My neighborhood book club came up with a winner this month, I wasn't sure because the title is well.. .you would think of something else.   "Good in Bed" by Jennifer Weiner. It's not what you think but I am sure plenty of people had some interesting ideas while I was reading on the plane, and on ...
Well I have returned from my 1st vacation with my husband and without the children in 18 years.  Am I ever In Hot Lava!                               When I landed in Kona my husband greeted me with the traditional Hawaiian greeting. A beautiful lei of flowers. Sweet..:)  it smelled wonderful...a...
Yesterday I took my daughter to the doctor to get one of those required sports physicals to participate in school sports. I walked into the waiting room and sitting in one of the seats was a familiar face.. I immediatly stated that she looked familiar and after two questions we nailed it. We grad...
This great annual event is back!   The Washington Civil War Association presents BATTLE at Hovander Park.   The two day event includes multiple battles with infantry, cavalry, & artillery; a fashion show; medical demonstrations; & living history in camps.    The dates & times are:Saturday, August...
The other day I wrote a post about how my father has an uncanny ability to bring business wherever he goes. He completely believes that he brings business anyplace he goes.   Well, I think its rubbing off.    My daughters had a rainy summer day at home doing odd jobs around the house, picking up,...
What is a planned unit development and Why would it benifit residents? A Planned unit development (PUD) is both building development and regulatory process. It is more than a neighborhood or subdivision it is a community. A PUD is a designed grouping of compatible land uses such as housing, recre...

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