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MANY LOAN OFFICERS ARE GOING TO LOOSE THEIR LICENSES IN LESS THAN 60 DAYS! ARE YOU SAFE? In the next 60 days the following state will require the SAFE test to be completed: Oregon Ohio California Pennsylvania Utah New York Montana New Jersey If you have not started or completed your SAFE testing ...
More Trouble for American Families Newly released foreclosure information shows that last year we had approximately 2.45 million foreclosures with an estimate of over 4.2 million this year 2010. What to read what was presented to congress in a condensed 29 page report?  Here is the link: http://w...
THE HOME BUYER'S TAX CREDIT IS COMING TO AN END TAKE ACTION NOW! KNOW YOUR CREDIT SCORE BE INFORMED Here is what you need to know: Qualified 2009-2010 first time home buyers may receive up to 10% of the home's purchase price or a maximum of $8,000.  This credit has also been extended to include c...
  Very Important Update for FHA lenders and loan applicants on "upfront mortgage insurance premiums": "Lenders are reminded that effective for FHA loans for which the case number is assigned on or after April 5, 2010, FHA will collect an upfront mortgage insurance premium of 2.25 percent, rather ...
Every morning I have a habit of watching Carl White from Mortgage Animals and this clip he put together is so true. We all have our habits and processes that we are familiar with. Making a change and sticking with it without returning to those habits is very difficult. This is a nice true life st...
Wow, now that is well said!Active Rain Power is MUCH MORE THAN JUST LEADS!!! What do you expect from the power of Active Rain? Listings?...Buyers?...Leads from out of town?...Points?...Features?...And outside blog to post to?...Education?...Cool people? What do the following people have in common...
  Important Follow Up to Regulation Z We know the Fed does NOT understand the negative effect that the proposed changes to Reg Z will have on consumers as well as the entire industry. Mortgage brokers and loan ALL originators now face an attack on the base of their compensation. This proposed ru...
PROTECT YOUR CREDIT WHEN LIFE HAPPENS   No one ever gets married with the intention of a divorce in their future.  Unfortunately, if the current trends continue there is a possibility that 40-50% of marriages will end in divorce.  That is a staggering statistic that is difficult to face.  Accordi...
  Just something to lighten your day.   Last week's "Footpath Failures" post generated quite a few emails so here is another batch, enjoy :) If you enjoyed this post you'll certainly enjoy these other 'Just For Fun' posts!

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