The web is a powerful thing, it brings together individuals who would otherwise not meet.  It will be 1 year on Nov 7 that I started this journey through Activerain. I have gained information and tools that have helped me succeed in the platform that everyone is using everyday. The Internet was u...
   What kind of footsteps in the sand are you leaving? Are they ones that will make a lasting impression, or will they be forgotten with the tide?   As I think back there are many who have left a lasting impression with me.. My Kindergarten teacher Mrs. Devries- Perhaps it was the small candy she...
Oooh don't you just love it! I think it's just the perfect time to take the dogs to the park and show off my new duds! or maybe just stay right here and write in the rain....hmm it's sunny outside I am outta here. Thank you Activerain and look forward to sharing what localism is all about! Great ...
Tonights Debate was not only on the Tv it was going on in my home as well. Listening carefully and analyzing the posture, demeanor, and  response of each VP, my household was truly divided in who was winning.  It wasn't that we were voting, it was the game.  It was like watching a sport, who was ...

Katharine Carey

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