marketing: A Great Gift for Your Clients - 02/28/12 07:06 AM
A Great Gift for Your Clients
I try to stay on top of things and share all the tips and information I come across with my Realtor partners, so I appoligize if this is old news.
Art Van Furniture has partnered with the Michigan Association of Michigan to provide your clients with $150 gift after close.  How exciting that you are able to help your client furnish their new home or even design and decrotive advice.
As a Michigan Realtor all you have to do is go to the Art Van Home Rewards Site and Sign Up for an account.  From there you … (2 comments)

marketing: 2011 December 31 Day Posting Challenge- Something New - 12/13/11 09:19 AM
2011 December 31 Day Posting Challenge- Something New I have been working on this email newsletter template and thought it would be a good idea to get some feedback. Let me know what you think; is this something I should add to my "yes list" for 2012? The Search For Success In Market Position … (3 comments)

marketing: Time to Evaluate Your Database - 09/26/11 04:00 PM
It's Time to Evaluate Your Database
Databasing has become big talk again, so how does yours measure up?  Do you only use a database when it is the "big thing to do"?  Every sales person's longterm sucess depends on their database.

Can you honestly agree with each of the statements below:
I have ONE master, complete database of all clients and potential clients I have a complete database of all referral partners I stay in contact with ALL my clients/potential clients and referral partners monthly I mine my database for new business and referrals I can instantly pull up … (4 comments)

marketing: To be found... - 09/26/11 03:39 PM

I  Want To Be Found Online

The best way to secure new business is to be available and top of mind when a need arises.  This can be difficult online in such competitive markets.  The easiest way to be found is through Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

Your website/blog must be full of the keywords and phrases that consumers are going to search for when looking for your product.  The findings are arranged by those that are thought to be the best match.

Make a list of the keywords and phrases you would search for when looking for … (1 comments)

marketing: Two Business Saving Tips - 05/10/11 05:11 AM
I was reminded once again today the importance of marketing, customer retention and follow-up.
I recently wrote a blog on the simple fact that Marketing is NOT Optional and feel that today I need to once again enforce this fact as I was told that "Now is not a time for an agent to spend money. Things are tight and they need save their money."
My questions to those out there that feel this way is how is "saving your money" going to get you the business you already don't have?  Is your savings account going to send you referrals and … (1 comments)

marketing: Marketing is NOT Optional - 05/02/11 11:23 AM
I just had to throw this reminder out there:
Why is marketing required?
To be successful in any marketplace today you have to be doing marketing.  You must keep yourself "Top of Mind" or you risk your past clients go to or referring others to the "guy they keep hearing on the radio" or the one that "keeps sending them stuff in the mail" or even the major bank that "keeps sending emails". 
75% of your clients will forget about you within 6 months!  This is a sad but true statement. 
The market may still be down but … (8 comments)

marketing: So you just lost $11,520 in commissions!! - 04/08/11 08:08 AM
                                                            So you just lost $11,520 in commissions last month!!
I am working with agents daily, and today I was doing an analysis for one agent who lost $11,520 in potential commissions! 
Every business professionals has past clients, leads and referral partners, but what do they do with them?   From what I have seen, no much.   Placing your database on an automated email drip campaign or sending standard newsletters aren't going to get the business rolling in.  You need to provide them with VALUE! 
I am sure you have seen this statistic before: "78% of people surveyed said they would … (2 comments)

marketing: Why should I use ActiveRain? - 12/21/10 08:28 AM
"So, why should I use ActiveRain?"

I speak with real estate agents and mortgage professionals on a daily basis and it blows me away how many are not on ActiveRain, don't know what it is, have heard about it and been told how important it is at seminars, so they have an account , BUT don't use it and best of all are the ones who "think" their assistant may have one for them, but they are not sure. ..........REALLY?
ActiveRain is not all about exposure on the Internet and optimization; it is about sharing ideas, what is working, … (13 comments)

marketing: Overcome Your Fear of Niche Marketing - 09/14/10 09:26 AM
Have You Mastered a Niche Market?Remember when you first got into the business?  You needed to work with every type of buyer, all property types and every type of financing—just to make ends meet!  However, there is a danger in being a “generalist”.  The other day, I got a call from a friend of mine who wanted to buy a new home under construction.  The real estate agent they were working with did not have the experience needed in ironing out the details with the buyer and the builder.  My friend was frustrated—calling everyone she knew, looking for advice!  The agent … (2 comments)

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