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Scranton area mortgage broker discusses important issues regarding mortgage financing, credit scores, and our area of NEPA
Yes, I can.As a mortgage broker I've been adapting my business to survive and suceed in this new real estate market.  Many people see leveling or declining values and increased foreclosures as the end of the world!  Lending guidelines have been slowly tightening like the noose around the necks of...
More or less, an investor is an individual that looks for profits.  That is a very simplified definition but it is correct as it stands.  What better place has there been to find profits than the Real Estate Market?However, the Real Estate market is a volatile animal lately.  The other thing that...
Scranton, PA is a mid-major city located in Northeast Pennsylvania (NEPA).  It seems that there are just as many bad things to say about the city as there are good things.  Scranton has been the victim of a very bad reputation due to many citizens' complaints about government mismanagement, corru...
That's right.  I have a sailboat on my desk.  Well, actually it's a picture that I use as the desktop of my computer.  Here she is...It's not mine.  That certainly isn't me in the cockpit right there.  There is only one reason I keep this picture of complete strangers on my desktop, staring at me...
I'd say no, but it seems that Wall Street and the media want someone to blame.  So, it's us.Sure there were some nasty loan being done by shady brokerages and lending institutions nationwide.  I imagine W2 stated deals were a big part of the problem.  Loan Officers were looking to close loans eve...
Just like all the Loan Officers before me, I'm trying to find the best way to approach a Realtor to begin a relationship.  I figure the best way to get an answer to any question is to just ask! I would prefer not to get stuck in the trap of showing up at a particular office at a certain day every...
Being a newbie, I'm just now trying to "find my voice" and determine what I should write about.  I become inspired as I read other's posts, so I'll give credit to my inspiration when this happens.This post was inspired by: This Deal should have been a Slam Dunk by Neal Bloom I feel the need to st...
Hello!This is my first attempt to add value to the Active Rain community.  I've been lurking the last couple of days and look forward to joining this great group of professionals.  I've kept a blog for consumers but blogging to my peers is a strange new feeling.  I'm thinking to myself, "What cou...

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