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Weekly Inspiration - Faith, Where do you run? This week’s ‘inspiration’ was created a bit differently than usual. Typically, I get up on Friday, write the inspiration and send it to Joey for him to read. Then we discuss its message on camera. Last week, as we were getting into place in front of t...
Weekly Inspiration - Mind Over Matter Happy Monday! Perhaps I shouldn’t assume… Is it a happy Monday for you?? Take a minute to answer honestly. Are you feeling happy, stressed, indifferent? As you were answering this I’m guessing that you also immediately went to the why of how you’re feeling ri...
Weekly Inspiration - Keeping Your Dream Alive Well, it’s hasn’t been quite a week since the Super Bowl but people are still talking about it. For those of you who have somehow missed the big news, the New Orleans Saints won after playing an exciting game with the Indianapolis Colts. One of the gr...
Weekly Inspiration - What's Your Heart Telling You Last week we talked about transitions and how so many of us seem to be feeling like we’re at a pivot point. A time to either make a decision to go one way or another in our life or perhaps time to start thinking about making some kind of change. ...
Weekly Inspiration - Your Inner Child is Waiting... I’m finding that the more people I talk to, the more conversations I’m having with people who are go through a transition. Be it personal or professional, or even emotional, many of us are finding ourselves at decision points in our life. For so...
Weekly Inspiration - DNA Yah or Nay... Last week I shared with you an experiment that was conducted on DNA showing the amazing effects that positive and negative emotions have on our physical body with the feelings of love, appreciation and compassion actually helping to boost your immune system ...
Weekly Inspiration - The Golden Rule We’ve all heard the ‘golden rule’ to do unto others as we do unto ourselves, and unfortunately we often do just that! So many of us these days are struggling and not taking the time to really take care of ourselves or treat ourselves the way we should be treat...
Weekly Inspiration - A Lighter New Year!!   I went to a goal setting/motivational class yesterday given by my good friend, Kent Rini, where he shared a technique that I’d like to share with you. We’ve all set our New Year’s Resolutions. Some of us are more successful with this approach than other...
Weekly Inspiration - How's Your Filter Doing? I recently went to a ‘Sunday Celebration’ where a fairly large group of us gathered to give thanks. After being there for about 20 minutes or so, we were told to sit comfortably as we prepared for a group meditation. Most of the people shifted in thei...
Weekly Inspiration - Be Part of the Shift Well, in case you haven’t heard, the holiday season is officially upon us. It’s that wonderful time of the year when our homes smell a bit more festive from all the wonderful cooking and holiday cheer, the offices and shops are decorated and everyone seem...

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