seminole county: Seminole County stats for October 2, 2007 proves to be dismal! - 10/04/07 03:39 PM
The fist week of October saw a dramatic slowdown in the Real Estate Market in Seminole County. Sales over the past 30 day period slowed down as much as 60% in some zipcodes like 32779 (Longwood). 
September is typically a slow month but this is unusual.  Seminole County (as a whole) went from 12.65 months of inventory last week to 19.26 months of inventory (a 52.26% increase in 1 week!).
These numbers should bounce back in October/November, however, the trend has been a decline at the end of each month followed by a slight bounce back. 

seminole county: Seminole County takes a nose dive in September! - 10/04/07 03:28 PM
The first week of October did not bode well for Seminole County Florida (or the rest of Central Florida for that matter).  The absorption rates sky rocketed this week which means that market time will increase and sales will slow even more!  Although September is typcially a slow month in the Real Estate business, other factors such as the credit crunch, slumping housing prices and more people moving out of the state than into it have all contributed to poor performance.  

seminole county: Seminole County area stats! The best county in Central Florida! - 09/28/07 05:54 AM
This is a graph of the absorption rate for 4 zip-codes in Seminole county that I keep track of on a Weekly basis.
The market in Seminole County has out-performed Orange, Volusia, Osceola and Lake counties since I started keeping weekly statistics on them (3-27 of this year).  Look at my other blog on Central Florida stats and you will see this too.
Much of this can be contributed to the economics of this area among other factors like schools, location and natural beauty.

seminole county: Central Florida Absorption Rates Hold Steady! Is the Market near the Bottom? - 09/28/07 05:34 AM
Hello everyone,
Here are the stats for the week.  Please keep in mind that these are stats that I generate myself.  I pull these numbers directly from the Mid Florida Regional Multiple Listing Service. Don't hesitate to ask me questions about these numbers.  I'd be happy to answer any questions you may have.
Here is the spreadsheet I use to gather the statistics. 

seminole county: Central Florida Weekly Real Estate Market update: What's happening in the Market? - 08/27/07 03:50 PM
Central Florida Weekly Real Estate Market update
I've been selling Real Estate for a few years now. It seemed like the minute I learned how to start selling real estate well, I had to stop and re-learn everything all over again.
I have experience building businesses and in my previous business my partners and I did weekly evaluations of our business performance and our profits and losses.
Sometime back in March of this year my team (On the Mark Investments) and I wanted a way of keeping a pulse on the market.  O.R.R.A's stats are nice but always seemed to be a little to … (1 comments)

seminole county: Is now the right time to Buy? - 08/23/07 04:12 PM
Thursday, August 23, 2007
The proverbial question: When is the right time to purchase a home? 
If you're in a hurry and don't have the time to keep reading, the answer is YES!
 In 1999 the median home price in the Orlando area hovered around $105,000**. As of July 2007, (after already losing substantial value in price) the median home price still stands at around $250,000. Over an eight year period the average homeowner realized a 138% profit or 17% per year. I know a lot of investors who would love to make that in stocks and securities.
But let's backup for a moment. … (10 comments)

seminole county: Is the Real Estate Market Bouncing Back? - 06/29/07 01:44 AM
In 2005, Lisa was trying to buy a condo.  I was lucky enough to be her REALTOR.  Lisa is a hard working, caring, compassionate young mother of 2 very well behaved girls. As I look back now, I would have to say that Lisa was one of my most motivated clients.  Offer after offer was turned down.  We competed with an average of 10 other offers and with buyers who were willing to go over the asking price and appraisal by $20,000. Unfortunately we could not.  One property had 18 offers in the first day.
It eventually took 19 offers, 2 contracts, thousands … (9 comments)


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