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Before you vote.Will you remember promises made and promises not kept, or will your vote be based on new promises?Some promises are very vague, as "We will protect social security" but don't tell you how they are going to do that.  Will they double the taxes working people are now paying?  You kn...
What is a person to do?Say you have a farm which is located near or at the border with  Mexico.You wake up one morning and find several hundred people camping on you farm.  What are you to do?Are you OK with them eating your crops, using your land as a bathroom, or maybe some looking at your hous...
To believe or not to believe, that is the question.Maybe I should title this post "What should I believe"?Eleven years ago, former Vice President Al Gore said that Manhattan would be underwater because of melting ice in the North Atlantic.   Also Miami would be underwater soon also.ABC news on Go...
What the future holds from an experts view.Did you see the movie "Catch me if you can"?The man the movie was made about, gives a one hour presentation and talk about a few thing that I'm sure you will want to know about.  Here is the link to that talk, not the movie.  However the movie was well m...
Scammers are very smart,  we need to be smarter Just received a call that looked like it was from one of my credit card companies. I did not answer because I get way too many scam calls. However I did call my credit card company and asked if they did in fact have that number in their file as a co...
 Update 9.29.2018.  I just finished reading this book,  very VERY interesting indeed.  I'll be posting more about this, my reflections and more shortly.  Please stand by.Licensed To LieHave you read this book?  I just heard about it on the radio listening to a talk show.  I'm going to get it.Here...
I Phone update alertYesterday I get a message to update my Iphone system, I click "ask me later".I get up this morning and it reads "update complete", "just a few more steps", then it asks for my apple ID and password.  No problem right?  Well I put this information in and it reads "server not av...
4th of July 2018 and Macy's Fireworks DisplayAs always, it's the best fireworks in the USA.  This year it's being promoted to be even better than the last several years.I just learned that this year they will have 75,000 canisters, wow.Here is a link if you want to be kept updated as to where the...
 Fake News, A Threat To Our DemocracyCall it misleading information, incorrect information or misleading implied reporting it's all the same, FAKE NEWS.Today I read an article written by Terry Tang of the Association Press with incorrect information in the piece.  She writes that President Trump ...
Manhattan Superior Court Judge Rules Against CustomerCustomer was wearing a MAGA red hat and was told if you support President Donald J. Trump you must leave, we will not serve you.Really?What is next?Can I say, when I sell my house, that if you don't support my political candidate you can't buy ...

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