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Salt Lake City, Utah - In my last Blog I briefly discussed that most companies that have claimed the ERC did so based on one of two concepts.  The first is supply-chain disruption or impact and the second is CDC/OSHA restrictions or modifications.  In the next few Blogs, I will discuss supply-cha...
SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – Starting last week, the IRS commenced sending out Audit and Exam Notices to Taxpayers.  Most of the IRS notices given to me by potential clients have dealt specifically with payroll tax issues.  With this increase in audit activity, one thing I have noticed is that most of ...
Salt Lake City, Utah – I recently attended a Zoom Meeting with the past chair of the American Bar Association Tax Section’s Subcommittee for the Small Business/Self-Employed Division who had a one-on-one meeting with the IRS Commissioner of the Small Business/Self-Employed Division.  The meeting ...
Salt Lake City, Utah - As Benjamin Franklin said: “In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes.”  So, the simple answer about the IRS hounding you is that the IRS will not stop hounding you for tax revenue while you are alive – and maybe sometimes when you are dead.  T...
Salt Lake City, Utah – Over the last few months I have provided warnings/updates on IRS Enforcement issues.  Many of the warnings had to deal with the increased funding for the IRS.  Last Week, Commissioner Amalia Colbert and Deputy Commissioner Darren Guillot, with the Small Business and Self-Em...
Salt Lake City, Utah – By now we have all heard about the Employee Retention Credit (“ERC”) and how a business can receive tens of thousands of dollars in a refundable tax credit.  In a recent news release by the IRS, the IRS spelled out which employers are eligible -
Salt Lake City, Utah - Let’s pretend that upon your death you leave your assets to your children. All of them have good jobs, manage their finances well, and are happily married. A few years go by after your death and one of your children ends up going through a divorce.  Then a couple of years l...
Salt Lake City, Utah - As a tax attorney, one of the biggest legal trends I have seen this year is that many of my friends, acquaintances, family members, or friends of family members, tell me that they know someone who has a tax problem. This legal trend is not surprising.  The IRS recently publ...
Salt Lake City, Utah – July 17, 2023, is the deadline for claiming your 2019 tax refund.  The IRS announced that 1.5 million people across the country have unclaimed refunds for tax year ending in 2019.  IRS Commissioner Danny Werfel stated: “[t]he 2019 tax returns came due during the pandemic, a...
Salt Lake City, UT - Twice a week I try and post something about taxes and tax controversy issues.  Today I am changing it up a little based on a recent experience that I had with one of my clients.  When I meet with individuals and we start looking at their assets, we always discuss their bank a...

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