increasing sales: Why it's important to PICK UP THE PHONE... - 02/12/08 11:51 PM
Call it the luck of the...Italian Greek (?)
Call it kismet...
Call it a really interesting strategy that works all the time...
"Kimble." You proclaim, "Get to the point."
You know how I like to ramble. OK, the point is this:
We (bozTEAM) have a fabulous listing (California modern, looks out over the interstate, great visibility, great house, etc...). And we decided no fliers. People frequently wind their way up the hill to find this little modern enclave at the top of town with great city views. We'd rather have the drive by caller.
But that strategy also requires that when that phone … (5 comments)

increasing sales: Sales Tip 4: Be the Doctor (cont'd) - 01/31/08 10:46 PM
In my last post, I reviewed the very basics of the philosophy of 'sales' that is not really selling; rather - being the doctor. Of course, I only touched the tip of the iceberg. And since I promised more - here it is:
     So, if you read that post, you are already clear (as mud, right???) that:   
The reason we go to the Doctor is pain. That's the same reason our clients come to us. The doctor does not need to 'sell' us. Because he is our trusted advisor. He got that way by fixing our pain at some point in the past … (3 comments)

increasing sales: Touch Your Clients (in Appropriate Ways) - 01/26/08 01:27 AM
In my continuing effort to sharpen the axe I need to remind myself (and hopefully one or two of you if anyone is reading) about where my business came from and where it will continue to come from for many more years.
It has been so rare in my life as a Realtor (or previous lives as Technology Director, Minibar sales girl, Consultant or Director of Operations) that I have actually picked up the phone and smiled and dialed my way to a deal. Completely cold. Just decided to call someone and they decided to buy something from me. 
Oh, it has … (4 comments)

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