since Trump Tower Waikiki has been built. When the project first went to market during the height of the last boom, they sold "like hotcakes". Due to several timing of completion and the turn in the market, many buyers couldn't perform and lost their deposits...

Today, the building has a track record. Those looking to purchase a condo at Trump Tower Waikiki can look both at sales comps and rental history, neither of which existed prior to 2009. There are only 3-4 vendors that are allowed to manage the units as a hotel, so it's … (0 comments)

hawaii: Waialae Nui Ridge Homes in Honolulu, Hawaii - 06/26/12 10:16 AM
Waialae Nui Ridge is directly inland from one of Honolulu's most luxurious neighborhoods of Kahala. What is nice about homes on Waialae Nui Ridge is that they are a fraction of the price of those in Kahala. Most of them also have ocean views.

Views over Kahala from a Waialae Nui Ridge Home I recently sold
Waialae Nui Ridge homes in Honolulu have also been known for their mid century modern architecture. What I like about Waialae Nui Ridge is the homes are more affordable than the ridge to the east, which is Waialae Iki. They are also newer homes … (0 comments)

hawaii: Waikiki Landmark Condos in Honolulu, Hawaii - 06/25/12 05:41 PM
The Waikiki Landmark is a highrise condominium in Honolulu, Hawaii that has been an architectural spectical for nearly 20 years now. The building can be seen from miles away. 

Over the course of the last real estate cycle, values have increased as the fee simple interest became available to homeowners. The penthouses at the top are something else... They used to have great views of the ocean, however once the Allure Waikiki was built across the street, some of those views are now obstructed.
Although one could argue the value of the Waikiki Landmark condos have gone down since the … (0 comments)

hawaii: New and Improved Version of HawaiiHomeListings.com - 01/07/12 11:59 AM
I've relaunched my personal website recently. After 8 years, I'm on my 3rd vendor and it's got a great new look.


To learn more about what's new improved, you can read this article on how my site and search are now better.

hawaii: Canadians Snapping up Hawaii Real Estate - 05/21/11 10:35 AM
For 2010 and 2011, Canada has taken over for Japan as the #1 foreign country investing in residential real estate in Hawaii.

I had the opportunity to hear Dr. Michael Sklarz of Collateral Analytics speak today at the Hawaii Convention Center about foreign real estate investment. He had some interesting data that he was able to compile with the help of Title Guaranty.
For the state of Hawaii, Canadian investment in real estate has by far surpassed other foreign countries over the past few years. Over the past decade or so, the Japanese have been averaging 250-300 purchases/per year. Canadian investment … (2 comments)

hawaii: 3 Reasons Why Foreclosures Low in Hawaii - 12/23/08 07:29 AM
Here are 3 reasons in my opinion why foreclosure rates are low in Hawaii:
1. It is Hawaii.  Especially this time of year, you see all the news about bad weather, snow storms, floods, etc. on the mainland.  I think people work harder to keep a home here in paradise with good weather.
2. You can't just pack up the car & drive to another state.  To move back to the mainland, takes time & money, most of which people going into foreclosure don't have.  Better off trying to make it work here.
3. We are not a Non-recourse state.  There was a … (2 comments)

hawaii: The Future of Leasehold Properties in Hawaii: A Potential Time Bomb for Lesees - 01/19/08 11:45 PM
This past Friday, the 18th marked a historic landmark for leasehold ownership in Hawaii.  The landowner (lessor), Kaneohe Ranch prevailed in a suit between themselves and the individual owners (lessees) of the Kailuan in Kailua.  Over a dozen owners will be forced to surrender their homes by Febuary 15, 2008.  As of December 31st of 2007, the lease expiration date, the owners/lesee's equity in the property is all gone.  They were given eviction notices prior to the end of the lease, however decided to take Kaneohe Ranch to court with the hopes of being able to salvage their home or investment.  … (0 comments)

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