lake linganore: Eastern Box Turtles hatchlings at Lake Linganore, MD - 03/23/11 06:24 AM
The Box Turtles Around Our Home
One of my favorite things to see around our neighborhood
are the Box Turtles as they emerge from their woodsy nests. 
These Eastern Box Turtles are found all throughout Lake Linganore. Early in the day they can be found foraging at the edge of the forest. Their shell pattern is perfect camouflage for the forest floor. They tend to avoid open areas and bright sunlight. They establish a territory that is from 2-12 acres. They are 4.5-6" long the largest recorded size is 7.8".
Box Turtles do not have a set incubation period … (3 comments)

lake linganore: Kodak Video Challenge "A Look At Lake Linganore in the Winter" - 01/28/11 07:09 AM
Here is a look at our most recent video showing one of the lovely subdivisions of Lake Linganore, MD called Pinehurst. We specialize in properties located around Lake Linganore and are currently working with buyers and sellers who want to live there and also want to sell. Although the lakes are frozen in the Winter, the area is still offers much to enjoy. This video gives a glimpse of the peaceful countryside and lovely lakes. It's always beautiful, it's Lake Linganore!
This post is written as a submission to the ActiveRain Kodak Video Challenge contest. I have the chance to win … (5 comments)

lake linganore: New Solutions Realty, Welcomes Christina Simmons. - 01/18/11 03:11 AM

Christina brings her background in high-level technology, and we often refer to her as the gadget girl. She is a natural to all things IT. Bringing this expertise to New Solutions which will be keeping us at the forefront of the ever changing technology world. Christina has school age children involved in school activities so many of you already know her.  Its easy to find her enjoying the beaches of Lake Linganore almost every weekend in the Summer and has been a resident of Lake Linganore for Nearly 10 Years.
Her expertise of the amenities included in all … (0 comments)

lake linganore: Trees, Trees, Trees. - 05/03/10 03:40 AM
I blog often regarding the nature that abounds in our community. Lake Linganore, Maryland is a mostly wooded neighborhood surrounding the Lake Linganore. Today I feel very rewarded if not a lot sore from my accomplishment over the weekend, so I thought I'd Share. 
I have donated to
for many years.
Last fall the little saplings arrived at my doorstep. These saplings are a gift from Arbor day for my donation. I have never filled out the request in the past to receive this gift but this year I accepted. 
These little trees arrived on my doorstep with directions … (0 comments)

lake linganore: Frederick County Maryland, Lake Linganore, Pinehurst Subdivision - 03/04/10 03:27 AM
Frederick County Maryland, Lake Linganore, Pinehurst Subdivision is expected to begin its water, road and sewer improvements.  I joined this committee to help in communicating challenges and dates of interest to our neighbors during these long anticipated growing times. Please feel free to contact me at anytime during the CDA/CIP improvements. The second meeting of this commitee is Tonight at 7:00. 

lake linganore: Brosius Dam at Lake Linganore. - 10/07/09 04:56 AM
Brosius Dam is another one of the many amenities you will explore and enjoy year round when becoming a resident of Lake Linganore. Fishing, canoeing and biking are just some of the sports I see on and around the lake every day.
The Residents here enjoy 13 different trails, My husband and I have accomplished about half of them. Here is an example of the discription of one of the trails listed on the trail map.
Lake Trail # 9     Grassy, dirt, concrete walkway, flat. Starts at Dam and follows North Lake shoreline. Goes by trail Post for Audubon Lake trail, after which there is a nice … (2 comments)

lake linganore: The Many Benefits of Living in Lake Linganore, New Market, MD - 09/09/09 02:15 AM
 The Many Benefits of Living in Lake Linganore, New Market, MD
Staycations. Take the week and visit all 3 pools, 2 beaches and take a couple hikes around the lake.  
Lose that gym membership. Kayaking, canoeing, hiking, mountain biking, swimming will keep you in shape.  
Use your golf cart. Explore the neighborhoods and take the kids to and from the bus stop. Eco-friendly and socially inviting environment. (I have witnessed 6 golfcarts at the bus stop!)
Low Maintenance Yard. The typical .25 acre yard with mature trees, shrubs, and rock outcroppings is unique and low maintenance.
Take active part of your community. … (1 comments)

lake linganore: She needs a Bigger home. - 07/29/09 03:08 AM

One more example of the nature that surrounds us in Lake linganore.  
In the woods behind our home, this mom of 4 needs a bigger home. Not to mention the birds would like this home back.  

lake linganore: Lake Linganore Subdivision - 07/21/09 05:18 AM
As a resident of Pinehurst in Lake Linganore I want to point out a couple of the reason why we love our neighborhood.
In today's world where we all struggle to find time and ways to exercise. Lake Linganore has a multitude of avenues to explore.  4 lakes to use for fishing, hiking, kayaking, canoe. Most Likely because of this natural water source the wildlife is exceptional. As My husband and I were walking around the lake the other night. We came across a Doe that had just given birth to 2 fawns. A few minutes later the blue heron flew gently overhead with its enormous wing span, and elegant flight. Later in the … (0 comments)

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