After commenting on another members post I thought I would pass along something I learned from my father. My dad has always been into all things PMA (Positive mental attitude) He is in insurance and has been a member of the MDRT for as long as I can remember. Here is a little snippet of thinking ...
Its the time of year that I look forward to all year. A family cabin is opened up and the beauty of the area surrounds me. I usually spend the first week cleaning out the winter cobwebs and shop for supplies. It has become a tradition for one daughter to have her birthday "Cupcake celebration" th...
There are many places to view the fireworks display in Bellingham! The display is sent into the sky from Bellingham Bay. Many folks take their boats out to watch, others view from the various parks and areas surrounding the waterfront. This year we had the pleasure of going to a friends house per...
So our bookclub read was the book "A cup of tea"by Amy Ephron. Pleassee don't mix up with the touted 3 cups of tea, Now thats a serious book, and I have fallen behind in reading such a bookThis book is wayy different and it was a quick and great read. Perfect for a day at the beach. This particul...

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