solutions real estate: Real Estate in Escondido is the Perfect Investment - 12/23/13 04:57 AM
As its name suggests, real estate in Escondido is one of California’s best kept secrets. Settled first by the Native Luiseño and Kumeyaay Tribes, and later by Spanish explorer, Juan Bautista de Anza in 1776, Escondido has a rich and storied history. Nestled within a long valley along Southern California's coastal mountains, and about 18 miles inland, it was christened Escondido, or “hidden” in Spanish. Officially incorporated as a city in 1888, it stands today as one of the oldest cities in in San Diego County. Its age however, is the only thing dated about this beautiful city, which boasts a … (0 comments)

solutions real estate: Real Estate in Encinitas is a Buyers Paradise - 11/21/13 05:16 AM
The real estate in Encinitas, California is a perfect fit for all kinds of people. Whether you are settling down with a family, if you are an entrepreneurial business person, or if you are someone who is looking to settle down, this attractive city has it all. 
The city of Encinitas has been dubbed the “flower growing capitol,” and it certainly would be an ideal area to nourish and grow your business, family, or retirement goals. Encinitas is located just 30 minutes north of San Diego the business potentials are endless. 

There are numerous highly rated schools within Encinitas … (0 comments)

solutions real estate: Homes for Sale in San Diego Are a Sight to be Seen - 10/24/13 05:04 AM
San Diego hosts thousands of visitors each year, so much so that tourism is one of the major industries among the city's overall thriving economy. Many visitors fall in love with the city and learn what residents already know – San Diego is a great place to visit and an even better place to live. Those less familiar with the city but looking for a new and exciting place to call home would do well to take a close look at the homes for sale in San Diego today. 

Even those who have never visited San Diego generally associate the … (0 comments)

solutions real estate: Real Estate on Coronado Island is a Must See - 09/25/13 03:13 AM
The city of Coronado is located across the bay from the thriving city of San Diego, separated by a ten mile isthmus known as the Silver Strand. And with the location, real estate on Coronado Island allows residents to live like they are on vacation every day of the year in sunny California. 
This affluent resort city is home to more than twenty five thousand residents, ensuring that there are plenty of new faces to meet without enduring the crowds and congestion of nearby San Diego. The long peninsula separates residents from the hubbub of the city, earning it the … (0 comments)

solutions real estate: Homes for Sale in Del Mar are Waiting for You! - 08/09/13 04:35 AM
The affluent home buyer looking for an excellent community and great value for their real estate dollar would do well to look into homes for sale in Del Mar, California. Its name coming from the Spanish term for “on the sea,” Del Mar is truly a seaside paradise, overlooking the Pacific Ocean and boasting not only numerous attractions and amenities, but a mild climate that allows for enjoyment of the beach year round. 

Only minutes from San Diego, Del Mar has the relaxing atmosphere of a secluded, seaside resort, with all of the amenities of a major city within … (0 comments)

solutions real estate: Real Estate in Escondido for Sale Today! - 07/24/13 05:45 AM
Everyone has heard of amazing properties in southern California, but real estate in Escondido is a well kept secret that few have the pleasure of owning. 
Located just outside the city of San Diego, Escondido has a population of about one hundred and fifty thousand residents. The moderate population size ensures that residents have an ideal balance of city services and amenities while maintaining the privacy and ambience of a suburban setting. Gone are the days of long commutes in traffic jams or waking up to smog covered landscapes; instead residents can enjoy balmy warm summers with plenty of sunshine … (0 comments)

solutions real estate: Homes for Sale in San Diego Are a Homebuyers Dream - 06/18/13 02:34 AM
Prospective homebuyers are thrilled about the multitude of homes for sale in San Diego, California, the Golden State. And what's not to love about California? Beautiful weather year-round, gorgeous beaches, great beach-city lifestyle, everything about California is appealing to young professionals, retirees or anyone interested in living a great life. 

San Diego is one of the state’s biggest and most vibrant cities. The proximity to Orange County, Los Angeles, and the Mexican border make this city eclectic, interesting, and upscale, all at the same time. Similarly, the housing in San Diego runs the gamut from mansions near the ocean, to … (0 comments)

solutions real estate: Homes for Sale in Solana Beach are Waiting for You! - 04/22/13 07:23 AM
Nestled a mere thirty minutes away from downtown San Diego, lies the gorgeous ocean front community of Solana Beach, California. This hidden gem boasts mild winters and hot sun-filled summer days that are sure to impress even the most avid of travelers. Come take in the long colorful sunsets and explore this culture filled hot spot while viewing the available homes for sale in Solana Beach. 

The views are breathtaking, the locals are friendly, and the beaches are just waiting to be explored. Indulge in local produce, baked goods and floral arrangements with a visit to the Cedros Avenue Farmers’ … (0 comments)

solutions real estate: Real Estate in San Diego Has Never Been Easier to Purchase - 02/01/13 02:32 AM
Find Your Home in San Diego Today Real estate in San Diego can be divided up into three main groups; costal north, inland north, and downtown. Each of these three areas offers many different attributes depending on what you are interested in, but anywhere in San Diego is sure to offer great weather and plenty of attractions. San Diego real estate in the costal north region can range from expansive ranch style properties all the way to roomy apartments depending on your budget and needs. This region includes Carlsbad, Poway, Oceanside, Del Mar, Encinitas, and Solana Beach.

Many of these … (0 comments)