sales tips: Sales Tip 5: Be the Doctor (cont'd again) - 02/04/08 07:16 AM
In my last post, I reviewed some more basics of the philosophy of 'sales' that is not really selling; rather - being the doctor. This time I got just below the water's surface on the proverbial iceberg. And since I promised more - here it is:
     So, if you read that post, you already know the first two steps in the sales process:   
Identify the pain. Assess the patient's ability to pay - the budget. Step three of this process, which I still hesitate to call sales (because we are in an agency relationship here and we are not really 'selling' - although … (0 comments)

sales tips: Sales Tip 4: Be the Doctor (cont'd) - 01/31/08 10:46 PM
In my last post, I reviewed the very basics of the philosophy of 'sales' that is not really selling; rather - being the doctor. Of course, I only touched the tip of the iceberg. And since I promised more - here it is:
     So, if you read that post, you are already clear (as mud, right???) that:   
The reason we go to the Doctor is pain. That's the same reason our clients come to us. The doctor does not need to 'sell' us. Because he is our trusted advisor. He got that way by fixing our pain at some point in the past … (3 comments)

sales tips: Sales Tip 3: Be the Doctor - 01/30/08 01:42 PM
In the interest of disclosure (which we are very fond of in Real Estate business) - I did not invent this concept. I am not sure in which of the umpteen sales training classes I trudged through over the years I actually learned this. I do know that I was reminded of it by John Costigan - (Great guy. Great class. Check him out!) Even he did not claim credit for the technique.
Anyway...the TECHNIQUE that I am referring to is  'being the doctor'. It makes perfect sense in real estate sales. It makes perfect sense in life. In fact, Boz … (2 comments)

sales tips: Making a Difference for Your Real Estate Clients - 01/28/08 10:25 AM
The key word for this blog is 'difference'. But how do we be different when all of us are essentially doing the same thing...
Helping connect our client to the home they want to buyHelping connect the home our client wants to sell with it's new owner WAIT A MINUTE! Are we really doing the same thing? No way! Some of us are nurturing. Some of us are abrupt. Some of us are area specialists. Some of us are urban. Some condos. Some new construction. Some work on teams. Some work alone. Some even wrote the book!
How hard can it be to … (4 comments)

sales tips: Touch Your Clients (in Appropriate Ways) - 01/26/08 01:27 AM
In my continuing effort to sharpen the axe I need to remind myself (and hopefully one or two of you if anyone is reading) about where my business came from and where it will continue to come from for many more years.
It has been so rare in my life as a Realtor (or previous lives as Technology Director, Minibar sales girl, Consultant or Director of Operations) that I have actually picked up the phone and smiled and dialed my way to a deal. Completely cold. Just decided to call someone and they decided to buy something from me. 
Oh, it has … (4 comments)

sales tips: Sales Tip 2: LISTEN! - 01/25/08 01:24 AM
About two years ago, one of my favorite sales managers ever, Paul Thompson, told me a story that I was thinking about this morning. It's a story of two lumberjacks, new to the camp. They were put to a test in the local bar and asked to both go out back and chop down as many trees as they could in an hour. The guys inside the bar could hear the sounds of chopping and wagered on which of the two could chop down more in that hour.
On the left, they could hear constant chop. chop. chop. On the right, … (1 comments)

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