sea isle city real estate: Real Estate in Sea Isle City is an Investment in Luxury - 11/12/13 01:59 AM
Real estate in Sea Isle City is a chance at a dream. It offers a chance to live near the famous, shores of New Jersey but at the same time, enjoy the quieter atmosphere, which comes with a small town pace of life. With single-family dwellings, large estates and condominiums to suit any need, there is no reason you cannot enjoy a day at the beach whenever you want. 
Unlike so many of the beach areas, which become completely overwhelmed during the summer months, this town still manages to feel like home. Sea Isle City is a place where families … (0 comments)

sea isle city real estate: Explore the Jersey Shore with Real Estate in Sea Isle City - 06/13/13 01:56 AM
The demand for real estate in Sea Isle City, New Jersey is at an all time high, as new people flock to the community in droves. 
Sea Isle City, which is part of the Ocean City area with a growing population a little over two thousand, was founded in the late 1800s by Charles Landis. Sea Isle City has grown a lot over the years. Long known as a tourist town because of its ample beach space, Sea Isle City has also begun attracting wealthy families because of its prime real estate. Originally a small city, Sea Isle City is … (0 comments)